Common Law Commentary: How to Handle Judicial Corruption

Common Law Commentary: How to Handle Judicial Corruption

Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz Investigate USA Common Law Court Action and Private Attorney Generals Commissioned by Congress to Aid We The People.


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra

Nearly everyone knows how corrupt the judicial system in America is, but very few people know how to confront it with knowledge, skill, and integrity. Private Attorney General (PAG) Anthony Williams is one such model. A special authority in this field of law, civil rights, and crusader against organized crime, Williams and his Common Law Offices of America, is advancing a national initiative to return America to judicial integrity.


Mr. Williams is the founding Director of, a resource you should research, bearing in mind you are likely to read disparaging libel spread across the Internet to discredit Williams–a leader among many unsung heroes who have delved deeply into judicial hypocrisy to unveil secrets of organized crime degenerating everything good about America and its Justice Department.


Watching his series of videos makes you want to scream and shout with joy, releasing anger, in great relief. Finally, there is evidence of a solution to the corruption in our courts, and this unlawful “enterprise” called “The Bar,” that has overtaken decency and “civility” in our common law and criminal justice systems. Decency and integrity has been replaced therein by “commercial psychopathology” expressed by “arrogance” to serve “greed.” Restoring civility, reasonableness, and justice, once honored in American law, is the overriding mission of Mr. Williams’s organization–Common Law Offices of America.


In the first “Outlaws-in-Justice” video, you witness the result of a foreclosure action advanced by Big Banks abusing people using “predatory mortgages.” Simply explained, these are fraudulent mortgages sold to multiple banks using “robo-signed” documents, that is, scanned images of original mortgage signatures forged onto new mortgages that subject consumers to unexpectedly increasing mortgage rates without their complete informed consent. The video shows Mr. Williams defending one such victimized family by demanding the judge honor the requirement of “trial by jury” before you “steal someone’s property,” as required Constitutionally and under Common Law jurisdiction.


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald IbarraThe judge refused to accept PAG Williams’s appearance, nor his deputy PAG Hep Guinn’s appearance, as the Court was extremely ignorant about the laws enabling PAGs to appear on behalf of impoverished defendants threatened with losing their homes to organized crime, in this case Plaintiff New York Mellon Bank.


The Court was educated by Williams, despite providing strong resistance, and despite the judge’s insistence that the PAGs be “bar licensed” attorneys,  or else ejected from the proceedings.


Williams reiterated why PAGs are not practicing law, but “PERFECTING LAW”–more like reinstating Constitutional and Common Law that has been grossly neglected for commercial gain by the “American system of injustice” administered by “The Bar” like an illegal mob advancing evil.


In fact, these authors refused to believe Williams, much like the judge. But we took the time to research his testimony and allegations, including this “lawyer licensing” matter. We were shocked to learn that Mr. Williams had, indeed, accurately represented the law.


We first researched attorney licensing through the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs that licenses ALL professionals in the State. Williams was right. The DCCA issues no licenses to lawyers. Instead, they simply direct inquiries to the State Bar Association.


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald IbarraWe called the Bar, and were answered curtly by an uninformed employee, who suggested we put our inquiry in the mail.


Next, we researched licensing policy established by the Supreme Court of Hawaii, and found the so-called “license” was simply a “certificate” to be issued by The Bar upon completion of a course of study and some vague demonstration of “good moral character.” In fact, the way the “certificate” reads is that the lawyer is only “licensed” “during good behavior.” (CLICK HERE to validate this truth.) This means that attorneys who lie in court are immediately disbarred.


Next we discovered WHY this is the case–why the Supreme Court and The Bar cannot risk being sued, or their corporate bonds liened, for the malpractices of their members. We discovered that all Hawaii statutory laws, that is, every single law within the Hawaii Statutes and Codes (HSC) and subsequent Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS), is founded on Title 1-1 of the HSC publication, titled “Common law of the State.”  It states:


The common law of England, as ascertained by English and American decisions, is declared to be the common law of the State of Hawaii in all cases, except as otherwise expressly provided by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or by the laws of the State, or fixed by Hawaiian judicial precedent, or established by Hawaiian usage; provided that no person shall be subject to criminal proceedings except as provided by the written laws of the United States or of the State.


And since no other law, either State or Federal, trumps the common law, or “fixed by [alternative] Hawaiian judicial precedent” or “Hawaiian usage.” the common law of England and the U.S. is the foundation upon which the house of justice rests, in Hawaii and elsewhere.


Finally, to discern the GREAT FRAUD in the “American Justice System,” simply search the British law upon which the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s “lawyer licensing” practice rests. Read the statute of Monopolies Act of 1624 that ruled:


“all Monopolies, and all Commissions, Grants, Licences, Charters and Letters Patents heretofore made or granted, or hereafter to be made or granted, to any Person or Persons, Bodies Politick or Corporate whatsoever, of or for the sole Buying, Selling, Making, Working or Using of any Thing within this Realm, or the Dominion of Wales … or of any other Monopolies, or of Power, Liberty or Faculty, to dispense with any others, or to give Licence or Toleration to do, use or exercise any Thing against the Tenor or Purport of any Law or Statute … and all Proclamations, Inhibitions, Restraints, Warrants of Assistants, and all other Matters and Things whatsoever, any way tending to the Instituting, Erecting, Strengthening, Furthering or Countenancing of the same or any of them … are altogether contrary to the Laws of this Realm, and so are and shall be utterly void and of none Effect, and in no wise to be put in Use or Execution.”


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald IbarraIn other words, “all Monopolies,” including The Bar that supposedly “Licenses” its members to perform as the exclusive agents for delivering justice in America is OUTLAWED!


That’s right. The Bar is grossly illegal. The entire “enterprise” operates, by legal definition, “racketeering activities.”

The Bar has monopolized legal disputes in America based on fraud and “criminal contempt of court,” as it has misrepresented its authority, neglected its common law mandates, limitations, and prohibitions, and does so to commit “consumer fraud” and Sherman Anti-trust Act violations in order to feed the families of judges and lawyers (arguably “bribery”) at the expense of innocent ignorant victims of injustice.


“We shut down court,” reported Hep Guinn of the USA Common Law Office in Honolulu, HI. after the filmed hearing.  “We put a halt to the proceedings, as the case is no longer under the State Circuit Court’s jurisdiction [because these are Federal law matters of civil rights and civil liberties.!”


PAG Williams’s educational strategy and legal remedy is advancing with tremendous support internationally. “We are moving forward!” he asserts.  “The ‘Common Law Renaissance’ is about getting back to basics. The Supreme Law of the Land is Common Law, Constitutional Law, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Law.”


These three types of law honor personal sovereignty for each and every individual. The fundamental Law of Universal Construction is reflected in the Constitution and these most equitable forms of enforcing righteous human actiions.


The Greater Law and Mission


The common link between the “Common Law Renaissance” and the “528 Revolution” is that both honor “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth;” that shall set everyone free. Both movements respect the fundamental physical and metaphysical (i.e., spiritual) laws of the universe (including the laws of physics), reflected in the sovereignty of human beings, protected by the Common Law (i.e., case law) and the Constitution.


Both movements recognize that all creation, including  the formation and administration of governments, “political reality,” and the like, must produce harmony and health, versus dissonance, degeneration, disease, actually, damage to everything good. This revelation and policy requires and celebrates the COMMON LAW and COMMON SENSE that has been suppressed and neglected. This is a sociopolitical diagnosis predicting disaster.


“The Law of the Universe is administered using a musical mathematical matrix the religious world calls the ‘Kingdom of Heaven,'” Dr. Horowitz reasons. “1 + 1 is always 2,” he explains, “and math is the Creator’s language. The greatest suppressed truth is the Creator’s essence is in every one of us, and the ‘528 Revolution’ makes it clear that we can reestablish LOVE, peace, safety, and protection by simply doing what grass does to turn green. It chooses, or selects 528Hz/nm–that color, that frequency, that law of energy physics, upon which to vibe, grow, and serve. This produces sustainability, oxygen, the ‘breath of life.'”


Likewise, the Constitution and Common Law defends each person’s choice to breath easy, enjoy life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness enabling everyone, each sovereign being, to express unique talents, gifts, and callings most prolifically, positively, civilly, consciously, and responsibly so that our families and communities can develop most creatively, thrive productively, and act sustainably.


Thus, man’s Common Laws and justice systems can and should reflect God’s laws.


Most reasonable, loving, and responsible people value this “reality check” as an opportunity, including the affirmation, assertion, and co-creation of “Equal Justice” under the law, and “Justice for All,” in keeping with the Law of the Universe, destined to be reflected in man’s laws.


These contemporaneous revelations and movements evidence the beginning of the end of corruption, administered mainly by a “justice system” that operates like a racketeering enterprise.




The following linked videos were posted by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane for public viewing and international dissemination. These producers give special thanks to Black Eyed Peas for providing Fair Usage Educational Content, including outstanding lyrics!

Sheriff Eviction Standoff

Evidence of Outlaws-in-Justice

Outlaws-in-Justice Part 2

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