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Hawaii Challenge to Trump Travel Ban Vets Pattern of Judicial Corruption and Mob Rule Over “Paradise”

Hawaii Challenge to Trump Travel Ban Vets Pattern of Judicial Corruption and Mob Rule Over “Paradise”

Hypocrisy in Hawaii Opposition to Travel Ban and Court Injunction Exposes Pattern of Corruption and Fraud in East-West Drug Gateway.


New Study Vets Muslim Terrorism Advocacy in the Pacific Military “Deep State”



Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane


(April 21, 2017)




This is a study of two seemingly unrelated civil rights cases before the same U.S. District Court Judge, Derick Watson, both of which evidence a similar pattern of un-Constitutional rulings depriving parties’ civil rights, denying justice, stonewalling due process, and destabilizing U.S. National Security from within the State and federal justice system in this Judeo-Christian-founded nation (“JCFN”).

          It is widely known that President Trump’s “Muslim ban” has been opposed (presumably) by the State of Hawaii and Judge Watson. What is not widely known, largely due to media silence and the well-coordinated spin commencing with the Hawaii v. Trump Complaint filed by Attorney General Douglas Chin, et. al., (1) is the diversion away from Chin’s exclusive individual plaintiff–Muslim leader Ismail Elsheik–who, according to the FBI and intelligence community, operates as a leader within the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist enterprise conducting Jihad, the radical Islamic “Holy War” against Jews, Christians, and the JCFN. 

      The neglected “elephant in the room” is history repeating. Ironically, this repeating history features the State of Hawaii, that owes its existence and allegiance to the military might and takeover of the Kingdom of Hawaii and Crown lands favoring genocidal injustice and the secret commercial-missionary conspiracy well known in history for decimating the Native Hawaiian people. This “Aloha State” now backs the Muslim “Holy War” similarly favoring “Deep State” commercial interests and the destabilization (even overthrow) of the U.S. Federal Government, the Office of the President, and the Justice Department. In essence, Judge Watson’s decision to block the Travel Ban is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

        Contrary to Judge Watson’s decisions, the substantive issue is not President Trump’s seemingly hard-line anti-Muslim campaign statements claimed to evidence “un-Constitutional” religious “animus.” The real-and-present danger to Americans and the JCFN is bloody revolution or terrorist attacks foreshadowed by the fraudulent concealment of Elsheik’s links to the anti-American Islamic Jihad. The concealed financing and traitorous political interests of the State of Hawaii’s transparent alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and deep state influence over military and intelligence operations in Hawaii are most substantive to this feud, albeit grossly (and tellingly) neglected by the media, the courts, and oddly, the Justice Department too.

        All of this neglect smacks of the same deep state dynamics of the CIA’s backing, financing, and arming of ISIS/ISIL openly acknowledged and opposed, almost exclusively by Russian President Putin, Syrian President Assad, and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. (2)        In the second “religious case” studied here, threats to society and National Security from within the willfully blind judicial system (and Judge Watson’s court in particular) involves two “priests” competing for one religious property in the heart of Hawaii’s drug capitol. The case of Horowitz v. Paul J. Sulla, Jr, features a Judeo-Christian minister of The Royal Bloodline of David (“RBOD”), directed by the co-author, a celebrated doctor, Leonard Horowitz, opposing Hawaii’s drug “king pin”, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., who has had his way in the corrupted courts for the past eight (8) years. Most recently, Judge Watson dismissed Horowitz’s appeal. (Click to read Horowitz’s “venomous” Motion for Reconsideration, filed 4-21-17 containing arguments utterly neglected by Watson, just as he neglected the Justice Department’s principle arguments.)

In earlier filings, Sulla is evidenced by Horowitz as being a government-protected rogue lawyer. He has multiple links to the CIA. He has stolen many people’s properties. His “church” illegally manufactures and traffics the Class I narcotic hallucinogen widely publicized as the “God molecule”–dimethyltryptamine (a.k.a., “DMT”, ayahuasca, or hoasca). That drug has been skyrocketing in popularity among American youth and wayward adults disappointed with traditional religions, searching for happiness and seeking greater meaning in life. Horowitz has attempted to prosecute “priest” Sulla and his “Ayahuasca Church” for stealing Horowitz’s RBOD estate and threatening the public’s health and safety, akin to Trump seeking to protect Americans by prosecuting illegal drug trafficking immigrants and terrorists exchanging drug money for arms.

        Summarily, these two religious civil rights cases both involve State and federal officials acting willfully-blind to serious threats to the public’s health, safety and U.S. National Security. Both cases are characterized by widespread media censorship. Both cases evidence “deep state” influence prejudicing and damaging Americans, Christians, Jews, and the United States Government. Both Watson decisions favor social, cultural, and religious destabilization, Jihad, terrorism, and narcotics trafficking, including the “God Molecule” (dimethyltryptamine [“DMT”], methamphetamine (“crystal meth”), marijuana, and opiates including heroin trafficked through Hawaii since the illegal taking of the “territory” from the Hawaiian Monarchy. All of these risks to America are certain to come under closer scrutiny by stricter law enforcers when implementing Trump’s Travel Ban, and also when prosecuting Sulla.

        Convincing evidence for the above statements, including deep state influence, is examined in this report, including the dissent published by five Ninth Circuit judges countering Judge Watson’s Travel Ban injunction. Additional analysis of the “silence” (as legally-permissible evidence) is provided by the selective news coverage by the mainstream media obfuscating and concealing these critical facts and issues. (3)

        Consideration is also given to Muslim Past President Barack Hussein Obama’s leaked visit to Honolulu two (2) days before Judge Watson–Obama’s judicial appointee, and Trump’s deep state adversary–enjoined Trump’s Ban. The timing of this confirmed “unscheduled” event gives an “impression of impropriety” that partly explains the harsh criticism Judge Watson received from his Ninth Circuit detractors. And this impression of deep state influence is compounded by: (1) similarities between Obama’s Muslim associations and earlier financing by Weather Underground organizers responsible for previous terrorist bombings of the Pentagon and government buildings during the 1970s to destabilize America in favor of communism; and (2) Obama’s and Elsheik’s links to radical Islamic financing fueling Jihad by the Sheik of Qatar allied with Obama Administration officials implicated in the “American Eagles of Death Metal Band” massacre in Paris at the Bataclan Theater in 2015.

        These facts provide probable cause for further investigations and discoveries in service to U.S. National Security, the U.S. Military, and the Justice Department, whose interests in the “Aloha State” are crucial, albeit undermined at the present time.




When President Trump’s “Muslim immigration ban” was first announced, and instantly opposed by State of Hawaii Attorney General (“AG”) Douglas Chin on March 15, 2017, nearly no one knew that Barack Obama had secretly arrived on Oahu for an “unscheduled trip” two days earlier; and that a parallel civil rights case was on appeal before the same Judge Watson involving Obama’s source of intelligence on HIV/AIDS and Ebola viruses that nearly scuttled his 2008 presidential campaign. Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, condemned the U.S. Government for creating AIDS, and recommended as evidence for the national press “Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?” In September, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Honolulu had deprived Horowitz, the award-winning author, whistleblower, filmmaker, and Judeo-Christian RBOD minister, of his entire estate in favor of a widely known “Ayahuasca Church” “priest”–Paul J. Sulla, Jr. Ownership of the doctor’s house, and 27-acre geothermal estate at the heart of Hawaii’s “‘Wild West’ Drug Capitol” of Puna (Pahoa), has been under siege for more than a dozen years. The appeal before Watson is Horowitz v. Paul J. Sulla, Jr. Horowitz litigates pro se due to RBOD having been made insolvent by more than a half million dollars in legal fees alone during litigation against Hilo attorney Sulla, whose widely known “drug church” foreclosed on Horowitz’s RBOD clearly-and-convincingly illegally.


These matters should never have gone one day beyond the 2008 trial in which Horowitz prevailed. Foreclosure was denied. But subsequently, to evade losing the property, Sulla fraudulently assigned RBOD’s mortgage to a sham church using photocopied signatures of the seller, who, unbeknownst to Horowitz, was a predicate felon and drug trafficker in Sulla’s enterprise, who used the property to bait Horowitz and previous buyers to steal their deposit money. 

All the evidence was presented to three Third Circuit “Drug” Court judges, each of whom knew the seller and Sulla had manufactured records. Each judge knew the seller had gone to prison for drug trafficking from the property, and Sulla had been publicly censured for “reckless” pleading in favor of tax evasion. Judges Ronald Ibarra, Elizabeth Strance, and Melvin Fujino each railroaded Horowitz. A handful of appeals-court judges backed their fellow Bar members. They, too, closed willfully-blind eyes to obvious forgeries, mortgage fraud, and Sulla’s subsequent “non-judicial foreclosure” scam.

State and federal judges all ruled to continue depriving and maliciously prosecuting Horowitz. An $8 million default judgment Horowitz obtained against Sulla’s expert witness, Alma C. Ott, who had been persecuting and cyber-bullying Horowitz since 2008, was administratively stayed by Judge Watson’s superior, Chief Justice of the U.S. District Court, Judge J. Michael Seabright, since 2015. Seabright also stonewalled a Grand Jury Complaint filed by police investigator James Benish that same year on behalf of several families devastated by Sulla’s crimes, including the charges of suspected kidnapping and murder, aided-and-abetted by statewide corruption involving Attorney General Chin’s office.  All combined Sulla, State law enforcers, and the courts caused the Judeo-Christian doctor to add another nine (9) years to his virtual “involuntary servitude” required to defend his “sacred property” rights from the corrupt Hawaii courts.

Increasingly, over all those years, lawyers, judges, politicians, police, and prosecutors across the State and nation were made aware of the Hawaii courts’ corruption. All knew Sulla foreclosed against Horowitz illegally. All knew that Sulla operated a large drug enterprise aided-and-abetted by the willfully blind courts. State Judge Strance witnessed Sulla pleading “the Fifth” under oath to avoid incriminating himself as the head “priest” of his widely-known religious cult. Besides knowing Sulla’s Ecclectic Center of Universal Flowing Light was a front for illegal drug trafficking, each judge knew Sulla had been fined, publicly censured, and repeatedly disqualified by other federal courts, but nonetheless looked away. In fact, Sulla exhibited incomprehensible immunity, as a lawyer and purported “church” operator under the protection and watchful eyes of Attorney General Chin’s Deputy, Hugh Jones–the chief regulator of non-profit religious groups in the State, who Horowitz personally alerted to the crimes permitted under Jones’s jurisdiction.


Common Concerns: Religious Freedom, Dangerous Drugs, and the Deep State

The litigating parties in the two cases before Judge Watson represent four religions–Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Sulla’s DMT devotees, making this study and analysis particularly interesting in evidencing and analyzing hypocrisy in the State of Hawaii’s law enforcement, purportedly protecting “religious freedoms.” Sulla’s protected “Ecclectic Center” has been known to State and Federal officials to be illegally manufacturing and shipping to the mainland the Schedule I narcotic hallucinogen in direct violation of the federal licensing and church importing requirement ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court in Gonzales v. O Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal. DMT is widely advertised on the Internet as the “God Molecule,” promoting the drug’s “religious” use to a burgeoning market of youth increasingly using the narcotic nationwide.

Meanwhile, as the market for DMT has soared, fueled by illegal imports from Hawaii and Brazil, and pharmaceutical industry supported publications, multinational drug companies synthesized production, anticipating the opportunity to compete directly against the world’s religions.

It must be known, pursuant to deep state involvement, that the “God molecule” market resulted mainly from two men: (1) Terrance McKenna–who admitted during his final interview playable below that he was recruited by the FBI. Shortly following his interview he died, presumably from a brain tumor suspected of resulting from regular “journeying” with DMT; and (2) CIA scientist parapsychologist Dr. Stanley Krippner, author of The Future of Religion, who mentored Sulla’s son, co-authored a drug study with “Jose Sulla,” and attended the Sullas’ “Ayahuasca Church Experience,” as recorded by Dr. Stephan Kasian, one of the damaged participants.


All of this has been increasingly acknowledged by officials in the Justice Department, the FBI, the DEA, and the Department of Homeland Security, to be a serious rapidly-growing risk to citizens, consumers, law enforcers, public safety, and even the original “hoasca” church in Brazil that opposes the burgeoning drug commerce and misrepresentations of their religion in America. (4) the audio player below to hear one high level FBI special agent charged with investigating Sulla apologize for her superiors’ decision to drop her urging and extensive report implicating Judge Ronald Ibarra in the illegal drug and real estate theft enterprise operating with Sulla on the Big Island of Hawaii.)


(Click the audio player below to hear the Supreme Court of Hawaii, Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Assistant Director Jane Preece, inexplicably excuse herself and the State Bar ethics enforcement arm for permitting Sulla to be repeatedly cleared of evidence of wrongdoing including securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, and grand larceny.)





The ODC sends out the same form letter to anyone who complains about a lawyer. When Dr. Leonard  G Horowitz and Sherri Kane sent in a complaint against Paul J. Sulla, Jr.  and another woman, Joy Stahley sent in a complaint against Attorney Nancy Budd, we all received the same form letter back from the ODC as was received against the former police chief’s wife, Attorney Katherine Kealoha, that says they will not be investigating. 

Because we were being railroaded in the state court trying to save our house from Sulla, Len filed for bankruptcy and the lawyer for the trustee was Bradley Tamm, who sided with Sulla. Bradley Tamm is the lawyer for the ODC.  This appears to be a conflict of interest and organized crime.














(Click the audio player below to hear Hilo Police Sargent “Walker” incredulous that an off island sheriff was hired by Sulla to fly to the Big Island from Maui, to criminally trespass, and steal possession of the property.)



Paul J Sulla’s illegal Ayahuasca drug manufacturing “church” on a 67-acre compound, part of his extensive real estate and money laundering enterprise aided-and-abetted by Hawaii law enforcers, including Hugh Jones, Deputy Attorney General under Douglas Chin.


Hawaii’s Little-Known “Deep State” Operations

Understanding the “deep state” helps explain the disappointment American voters feel while seeking positive change ultimately realizing it doesn’t really matter who is elected to whatever position. The general sense, arguably the myth, that a “democracy” exists in America is repeatedly contradicted by “impressions of impropriety” and unfolding geopolitics and economics consistently getting worse, save for a few most wealthy industrialists commonly called members of “The Mob” or “Deep State.

Wikipedia, widely known to be monitored, and many critics claim censored, by Western intelligence agencies, defines “deep state” in the context of political science courtesy of former Republican Congressional staffer, Mike Lofgren. The deep state is “a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process.”

Professor Jason Royce Lindsey asserts “that even absent a conspiratorial agenda, the term ‘deep state’ is useful for understanding aspects of the national security establishment in developed countries, with emphasis on the United States.” Lindsey wrote that the deep state “draws power from the national security and intelligence communities, a realm where secrecy is a source of power.” In the two cases “at bar,” such deep state secrecy, back-room “Star Chamber” dealings, and media censorship reflects the status quo, and secures it, that is, the deep state.

Many examples of deep state actions have been vetted by these authors in These include covert operations in the “Healthcare Holy War” waged by multi-national corporations and private equity investment firms, including those targeting the world’s religions in favor of drug companies. The “Healthcare Holy War” article included accurate predictions that physicians and hospitals would be increasing regulated by centralized computers serving primarily drug makers and the “pharma-media.” Another deep state covert operation exposed by these authors accurately assessed the conflicting interests that illegally-influenced the 2016 Presidential election and the “October Surprise.” We explained what was happening pre-election, and predicted what would happen post-election to fuel “WW III From [the DNC’s] Busted Election Plot” involving the Carlyle Group, explaining why George H.W. Bush “jumped ship” to support Hillary Clinton in the last days of the campaign; and covert operations conducted by the CIA, Wikileaks, Russian Intelligence, and Anonymous ‘hacktivists;’ and similarly biased media reports and silence on issues like “Pizzagate.” Since then, what we exposed as regular lies, are now widely assailed as “fake news.”

The Economist explained that the phrase deep state originated in Turkey, referring to “a network of individuals in different branches of government, with links to retired generals and organised crime, that existed without the knowledge of high-ranking military officers and politicians. Its goal was purportedly to preserve secularism and destroy communism by any means necessary, outside the regular chain of command.” The classic American example of such a deep state was the Iran-Contra Affair conducted by the CIA during the Reagan Administration. “Starting in the 1950s Turkey’s deep state sponsored killings, engineered riots, colluded with drug traffickers, staged ‘false flag’ attacks and organised massacres . . . . Thousands died in the chaos it fomented.”

Given this understanding of the deep state, it would be unreasonable to presume officials controlling political and military operations in the “Aloha State” are free from such influence, given the now known alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist enterprise conducting Jihad, their local leader Ismail Elsheik working with Attorney General Douglas Chin, et. al., (1) and Judge Watson’s legally contemptuous, arguably treasonous, injunction rebuked by the five Ninth Circuit judges.

Likewise, it would be unreasonable to assume the deep state played no part in Judge Watson’s decisions to favor Elsheik and Sulla, or nor was there any influence peddling in those decisions, given Hawaii is home to: (1) Pearl Harbor and the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet; (2) the U.S. Military was involved in the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii; (3) National Security intelligence operations continue at Booz Allen Hamiton in Honolulu that sourced Edward Snowden’s leaked evidence to establish the meme “Google is Watching” everyone, everywhere, 24/7/365, especially impacting; (4) American citizens (including these authors) who are covertly adjudged “enemies of the deep state“, subjected to neutralizing, disabling, character-assassinating and cyber-bullying in anti-Semitic smear and persecution campaigns compounding damage from the property theft scheme of Sulla and his star witness, Alma C. Ott, despite such covert-operations being outlawed following’s initial exposure during the Church Commission Hearings before Congress in 1975-76; and (5) the most beloved Hawaii Senator, Daniel Inoye, whose leadership helped expose “Deep Throat” by the Senate Watergate Committee, and who chaired the Senate Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance to Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition from 1987 until 1989. At that time, Inouye referred to the deep state by a different name. He called it the “secret government.” Others call it “Illuminati”, the “Oligarchy,” the “Shadow Governors,” or simply “The Mob.” Sen. Inouye warned:

[There exists] a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.[21]

— Daniel Inouye

Accordingly, this study of two parallel cases before Judge Watson vets such a deep state of concealed conflicting interests and engagement in organized crimes, aiding-and-abetting racketeering, drug-trafficking, and political-influencing, in this strategic outpost guarding East-West banking, National Security, and international trade.


Impressions of Impropriety

Judge Watson’s decisions in both cases, enjoining Trump’s travel-ban in March, 2017, and dismissing Horowitz’s prosecution of Sulla the following month, raised common issues, both involving Chin. The Judge summarily deprived both the President and the whistleblower their due process on the merits of their public safety pleadings. These facts give any reasonable person “an impression of bias” by the Court in violation of Judicial Cannon 2 that states:

A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in All Activities. In Trump’s case, critics say Watson should have recused himself for Obama’s alleged efforts on behalf of the deep state to cause Trump’s impeachment. As mentioned, critics decry Obama’s sudden secret visit to Honolulu on March 13, 2017, perfectly timed to influence Judge Watson’s decision two days later.

Besides these impressions of impropriety, in Horowitz’s case, Judge Watson’s decision protected Watson’s superiors, Judge Seabright and Judge Faris. Seabright “administratively stayed” (“without leave to appeal”) Horowitz’s claims against Sulla and Ott during the past three years, compounding damages to Horowitz in violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1986 (among other laws). Judge Faris, administering the bankruptcy court, is one of only four rule makers in the Hawaii District Court. Faris and his trustee, Howard Hu, vicariously ceded Horowitz’s property to Sulla despite Horowitz’s “venomous” protests against the obvious theft. Faris is evidenced breaking a set of laws in Horowitz’s case, including misprision of felony statute 18 U.S.C. § 4. Horowitz’s appeal objected to Judge Faris’s “willful blindness,” and aiding-and-abetting first degree theft. Bankruptcy Code  11 U.S.C. §§ 548-551 was to have secured Horowitz’s estate and right to avoid Sulla’s theft. But Faris, and subsequently Watson, are evidenced neglecting their duties, rules and laws. They ceded the theft to Sulla.

Judge Watson’s contested decisions in both cases provided probable cause for Horowitz to question why Obama’s appointee would similarly deprive the Justice Department and the doctor of their due process rights to adjudication on the merits of their cases, when such “civil rights” are fundamental to the Constitution.

In both cases, Judge Watson completely neglected to address the main points raised in appeals. In Trump’s case, Watson permitted Chin and the State of Hawaii to deprive the Justice Department of a “meaningfully challenge” to lax immigration policies risking America’s borders, families, and National Security. Federal law 42 U.S.C. § 1986 is titled “Action for neglect to prevent.”  In both cases, Trump’s and Horowitz’s, Judge Watson’s rulings deprived parties seeking to protect society from organized crimes and criminals. In Horowitz’s case Sulla was already under the Court’s jurisdiction.

In Trump’s case, officials knew Hawaii acts as a gateway for criminals to enter the U.,S., including terrorists from “high risk” nations. According to legal reviewers, Watson blocked Trump’s initial policy that capped at 50,000 the number of refugees from any nation, and in any religion, for the reasonable period of 120-days. That moratorium was reasonably needed to permit: (a) reorganization of lax border policies; (b) beefing-up of law enforcement technologies and personnel; and (c) a review of whether other countries are providing enough information to ensure immigrants are not security threats. Neglecting these reasonable justifications for the Travel Ban, Watson’s inadvertence was the reason five Ninth Circuit judges voiced unprecedented dissent.

And a similar ruling precluding meritorious determination by Watson in Horowitz v. Sulla evidences a pattern of overlooking central issues. After all, what differentiates risking public health and safety in favor of Sulla’s “religious” freedom to trafficking DMT and steal people’s property, versus or a radical religious zealot’s right to traffic a suitcase nuclear? Apparently, both are acceptable risks in Watson’s wisdom. Both scenarios are favored by the Judge’s rulings, best explaining his Ninth Circuit rebuke.


The Legal Basis for Appeals


In favor of Trump’s “Muslim ban,” “a law that is not neutral and is not generally applicable ‘must be justified by a compelling governmental interest and must be narrowly tailored to advance that interest.’” This quote, directly applicable to the Justice Department’s “compelling governmental interests” against a declared “Holy War” against the United States by Islamic radicals, is from Lukumi, 508 U.S. at 531-32, 113 S.Ct. 2217.

Curiously, the above quote and reference comes from the U.S. Supreme Court in O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal v. Ashcroft, 282 F. Supp. 2d 1236 – Dist. Court, D. New Mexico 2002. In that 2002 “ayahuasca church” case, the Justice Department was forced to stop confiscating hoasca tea imported under federal license from South America. The ruling exclusively permitted hoasca importation, and the use and distribution to expressly church members, not members of the general public, by church officials.

The religious importation of DMT required a federal license that Sulla never obtained. Hoasca manufacture in Hawaii is prohibited. Nonetheless, the judges permitted Sulla “to walk.” Sulla never needed to answer any of the explicit allegations and evidence brought against him.

But “[t]he right to free exercise of religion under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment does not relieve an individual of the obligation to comply with a valid and neutral law of general applicability on the ground that the law incidentally affects religious practice.” United States v. Meyers, 95 F.3d 1475 (1996) at 1481.

Another applicable decision comes from the U.S. Supreme Court in Yee Hem v. United States, 268 US 178 – Supreme Court 1925. The Plaintiff, Mr. Hem, was a recreational opium smoker, convicted under Section 1 of The Harrison Narcotic Act (See: Virginia Law Review Vol. 6, No. 7 (Apr., 1920), pp. 534-540). In that case, Hem neglected to defend against the presumption of guilt after possessing opium, only legally permitted in medicine. In Horowitz’s case against Sulla, Watson ruled with Bankruptcy Court Judge Faris in favor of Sulla’s actions, completely neglecting evidence of guilt, AND completely neglecting Sulla’s “silence” and neglect to defend against the prima facie evidence of securities fraud, wire fraud, forgery, foreclosure fraud, and property theft.

Having been favored by State courts, and the Watson, Faris and Seabright federal courts too, Sulla’s drug enterprise now holds possession of Horowitz’s property, AND is believed responsible for a substantial amount of DMT illegally entering the U.S. valued at more than $50 million annually. (Estimates based on FBI and DEA data approach as much as $1 billion annually in the exploding religious “hoasca tea” market.) Watson’s dismissal of Horowitz’s appeal on April 11, 2017, “harbored” Sulla from having to give any justification (medical, religious, or otherwise), for his actions, including interstate trafficking of the narcotic.

When Watson denied Trump, and also harbored Sulla, assenting to Sulla’s failure to answer and show cause for the crimes evidenced against him; and then ceded Horowitz’s property title to Sulla and his racketeering enterprise, Judge Watson deprived both Trump and Horowitz of their Constitutional rights to due process and adjudication on the merits. Thus, Watson appears to have violated Section 19 of the Criminal Code.

Section 19 condemns, as a criminal offense, any conspiracy to injure a citizen in the exercise “of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” Section 20 makes it a penal offense for anyone who, acting “under color of any law,” “willfully subjects, or causes to be subjected, any inhabitant of any State . . . to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, and immunities secured and protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” United States v. Classic, 313 US 299 – Supreme Court 1941


The Criminal Deep State Stalemate in Hawaii


At the time of this writing an article appeared in the Huffington Post written by Leon Kaulahao Siu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Kingdom of the Hawaiian Islands. Mr. Siu wrote of the ongoing illegality and hypocrisy of “Hawaii Not [Being a] Sanctuary For Hawaiians,” and that “the state has [historically] gone overboard in utilizing the cover of U.S. immigration policies to apply the status of “undocumented” to Hawaiian nationals — those Hawaiians living in the Hawaiian Islands and who assert they are subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom, residing in the Hawaiian Kingdom. The reason the state has a strong aversion to Hawaiian nationals is that their very existence and their claim of sovereignty, repudiates the legitimacy of the ‘State of Hawaii.’”

  Mr. Siu’s statements corroborate the conclusion reached by these authors, that nothing legal occurs under the guise of “justice” in Hawaii; nor has it since the imposition of tyranny in creation of the Territory of Hawaii in the late 1800s. This followed the drugging and killing of King Kalakaua, favoring missionary businessmen complicit with the federal government and U.S. Navy officials–among the earliest deep state conspiracies in American history. Kane’s article summarizes Horowitz’s review of these matters, and the King’s manslaughter. The overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and quest for justice and compensation resulted in Liliuokalani v. United States of America, (March 26,1910),4–9). This case established the “legal standard” of judicial corruption and deep state bias regularly practiced in “paradise,” compounded by Judge Seabright, Judge Faris, and Judge Watson’s aforementioned decisions.

Liliuokalani’s case against America received scholarly analysis in The Rights of My People: Liliuokalani’s Enduring Battle with the United States 1983-1917 (by Neil Thomas Proto). At that time, attorney Sidney Miller Ballou represented the interests of the U.S. Government and missionary merchants who conspired to deny the Queen her Crown Lands. Ballou, Proto explained, was reared in New England’s “disquieting intersection of missionary zeal, property acquisition, and the denigration of other people’s culture.” Ballou finalized the theft of the Crown Lands, the Royal Family’s financial estate, and the Queen’s ability to obtain justice.

Quoting Proto, while reflecting on the instant judicial bias administered against the white man, pro-Israel Trump, and Horowitz, “the Jew:”

“In March 1908, Ballou sat on a panel of three judges, including Chief Judge Alfred Hartwell,” that decided the federal government’s case against the Hawaiian Royals in Territory of Hawaii v. Kapiolani Estate. “Hartwell had a deep, well documented disdain for the constitutional monarchy and the Queen. He had drafted her abdication in 1895. Hartwell also was within that generation of Caucasian men who molded and treated the judiciary as an appendage . . . and would ensure [that power would remain] unchallenged. They did so with respect to the Crown lands.” (p. 391)

“The Kapiolani Estate also argued that if the [Dole-directed] Republic had acquired the Crown lands it did so illegally or without due process of law or paying compensation for taking it. [As in Horowitz’s case, t]he court refused to examine the argument. Justice Ballou agreed with the court’s conclusion that the ‘validity of the declaration in the Constitution of the Republic of Hawaii, under which the present title is derived, does not present a judicial question.’ Put differently, regardless of the argument’s merit or the fact that it was not uncommon for courts to examine and decide the merits of such an argument, Ballou and Hartwell declined to do so. . . . It made no difference. Ballou and Hartwell were engaged in the exercise of raw power. . . .

“Liliuokalani could not litigate her claim before the Hawaii judiciary. Ballou and Hartwell had ensured it . . .

“When the Queen reached Washington [to plead for justice], Associate Justice Sidney Ballou was in California, [addressing] the Los Angeles Merchants Association. He sought to convey to the audience Hawaii’s commitment to increased trade and to ‘American interests.’ He also spoke directly about the Crown lands. ‘Under an arrangement with the national government,’ Ballou was quoted as saying, ‘the crown lands are now open to settlement under laws similar to the homestead enactments by Congress, and it is hoped to make the country one for white men, as against the proposition of being dominated by the Asians.’ What he did not say to the merchants — perhaps because it never occurred to him — was that Liliuokalani had taken the position since 1893 that all of the Crown land’s income from such ‘white men’ actually belonged to her.” (p. 397)

Similarly, Judge Watson denied President Trump and Dr. Horowitz in the same spirit as Ballou and Hartwell denied Queen Liluokalani.

According to legal analyst Jonathan Turley:

The lack of consideration to opposing case law, failure to address the statutory authority given to the President, and the sweeping dismissal of executive authority are obvious flaws. . . . The [dissenting Ninth Circuit] judges said that the panel simply “brushed aside” the clearly controlling case law of Kleindienst v. Mandel, 408 U.S. 753 (1972). Indeed, the panel noted that the panel missed entirely the rulings in Kerry v. Din, 135 S. Ct. 2128 (2015) and Fiallo v. Bell, 430 U.S. 787 (1977).  In a statement that is particularly probative of the Hawaii ruling, the Supreme Court in Mandel recognized that first amendment rights were implicated by the executive action but found that “when the executive has exercised its authority to exclude aliens on the basis of a facially legitimate and bona fide reason, the courts will neither look behind the exercise of that discretion, nor test it by balancing its justification against the First Amendment interests of those who seek personal communication with the applicant.”

The five judges of the Ninth Circuit joined in the analysis of . . . accepting the rational basis for the President’s Travel Ban.   They insisted that “so long as there is one facially legitimate and bona fide reason for the President’s actions, our inquiry is at an end.”


Suggested Remedy for the Deep State Stalemate in Hawaii


In apparent retaliation for Judge Watson’s injunction and the State of Hawaii’s Complaint representing the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood for destabilizing the American government, Jeff Sessions has threatened federal sanctions. The Justice Department has probable cause to defend the Nation against treason, and un-Constitutional activities evidencing judicial corruption damaging the President, the Office of the President, and America. In effect, there is a “stalemate” ongoing between the parties to this dispute secured by deep state “mob rule” over “paradise;” wherein both sides are concealing “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” that could set citizens free from un-American activities, needless costs, and serious risks.

Evidencing this costly and damaging stalemate, the U.S. Attorney General has warned that a moratorium on federal funding for social programs may be imposed that would ultimately damage innocent citizens, yet do nothing to remedy the deep state’s nefarious operations in this illegally acquired, corruptly administered, military state. Critics contend Sessions’s threats are unreasonable, uncivil, harmful, and arguably un-Constitutional and un-American. Proponents have good cause to reasonably argue otherwise. Stalemate., there is an obvious, readily available, remedy for this gridlock among the parties-in-interest, including the State of Hawaii, the deep state, the President and Justice Department, the Hawaii Judiciary (State and Federal), the Sovereign Kingdom illegally dispossessed, and the affected residents (citizens and aliens alike). The remedy is called a computer. More expressly, according to Dr. Horowitz, “a computer-administered referendum program for quality assurance in government,” is indicated.

Obviously, due to the stranglehold over justice and lawful governmental operations in Hawaii, “draining the swamp” cannot be effected while officials, including judges and law makers, are buried in sludge. A “new deal” in Hawaii as a pilot site can best be accomplished by computerizing purely democratic administration of the branches of government, enabling voters to be equally represented in controlling officials and the branches of government most honorably, efficiently, and economically. The technology is currently available to do this. A computer can marry referendum and media in a truly novel way, consistent with the Founding Fathers respect for the “Free Press.” In this proposed remedy, resources can be assembled (and secured) to serve its primary duty and right under the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Online functions, the social media, broadcast media, especially television, can now be used in real time to balance the powers in government, and enforce the honorable administration of those powers, in accordance with public duty doctrine, civility, and progress towards America’s economic and political recovery.

No other remedies are so clearly available and practical.  The ongoing system-wide corruption and deep state covert influence are circumstances that compel this most reasonable solution. An independently operated secure computer system can most fairly administer public decision-making through referendum on every political question, judicial decision, and officials’ actions. Now, for the first time in history, data processing possibilities combining available technology and media provide the opportunity to govern fairly and most responsively to the public’s needs and interests.

This remedy is already being offered internationally. Curiously, IBM has already named this solution “Watson” (not to be confused with Judge Watson). This solution is already being heralded by the American Bar Association and American Medical Association to administer remedies in law, politics, medicine, and more. Surely a secured system not administered by deep state conflicting interests can now be designed to provide rule-by-the-people and-for-the-people. This is, in essence, the only foreseeable way to restore democracy and legitimacy to the branches of governments, and leverage the print, broadcast, and social media to assure unbiased quality control, law enforcement, and administrative-rule enforcement systems. 

Economic and efficient judicial review can be most easily accomplished by implementing such a computerized legal system, given the fact that there are less than a hundred rules of civil procedure to follow in any court, and certainly the few thousand statutes can be most rapidly and inexpensively accessed by designated software already undergoing testing. 

Given these advances, model legal and legislative automation can be programmed to quantify data, review case law, issue probabilities, and generate just decisions, as well as reward honorable judges and politicians, assure Constitutional due process more strictly following the rules of civil procedure and laws, and instantly remove dishonorable and corrupt judges and politicians, replacing them by public referendum and approval ratings.

The function of “trial by jury” too could be similarly automated, reducing risks of jury tainting and witness tampering. Legal reality shows are already popular, as are online audience voting programs. The possibilities for combining innovations with automated media-assisted remedies to administer justice even the election process to reduce voter fraud are enormous.

Beyond these aforementioned capabilities, professors are already teaching “machine learning” to law students, as “they believe that going forward, expertise in analytics intersected with substantive legal knowledge is the source of significant value creation.”

In other words, modern computers, like Watson, actually learn from their mistakes, unlike greedy, arrogant, and corrupt humans.

In the State of Hawaii, that has been making the same “mistakes” since the late 1800s with the illegal overthrow of the Monarchy, such a capability is especially promising and refreshing.





(1) Amicus Briefs in Hawaii v. Trump:

(2) Hawaii Rep. Gabbard is currently urging federal assurances  and funding needed to upgrade secret missile defense systems protecting Hawaii, especially Oahu, a stone’s throw away from downtown Honolulu and Waikiki.

(3) “Conduct which forms a basis for inference is evidence. Silence is often evidence of the most persuasive character.” (at 154) United States ex rel. Bilokumsky v. Tod, 263 US 149 – Supreme Court 1923

(4) To summarize the Justice Department’s position on international drug trade in general, and “hoasca tea” in particular, the Digest of United States Practice in International Law is helpful. This textbook states:

“. . . Plaintiffs have presented no evidence that even purports to establish the safety of ayahuasca with any degree of scientific cer tainty. On the other hand, Congress has made an affirmative statutory declaration that materials containing DMT—materials such as ayahuasca—are unsafe. In addition, it is known that sub-stances chemically related to ayahuasca’s components can have serious adverse effects on mental health, and that ayahuasca con-tains a substance that can have fatal interactions with several common foods and medicines. The available evidence thus demonstrates a compelling health and safety interest in prohibiting the use of ayahuasca.” (p. 135; International Criminal Law)


Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M. (hon.), D.M.M. (hon.), is the author of nineteen books including the prophetically titled Death In The Air: Globalism,Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, that came out three months before 9-11-01. His three American best-sellers include: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? that was largely responsible for prompting explosive interest in vaccination risks and biological warfare; Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, that revealed the ancient Solfeggio musical scale secreted for millennia; and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science in which Dr. Horowitz presents his protocol for administering prevention and natural speedy recoveries. His most recent text, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, has prompted a revolution in the music industry improving recording artistry and music therapy with the use of C=528Hz(A=444Hz) tuning that produces “medicinal music.” Dr. Horowitz is currently advancing Healthy World Organization (HWO) as an alternative to the duplicitous World Health Organization (WHO).

Len and Sherri in AC_medSherri Kane is an investigative journalist who defected from FOX News, Los Angeles, for ethical reasons. She has written extensively on Barack Obama’s history, counter-intelligence methods used by Internet “gang stalkers,” and the “PharmaMedia,” detailing links between the wealthiest Wall Street investors in mass media and the pharmaceutical industry. Sherri also specializes in women’s and children’s health issues and child sex trafficking whistleblowing. She also advocates for animal rights, and launched the “Conscious Species Channel” on  Ms. Kane is the Vice President of Medical Veritas International, Inc., that launched with Dr. Horowitz the LOVE/528 Revolution,, and the 528Radio Network impacting recording artistry and natural healing internationally. Online DVDs featuring Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane include: NSA/CIA Trolls Destroy Heroes to Profit Villains: Snowden/Wikileaks Evidence Protection Racket for the Death Industry; and the Paris Attacks Video.

wiff_un-vaxxed_official_selection2-copyDr. Horowitz’s latest documentary: UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro won five international awards, including “Best Film-2016” at the World International Film Festival competitions in London and Geneva.

To contact Sherri Kane, or Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, please e-mail: with your special requests.

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