Civil Rights

Hawaii Challenge to Trump Travel Ban Vets Pattern of Judicial Corruption and Mob Rule Over “Paradise”

adminApril 22, 2017

Sulla fights child porn charge burdened by ‘ayahuasca cult’ baggage

adminJune 11, 2019

Maui Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza Mob Exposed with Attorney Paul J. Sulla Complicity in Property Theft, Again!

adminMay 20, 2019

Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Recuses Himself in Shocking Case Evidencing Disciplinary Board Director’s Previous Suspension for Substance Abuse and Embezzling Thousands From Clients

adminJanuary 17, 2019

Disciplinary Judge Clifford Nakea Undermines Hawaii ODC Investigations

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Ayahuasca Legal Myth Misrepresented in Federal Court: DMT Kingpin Lies About Supreme Court Ruling for Exploding Racket

adminDecember 22, 2018

Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Disciplinarian Advised to Resign in Widening Public Corruption Scandal

adminDecember 14, 2018

Jeffrey Epstein, “PizzaGate” & Deep State Judicial Corruption

adminDecember 13, 2018
Civil Rights

Councilmember Jen Ruggles Exposes Hawaii Public Corruption

adminOctober 24, 2018

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Vets DOJ Fraud and Obstruction in Vaccine Protection Racket

adminSeptember 21, 2018

Coco Palms: Stop harassment of Kiaʻi of Wailuanuiahoano now!

adminJanuary 29, 2018
Civil Rights

Hawaii Warning Consumer Alert Realtor Kelly Moran Working For Drug Dealer Paul J Sulla Jr Illegally Trying To Sell Stolen Real Estate

adminJanuary 18, 2018

Justice for Sale: Judicial Corruption Through Campaign Spending

adminApril 26, 2017