Forgeries and Sham Companies Tie Bidens’ Burisma to FBI Investigation of Twice-Indicted Drug Kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

Forgeries and Sham Companies Tie Bidens’ Burisma to FBI Investigation of Twice-Indicted Drug Kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr.



Complicit Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Judges Scramble to Avoid Exposures and Evade Justice as Their “Religious Drug” Trafficking Racket, Backed by the CIA and U.S. Military, Falls Under Public Scrutiny


Kona, Hawaii (Dec. 24, 2022)—The FBI’s investigation of a series of deed forgeries, stolen properties, and money laundering through sham companies in Hawaii and Florida, tie the infamous Ukrainian Burisma energy company to a global racketeering enterprise stretching from the White House to Booz Allen Hamilton in Honolulu–home to leading intelligence agency operations. Irrefutable evidence now exposes a network of lawyers, prosecutors, and judges scrambling to protect their reputations and financial interests after aiding-and-abetting the “religious drug” trafficking businesses of the crime families of Paul J. Sulla, Jr. and Jeffrey and Edgar Bronfman. Backed by the CIA and U.S. Military, according to evidence compiled by whistleblowing celebrity filmmaker and best-selling author, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, this enterprise obviously evidences a “National Security Crime Syndicate” directed by securities dealers.

            Emerging evidence, following a federal grand jury’s 8-count criminal indictment of “religious drug” kingpin Sulla and his subordinate counsel Gary Zamber, implicates their “RICO” enterprise commercializing crimes from Hawaii to Quantico, and Canada to the Ukraine. The ‘string’ unraveling the spool of greed in international governmental corruption ties Sulla’s subordinate lawyers–Gary Zamber, Stephen D. Whittaker, and several others; concealing their strawman “client” Jason Hester; influencing judges and government officials implicated in land thievery, drug trafficking, and money laundering; and leveraging a series of sham “churches” and shell corporations for tax evasion. Complicit officials include Sulla’s protectors—Big Island Mayor and former chief Sulla prosecutor, Mitch Roth; and Sulla’s collaborators in the Third Circuit Court of Hawaii, Judge Wendy DeWeese and Hawaii County Counsel, Elizabeth Strance (who was DeWeese’s predecessor on the bench).

            Each turned willfully-blind eyes to Sulla’s crimes, Whittaker’s perjuries, and the victimizing of many Big Island residents and investors, including Dr. Horowitz and the Gregoryant Brothers—owners of the Ukrainian and Armenian ArmsBusiness Bank. The Waikaloa Highlands properties owned by the Gregoryant’s enterprise was also stolen by Sulla by deed forgery. That also damaged taxpayers and the County of Hawaii, implicating several officials including three succeeding mayors.

           The Gregoryants own and operate the leading competitor of the Ukrainian energy Burisma company backed by the CIA, U.S. Military officials, and the Bidens, according to compounding evidence of Biden family “influence peddling” recorded in Hunter Biden’s “laptop from Hell” said to be “under investigation” by the FBI and Congress.

           Now the criminals and their crimes are unwinding in the wake of Dr. Horowitz’s “defense” in Civ. No. 14-1-0304. Judges there, in the Third Circuit Court of Hawaii, “have aided-and-abetted Sulla for decades,” Horowitz objected. The doctor  has been defending his property against this “Hawaii Mob” in their “kangaroo courts” for nearly twenty-years.

            In most recent action, in late 2022, Dr. Horowitz re-fled his “RICO” defense based on new evidence provided by the FBI. The FBI indicted Sulla after the ‘kangaroo courts’ administered by Strance and DeWeese dismissed Dr. Horowitz’s Counterclaims for no just cause, as FBI Agent Kong witnessed and reported.

           “They violated my Fourteenth Amendment property rights, and due process rights,” Dr. Horowitz objected, indicting named officials.

            The new evidence supplied by the FBI’s grand jury indictment of Sulla in 2022 enabled Horowitz to resume prosecuting Sulla’s racketeering enterprise. Now that is further exposing complicit villains under exploding public scrutiny.

            Most notable for Hawaiians, implicated officials include Judge Wendy DeWeese, and Democratic Party Mayor, Mitch Roth. Faced with Dr. Horowitz’s renewed “RICO” prosecution, and motion to vacate the “mob’s ‘summary theft’” of Horowitz’s properties by Sulla’s corrupted court, DeWeese’s most recent order criminally conceals Sulla’s exclusive representation, exclusive direction, and criminal manipulation of his shill and “sham Plaintiff”–Jason Hester–who the DeWeese and Strance courts granted ownership of Horowitz’s estate by willfully-neglecting Sulla’s series of forgeries.

           All complicit officials are now scrambling to save their reputations from the unwinding criminal activity with international implications.   DeWeese, Strance, and Roth, for instance, face likely grand jury indictments by Horowitz who plans to join federal prosecutors to supplement their conspiracy and wire fraud claims against Sulla using Horowitz’s new evidence and RICO action.

          “The evidence proves beyond any reasonable doubt the public corruption,” Dr. Horowitz asserts.

         “This is the judges doing this, not simply Sulla,” concluded FBI Special Agent, Cecilia ‘Hina’ Kong. Kong advised the victims, Kane and Horowitz, after viewing how obvious Sulla’s forgeries were. Hina Kong’s subsequent “Public Corruption” charges were recklessly denied by her superiors. They neglected their duties to act to save society from suffering more Sulla/Third Circuit enterprise damage. Shortly thereafter, Detective Kong ‘retired.’  

Astonishing Revelations: Intelligence Agency Connections to the “New World Religion”     

  ayahuasca         This ‘astonishing case’ confronts FBI prosecutors and the media with America’s leading “religious drug” trafficking and money laundering enterprise evidenced by Sulla’s stolen properties and public corruption. 

          Sulla, and his Canadian crime family counterpart, Jeffrey Bronfman, direct the North American “DMT” Class I narcotic hallucinogen trade. That is, the ‘ayahuasca enterprise’ that violates the Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert’s 2006 decision in Gonzales v. O Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal to exclusively permit the drug’s otherwise illegal import from Brazil.

           It is public knowledge that the CIA has maintained a great interest in hallicinogenic drugs and mind control techniques for decades. This was exposed by the Frank Church Congressional Investigating Committee. But now, rather than sourcing the LSD-like Class I narcotic “God Molecule–DMT” from Brazil, as Roberts’s ruling stipulated, Sulla and Bronfman, and their ‘church-fronts,’ developed the hallucinogen’s Hawaii-manufacture and trafficking to the mainland.

           This illegal “religious drug” enterprise started after deceased FBI admitted informant and plea-bargainer, Terrence McKenna, began this psycho-pharmaceutical-intel operation called the “Daime Religion.” Massive evidence proves this agenda is backed by the CIA and fueled by the U.S. military’s interest in neuroscience and post-traumatic stress disorders.

            Sulla, in tandem with Jeffrey Bronfman—the “Daime Church” elders–advanced the “Daime Religion” and “ayahuasca cult,” as Horowitz proved in court. He showed that Sulla operated as a predicate forger; FBI informant; and CIA agent, to Judge Elizabeth Strance’s Third Circuit Court by defeating Sulla’s defamation complaint (SLAPP lawsuit) in 2014.  

            Now, new evidence filed by Horowitz to regain his property vets Sulla’s direction of governmental corruption and land thievery massively damaging Horowitz’s neighbors—the Gregoryant Bros—owners of the Ukrainian and Armenian ArmsBusiness Bank and Vitoil Company, chief competitors seeking political favors provided the Ukrainian energy Burisma company backed by the Bidens, the CIA, and U.S. Military officials.

            The video below reveals Judge Wendy DeWeese’s claimed “confusion” (at a shocking hearing on December 12, 2022) in which she side-stepped Horowitz’s RICO claim, but vicariously busted the fraud in her court waged by Sulla and his ‘front-man’ co-counsel, Stephen D. Whittaker. Stunningly, DeWeese learns that Sulla’s and Whittaker’s “client”–Sulla’s ‘sham Plaintiff’ Jason Hester–didn’t even know he was being sued by Sulla (his lawyer) to eject Hester from the stolen property. The outcome was “predictable,” and predicted by Horowitz all along. Hester’s eviction would convert all of Dr. Horowitz’s stolen properties to Sulla’s exclusive stead.   

(CLICK HERE to view a certified copy of Dr. Horowitz’s Response to Stephen Whittaker’s self-incriminating “Motion to Withdraw” that resulted from this “confusing” hearing. Whittaker is now completely exposed for his complicity with Sulla in thievery, perjury, and fraud upon the court. And Judge DeWeese, neglecting and denying solid evidence proving Sulla’s active and ongoing covert representation of Hester (in violation of Sulla’s official federal court disqualification of Sulla to prohibit his representation of Hester, is hereby evidenced in this Court Order aiding-and-abetting by willful blindness Sulla’s covert prohibited ‘counsel’.) 

Doctor Seeks Restitution For Millions in Humanitarian Losses, and the Manslaughter of his Partner

            Complicit justice officials are now fleeing discovery and public scrutiny in multiple courts in Hawaii following the State and federal indictments of racketeering kingpin Sulla.

            According to Horowitz’s renewed “RICO” counterclaim, new evidence has emerged from the FBI, federal prosecutors, and Sulla’s own defense filings, justifying Horowitz’s victory and the return of his stolen properties. 

           Horowitz now seeks restitution for millions of dollars in humanitarian losses compounding for sixteen years; and requests prayers for the loss of his partner, deceased journalist Sherri Kane.

            It was Sherri Kane who initially vetted Roth’s complicity with Sulla’s forgeries, stealing several of the doctor’s properties. Over the years, many more Sulla-damaged victims filed similar complaints with Roth and Kane, prompting the journalist-activist to start the successful Facebook group, “Report Corruption in Hawaii.”

           Ms. Kane’s death, according to the doctor’s court declarations, resulted from “attrition.” She suffered a series of strokes from the severe distress that Prosecutor Roth and Judge DeWeese contemporaneously caused. They both simultaneously protected Sulla and enabled Sulla’s crimes.


            How did the doctor get into this mess?

            In 2004, Dr. Horowitz purchased the most unique geothermal health retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii where he worked to develop a “model natural healing center.” He sought to honor native ‘Kahuna’ wisdom. The celebrity doctor encouraged Hawaii’s “health tourism.” Among his numerous friends, world-class scholars and mentors, was his internationally-renowned water crystallographer, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Together, Horowitz and Emoto considered water “liquid God,” and researched “the spiritual basis” of health and life’s origin. Together they also advanced Horowitz’s analysis of the disappearing Hawaii Lake Waiʻau. Horowitz described the “stumping of the gods of science”–the shocking disappearance of Lake Awi’au–“the emerald gem atop the highest mountain on earth.”

Photo of Dr. Emoto taken by Dr. Horowitz.

            By 2006, Horowitz–a Harvard grad in public health, lab virus intelligence analyst, and water science pioneer heralding “frequency therapeutics,” had developed his spa property into a “world-class retreat.” It featured the “Breath of the EarthTM”—lava heated steam that fueled therapeutic bathing pools. It provided naturally detoxifying steam saunas. Horowitz developed the wild jungle terrain into a park-like nature walk exhibiting a series of geothermal wonders including lava tubes, steam vents, and steam caves.

          But in 2010, all this changed. This ‘one-of-a-kind’ property and project was stolen by Sulla. Sulla and his agents used “non-judicial foreclosure fraud” and deed forgeries to steal properties.. The obvious fraud and crime in Horowitz’s case was aided-and-abetted by corrupted judges and prosecutors controlling the Big Island’s “Drug Court”–the Third Circuit.

 Was there a link between Hawaii’s chief “Drug Court” and Sulla’s illegal drug trafficking?

            Several Third Circuit Court judges, and three mayors, including Democratic Party leader and former chief prosecutor, Mitch Roth, turned blind eyes to Sulla’s drug trade and land thievery schemes for nearly a decade. And they overlooked or administered much more public corruption.

            Dr. Horowitz’s property was the ideal setting for “drug detoxification,” healing retreats, hydrotherapies, and according to Sulla’s minions, “ayahuasca rituals.”

           Between 2004 and the present, Sulla’s “judicial racket” stole much more than the doctor’s properties. Roth watched and neglected massive criminal corruption. Many neighboring properties were similarly converted by Sulla and his subordinates. This ‘Hawaii Mob’ grew by commercializing and intertwining land thievery, psycho-pharmaceuticals, and influence peddling for Sulla’s protection. 

  New Evidence Unwinds Judicial Corruption and Sulla’s Crimes in Two Intertwined Cases

Sulla’s deed forging racket terminated the near billion dollar Waikaloa Highlands development project resulting in colossal damage to the Gregoryiant Brothers. In their case, Sulla’s theft, under Roth’s watch, deprived 80 needy low income Hawaiian families of affordable housing.

Astonishingly, Horowitz’s filings show Sulla’s 2016 deed forgeries enriched the same two “shell” companies named in the FBI’s indictment of Sulla for depriving those 80 needy families. Sulla committed the same crimes of forgery for property theft in both cases that same year, damaging Horowitz and the Gregoryants similarly and simultaneously. Those facts compel the doctor’s federal case intervention with standing and good cause.

To conceal these crimes, and launder the mob’s profits, Sulla always abused, and the judges always overlooked, Sulla’s forgeries and corporate shells. These included Halai Heights, LLC; SV Ventures LLC; and Dezign Arts, LLC—the same sham entities used to steal the Gregoryants and Dr. Horowitz’s properties. This evidence also justified Sulla’s civil RICO prosecution.

wendy deweese

Click to read DeWeese’s Court transcript.

When Judge Wendy DeWeese, and her predecessor on the bench—current Hawaii County Corporate Counsel, Elizabeth Strance—‘disappeared’ Horowitz’s counterclaims, including his RICO prosecution, these judges fraudulently and criminally deprived the doctor, and damaged the community by “aiding-and-abetting by willful blindness” Sulla’s schemes and social damage.

Then, on December 11, 2022, instead of hearing Horowitz’s RICO claim, DeWeese diverted to testimony provided by Sulla’s accomplices—subordinate counsel on Sulla’s payroll, Stephen Whittaker; and Sulla’s “sham Plaintiff” and shill “foreclosing mortgagee”–a shell “church” created by wire fraud and more forgeries overseen by Jason Hester.

Sulla positioned Hester to possess Horowitz’s health retreat; and take the heat off of Sulla. Hester testified that he had no knowledge of Sulla having filed a lawsuit against him in August 2022. Apparently, Sulla’s surrogate lawyer, Stephen Whittaker of Kona, concealed Sulla’s malice and lawsuit from their defrauded “client” Hester.

“How’s that for a ‘conflict-of-interest?” Whittaker, on Sulla’s payroll, acted to contrive Hester’s default. That would cause Hester to be ejected from the stolen property, and secure exclusive ownership of Horowitz’s estate by Sulla.

Subsequently, exposing Hester’s manipulation and dumbfounding  prompted Whittaker’s withdrawal as Hester’s co-conspiring counsel, and Dr. Horowitz’s response.

(Editor’s Note: You can CLICK HERE to read the doctor’s response in which DeWeese’s order granting Whittaker’s withdrawal evidences fraud upon her own court. You can also read Dr. Horowitz’s Reply to Sulla’s RICO defense. It shockingly evidences this extensive public corruption unraveling. Also, read the doctor’s Motion to overturn DeWeese’s summary judgment by CLICKING HERE. And by CLICKING HERE, you can also read the doctor’s objection to DeWeese’s order concealing Sulla’s interests and granting Whittaker’s specious withdrawal as more fraud upon her own court.)

Then, rather than addressing the fraud upon her own court, DeWeese claimed ‘confusion.’

“I am confused,” she confessed from her bench. Having granted Sulla ownership of Horowitz’s properties by depriving the doctor’s right to due process, DeWeese suddenly found herself implicated in a federal criminal action with her Third Circuit predecessor, Judge Elizabeth Strance, and other governmental cohorts in Sulla’s crimes.

“‘Willful blindness’ does not excuse their neglect of this corruption,” Dr. Horowitz objected. He noted the judges were aiding-and-abetting Sulla’s perjury and theft schemes for years.

Throughout the proceedings, Horowitz encouraged DeWeese to rule justly; to vacate her summary judgment against the doctor; or otherwise, be embroiled in Sulla’s 8-count criminal indictment.


Mayor Roth’s Complicity in Sulla’s Schemes: Hawaii County’s Criminal Enterprise

After Hawaii County’s lead prosecutor, and current Mayor, Mitch Roth, suspiciously dropped Sulla’s grand jury indictment for forging deeds to steal Dr. Horowitz’s properties, the FBI indicted Sulla on eight more counts including conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion.

Much like Roth, federal prosecutors neglected Sulla’s most obvious crimes—including drug trafficking and forging deeds to steal numerous other properties, or sabotage certain political targets.

Beginning in 2013, Roth repeatedly met with Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane to presumably prosecute Sulla for forging documents to steal the doctor’s properties. Those meetings resulted in Roth’s subordinate, Rick Damerville, convincing grand jurors to indict Sulla for land-thievery by forgery. But on November 3, 2020, just hours before Democratic Party mayoral candidate Roth handily won his election, Kane and Horowitz were shocked. They were informed by Roth’s subordinates that they had dropped the case against Sulla. Horowitz’s correspondence with Damerville records the alleged fraud and crime Roth committed at the time, freeing Sulla from the grips of justice.

A few days later, DeWeese rejected Kane and Horowitz’s evidence and arguments also. DeWeese sustained Sulla’s thievery (in favor of “Plaintiff Hester”). White-washing opposing evidence to sustain her summary judgment against Horowitz, DeWeese denied the damaged parties’ good causes with diversionary misrepresentations and misapplications of case law. Thereby, DeWeese’s fraud upon her court compounded Sulla’s and Whittaker’s perjury, fraud and multiple felonies.

Altogether, the FBI, corrupted judges, and complicit County of Hawaii officials, including Roth’s predecessors—mayors Billy Kenoi and Harry Kim—recklessly neglected Sulla’s racketeering in organized crimes, including drug trafficking, land thievery, and money laundering to deprive Horowitz and the Gregoryants of their properties.

These facts compel an important presumption.  Democratic Party or “Deep State” interests control the State of Hawaii courts, politics, injustice, and corrupt international trade in hallucinogenic drugs, particularly the “New World ‘Daime’ Religion ‘God Molecule’ DMT.




Note to Journalists and Investigators: Copies of Dr. Horowitz’s RICO filings against Sulla; Sulla’s opposition; the doctor’s Reply, and all court evidentiary exhibits, are linked here. CLICKING HERE provides the doctor’s objection to DeWeese’s order granting Whittaker’s withdrawal as fraud upon her court. Media interviews with Dr. Horowitz are invited. 

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