Judicial Corruption Backfires as Criminal Actions Against Lawyers and Government Officials Advance

Judicial Corruption


Journalists Serve Justice More Than Corrupt Lawyers, Judges, and Politicians


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane


Judicial Corruption



The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees ‘freedom of the press’ and ‘freedom of religion,’ the exact reasons this article is important in exposing unparalleled judicial corruption.

This publication comes in an era of extreme media censorship, expanding ‘public corruption,’ and treasonous political collusion. This ‘systemic pathology’ destroying our nation is most visible on Capital Hill with the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Judicial Corruption

Kona lawyer Stephen D. Whittaker leaves court secretly representing his co-conspirator, drug trafficking kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr. according to court filings and a police complaint filed in September, 2020.

“RBG” was a crusader for civil rights and equal justice under the law. In our story, however, we see no no civil rights nor equal justice under the law. We see only a railroading to steal our home in ‘paradise,’ and destroy our lives.

For this reason we vet a wealthy powerful drug and sex cult, and money laundering cartel, operating under the guise of “religious freedom” protected by a band of corrupted lawyers, judges, and prosecutors.

The ‘liberal defection’ of famed ‘conservative’ Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court has direct relevance to this exposé. Here we show what happened after the ‘Robert’s Court’ modeled corruption in a case supposedly about ‘religious freedom’ to import the ‘God molecule’ from Brazil–the hallucinogenic drug called “ayahuasca.” Robert’s authorization subsequently spread to the lower courts wherein our cases and suspects advanced their interests as thieves, con-artists, and sex and drug perverts.

This ‘Cult of Lawlessness’ was enabled by Judge John Robert’s ‘liberal’ interpretation of the ‘religious protections’ authorized by the First Amendment to the Constitution, plus the concealed true history of this drug and the ‘religious cult’ pushing it.

Accordingly,  this article addresses the delinquency in law enforcement reflecting on the Roberts’ Court’s decision in Gonzales v. O Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal, 546 US 418 – Supreme Court 2006.

Deception in the U.S, Supreme Court’s Decision

In this case, Roberts’s ‘liberal’ interpretation of the Constitution authorized and expanded “religious drug use.” The featured drug in this case was not cocaine, marijuana, or methamphetamine, although they too are part of this story. The drug is “ayahuasca tea.”

In Gonzales v. O Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal, Chief Justice John Roberts issued the ruling that blocked the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from confiscating that “tea” incoming from Brazil for the ‘Bronfman crime syndicate’ operating in America under a religious guise

By so doing, Roberts secured a profitable part of that cartel’s drug trafficking, real-estate money-laundering, sexually-perverting, enterprise that includes the ‘Sulla crime family’ in Hawaii responsible for the bulk of the domestic “tea” diverting from Hawaii to the rest of the cournty and globally, according to multiple affidavits from ‘insiders’ and Internet advertisements.

Together, the Bronfmans and Sullas profitted most from the ‘diversion’ of this sometimes deadly “tea” containing the Class I narcotic hallucinogen, dimethlytryptamine (“DMT”). Today, both Bronfman’s and Sulla’s agents manufacture and distribute drug under the guise of ‘religious freedom” from Hawaii. Why Hawaii?

Not only because growing the DMT ‘root extract’ requires a tropical rain forest most available and productive in Hawaii, but law enforcement and politicians are suitably corrupted in this ‘stolen island state where the last King was killed by ‘Haole drugs.’

Whereas ‘Black Lives’ may matter on the mainland, Hawaiian lives don’t matter in the ‘Aloha State.’ Here, guns and drugs matter most in securing genocide in favor of the ‘National Security State’ certified by the secrecy surrounding Booze-Allen Hamilton’s data-mining population-controlling CIA administration in Honolulu.

Here in ‘paradise’ the Sullas and Bronfmans operate to produce DMT, presumably with partners in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) according to the facts in hand.

Jeffrey Bronfman paid to persuade Judge John Roberts to rule as he did. Bronfman is an heir to the Bronfman-Lansky crime-gang’s fortune. That money influenced Roberts’ precedent-setting ‘opinion’ that concealed the CIA’s clear and present involvement in the development of the “Daime religion.” That CIA alliance with the Bronfmans and Paul J. Sulla, Jr. is verified by secreting the true history of the “hoasca religion” emerging from Brazil along with the ‘neuroscientists’ contracted by the CIA’s ‘black ops’ including Dr. Stanley Krippner, who we’ve exposed earlier for mentoring the top ‘priest’ in  ‘kingpin’ Sulla’s enterprise–Sulla Jr.’s son, Paul J. Sulla, III, (a.k.a., Joseph Sulla, and ‘Jose’ Sulla).

At the time of this writing, father/lawyer Sulla, Jr. is under indictment for forgery and property theft, having stolen our spa, ranch, and house with the help of his son Joseph who we defeated in court wherein this ‘high priest’ defended their DMT prescriptions as ‘community medicine’ for ‘family therapy’.

Accordingly, the true history of their “Daime religion” and the CIA’s involvement therein, was either concealed to defraud Judge Roberts and lower courts, or disregarded by Roberts and Attorney General Gonzales who prosecuted the case for the United States.

As mentioned, their “religion” started in Brazil courtesy of the CIA and U.S. military. The drug’s identification and extraction was made within the lucrative rubber trade, according to our in-depth investigation published in our 640-page book titled Ayahuasca Death Cult: The Psycho-Spiritual Delusion.

The fraudulent concealment of these facts in the Roberts Court in Gonzales v. O Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal has resulted in a growing number of recorded deaths due to exploiting the false narrative of ayahuasca’s history. Since then, the drug’s use and abuse has exploded internationally, with the DMT contraband diverted mainly from Sulla’s “church” in Hawaii. 

As a result, this criminal enterprise defrauded and subverted law enforcement across the United States, especially in Hawaii where DMT became a billion dollar ‘American export,’ according to federal government estimates in 2015.  This commerce occurred despite the flow of the drug  from ‘paradise’ remaining “‘technically illegal.’

Based on the aforementioned facts, we argue that the ever-changing whims of corrupted courts, judges, lawyers, and law enforcers undermine the Constitution and its strict public duties required of government officials, law enforcers, and we citizens too.

Contrary to corrupted lawyers most influencing courts, politicians, and prosecutors, we journalists have honored our ‘public duty’ to protect people, the nation, and the U.S. Constitution more than they have. Our public duty motivates this message.

Most importantly, this case update features ‘four lawyers of the apocalypse.’ Their torts and crimes prove that interpreting the Constitution as a ‘living instrument’ susceptible to ‘liberal’ interpretation can have a disastrous impact on society and civilization. We see this now with the Bronfman-Sulla-CIA-‘Deep State’-neuroscience-transhumanism movement advancing. This Silicon Valley Ivy League enterprise targets ‘free will’ and human ‘consciousness’ under the guise of ‘neuroscience.’ In this racket, traditional religions are under attack as Dr. Krippner heralded, in favor of this ‘sex and drug cult.’

Moreover, we write with first-hand knowledge of the unequal protection of our religious freedom in our cases wherein the apocalyptic lawyers, and their corrupted courts, deprived us of our equal rights to justice and assembly on our Judeo-Christian property in Hawaii.

Instead of protecting our religious freedom and equal rights to judicial process, the ‘Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse’ each subverted our Constitutional guarantees. They each favored, enabled, and aided-and-abetted Sulla’s religious drug enterprise to destroy our lives and religious ministry.

The ‘Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse’ caused our dispossession and ejectment from our home. They caused the insolvency and dissolution of our Judeo-Christian Ministry, The Royal Bloodline of David.

The ‘Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse’ diverted us, especially Dr. Horowitz, from saving lives by educating and edifying his following–millions of people internationally–needing knowledge about risky vaccinations, deadly drugs, and safe and effective natural alternatives in medicine.

The ‘Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse’ undermined the “528 Revolution” in natural medicine and the music industry pioneered by Dr. Horowitz. They blocked Frequency Rehab products and services introduced by the doctor. They effectively ‘neutralized’ Dr. Horowitz in favor of Big Pharma during fifteen years of the most productive time in his career.

Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse

Judicial Corruption

Attorney Stephen D. Whittaker accompanies a fake “plaintiff” through security in the Kona Courthouse to protect his real client, drug kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., who forged deeds to steal properties, including one contested in this court in Civ. No. 14-1-0304.

This update vets these Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse who only recently have had their criminal veils pierced by either official prosecutions or these authors pens.

Previously, they were all protected by corrupted state and federal officials–politicians, judges, prosecutors, the FBI and CIA, and/or other Hawaii lawyers who aided-and-abetted them. Their enrichment came from drug-trafficking, thievery, and money laundering. Their criminal influence helped advance the ‘ayahuasca religion.’

Here we view ‘kingpin’ Sulla, Jr.‘s bribed and complicit co-counsel, Stephen D. Whittaker. Add America’s leading, recently disbarred, “foreclosure expert,” Gary Victor Dubin. Mr. Dubin is the iHeart Radio celebrity that advertised avidly on FOX News before his license was revoked. Last, but certainly not least, is the ‘canary in the judicial corruption cage,’ Bradley R. Tamm. This Supreme Court of Hawaii former Director of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel was positioned by Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald to protect Hawaii’s most corrupt lawyers after being disciplined himself for drug abuse, alcoholism, and embezzling thousands of dollars of clients’ money. Bradley R. Tamm is shown on the right of the headline banner, and in this video we published to gain his criminal indictment.

Judicial Corruption

The fake “family” of the fake “plaintiff” hired by attorneys Stephen D. Whittaker and Paul J. Sulla, Jr., hides their faces from the camera while leaving the courthouse after faking their “ownership” of Sulla’s stolen property.

As ‘vocal victims’ of their alleged racketeering enterprise, with the central suspect Sulla having multiple exposed CIA-connections, we reveal those who have safe-harbored these ‘horsemen,’ especially fellow crooked lawyers and seemingly bribed judges on the record in our cases since 2004. These include the Chairman of Hawaii’s Supreme Court Office of Disciplinary Council (“ODC”), Judge Clifford L. Nakea, who we accuse of subverting the agency’s investigations of the ‘Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse.’

Sulla’s son Jasun Sulla-Menashe, is being prosecuted for child pornography and soliciting sex with minors. He is represented here by his father, Paul Sulla, who is named in a new criminal complaint for bribery, conspiracy, perjury, and theft of a million-dollar property converted by Sulla’s subordinate in the ‘judicial racket,’ Stephen D. Whittaker.

The lawyers we expose here are being increasingly challenged to defend their criminal actions. They each aided-and-abetted the now indicted foreclosure fraud ‘experts,’ Sulla, Jr. and Dubin.

In the photo on the left Sulla Jr. looks meek and embarrassed defending his son, Jasun Sulla-Menashe, who was charged with child pornography and soliciting sex with minors. The Four Lawyers of the Apocalypse are suspect of pedophelia and sexual perversion by association with Sulla, safe-harboring of Sulla, and covering-up the Sulla-Bronfman organized crime syndicate.

Holding the Lawyers Accountable

We veteran journalists are holding these lawyers and judges accountable for aiding-and-abetting Sulla’s string of forgeries to steal multiple multiple million-dollar properties besides our own.

Sulla’s recently disbarred criminal cohort, lawyer Gary Dubin, we vetted previously for having enabled Sulla to steal our spa property in Pahoa. This ‘crime scene‘, and their crimes, were neglected by prosecutors for nearly a decade. The ‘subject property’ is located at the heart of Hawaii’s multi-billion dollar drug capitol near Hilo where drug trafficking by air and sea is obvious.

Dubin appears to have enabled the conviction and silencing of a leading sex slave, Malia Arciero. Raising the appearance of impropriety at the Supreme Court of Hawaii, Dubin had unsuccessfully represented the “Portlock Madam,” Malia Arciero, who was active with federal officials in drug trafficking through her escort service.

As reported by Malia Zimmerman for the Hawaii Reporter, Arciero’s list of kinky sex clients included “some of Hawaii’s most prominent judges, politicians and entertainers.” Judges and law enforcers were recorded in Arciero’s “black book” of clients, much like pedophile Jeffrey Epstein kept on his notable contacts.

Following Dubin’s limited prosecution and disbarment, we filed this application to be refunded $25,262.82 by the Hawaii Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection. By so doing, we tested this Supreme-Court-of-Hawaii-influenced entity by mail on September 21, 2020. The fund, incredibly, is administered by Bradley R. Tamm, according to the screenshot below. Having conspired with Sulla, Dubin, Whittaker and chief judges in the State to conceal their malpractices, crimes, and liabilities while directing the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (“ODC”), we are curious to see how they will respond to our application for compensation. Thus, we are gathering more evidence of Mr. Tamm’s corrupt influence with (now) the State Bar Association’s compensatory branch of government.

Obstruction of Justice

No doubt Tamm obstructed justice and concealed evidence submitted by we journalists to the “ODC.” Our evidence was requested by Tamm’s subordinates at the ODC.

We submitted evidence of Whittaker having acted upon Sulla’s bribe. Whittaker hid Sulla’s identity and conflicting personal interest in our property in civil case 14-1-0304.

In that case, Whittaker was brought in by Sulla, not Sulla’s “sham plaintiff” and fake “Foreclosing Mortgagee,” Mr. Jason Hester. Whittaker’s appearance enabled Sulla to steal our property after Sulla was disqualified by federal magistrate Richard L. Puglisi in that case.

United States District Court - District of Hawaii

U.S. District Judge Richard Puglisi

Judge Puglisi was the only federal judge to rule honestly and competently in our more than a half-dozen federal cases we filed pleading for federal relief. Judge Puglisi, who give us hope that ‘not all federal judges are corrupt,’ found Sulla sufficiently implicated in wrongdoing that he disqualified Sulla as a “necessary witness at trial.”

Judge Puglisi’s ruling put a damper on the cartel’s efforts to destroy our lives. Nonetheless Whittaker and Sulla’s influence over the State corrupted courts continued in Third Circuit Court–the so-called ‘Drug Court’ on the Big Island. Three corrupted judges there caused our ejectment and dispossession. We lost our home, livestock, and pets. Our losses were devastating.

The full cast of judges that enabled the Sulla, Whittaker, Dubin and Tamm’s foreclosure fraud and judicial corruption continues growing at the time of this writing.

Public records in our “0304” case clearly-and-convincingly showed Sulla’s set of forgeries manufactured to steal our property. These were all repeatedly neglected by State officials, prosecutors, and nearly a dozen judges overall. All of them favored Sulla’s acquisition of our property by forgery.

This endemic judicial corruption in Hawaii begs the question, “How is it possible that such ‘systemic corruption’ could have occurred in the first place to control the courts and law enforcement in Hawaii?” The answer we provide below.

Lawyers Administer and Conceal Highest-Level Organized Crimes

Attorneys general in Honolulu, including Douglas Chin and Chin’s deputy, Hugh Jones–the chief regulator of non-profit religious groups in the State; multiple state and federal prosecutors, including Kenji Price; mayors Billy Kenoi and Harry Kim, mayoral candidate Mitch Roth too; Lt. Governor Josh Green; U.S. Senator Maise Hirono, State Senator Mike Gabbard, daughter Rep. Tulsi Gabbard; besides numerous state and federal court judges, have each viewed with willful-blindness Sulla’s pattern-and-practice of committing one forgery after another . . . after another . . . after another, to steal a slew of properties.

The ‘systemic corruption’ that administers this lawlessness, therefore, reaches to the highest levels of the United States Government. This can be known by simply following Sulla’s string of forgeries and property theft schemes to the ‘Waikaloa Highlands Heist’ involving the highest level of political corruption and organized crime in America.

In that case, Sulla’s converted 80 units of low cost ‘affordable housing’ contracted by the State under the jurisdiction of Hawaii County and the U.S. Army. Military officials were directed to clean-up land littered with unexploded bombs so that Hilo officials could consummate the land development. Instead, County officials aid-and-abet Sulla’s forgery and theft scheme, defrauding taxpayers and the military in the process.

Incredibly, the lead victims in that ‘Waikaloa Highlands Heist‘ are headliners in international news.

Similarly victimized like we journalists are the chief competitors opposing Mykola Zlochevsky–the criminally-charged mysteriously-disappeared owner of Burisma Holdings.

Ziochevsky was an official in President Viktor Yanukovych’s Russian-backed Ukrainian energy and banking cartel. The Ziochevsky-Yanukoviyxh syndicate was safe-harbored by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This association and collaboration worked to supply Europe with gas and oil as urged by the Obama/Biden White House.

The ‘liberal’ Democrats, beyond those completely controlling Hawaii, flipped this reality to accuse Trump of “Russian collusion” in favor of Biden’s election. The opposite is true, as proven by the facts in public records.

Ziochevsky’s chief adversaries were, and still are, Valery and Victor Grigoryants. The Grigoryants own the competing conglomerate called Vitoil-Armbusinessbank.

The Grigoryants group was infiltrated and swindled by Sulla and at least two ‘Deep State’ FBI/CIA drug-dealing ‘informants.’ Among them was Stephan Martirosian who allied with deal breaker Sulla. While Sulla is under indictment for forgery and theft, Martirosian is now jailed in Moscow for presumably murder, not for stealing $50 million from the Grigoryants which he did also.

In the Sulla-Martirosian-County of Hawaii ‘Waikaloa Highlands heist,’ the Grigoryants’ swindle engaged several County officials. These facts are confirmed in and Executive Summary published by a legal scholar and fellow investigator.

Together, the co-conspirators sabotaged the Grigoryants half-billion dollar luxury development on the Waikaloa Highlands land in 2017-18. The theft of this property by Sulla’s forgery, much like Sulla committed to steal our property, best evidences the highest level political and financial interests corrupting our nation.



About the Authors:

Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M. (hon.), D.M.M. (hon.), is the author of twenty two books, including the prophetically titled Death In The Air: Globalism,Terrorism and Toxic Warfare that came out three months before 9-11-01. That book deals with biological and energy weapons being used for population control. His three American best-sellers include: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? that was largely responsible for prompting explosive interest in vaccination risks and biological warfare; Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, that revealed the original Solfeggio musical scale secreted for millennia; and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science in which Dr. Horowitz presents his protocol for administering prevention and speedier recoveries. His text, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, has prompted a revolution in the music industry improving recording artistry and music therapy with the use of C=528Hz(A=444Hz) tuning that produces “medicinal music.” Dr. Horowitz’s documentary, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.


Sherri Kane

If you do a Google search on Sherri Kane, you will probably notice she has been widely defamed by the Troll Triad and their “socks”–a seemingly large group of racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist men who obviously feel their lives spent on the Internet libeling her is a profitable pastime.

Here are some political reasons why:

Sherri Kane is America’s gutsiest investigative journalist, news commentator, psycho-social analyst, and political activist, specializing in uncovering what predators do to women, children, and even animals. She exposes human and animal rights violators, child sex traffickers, and human slavery networks, several involving high ranking government officials.

Sherri does not hesitate to investigate, analyze, and vet the dark world of government and intelligence agencies’ corruption, and agents’ complicity in organized crimes. She refutes the propaganda published to manipulate and damage people, and exposes what is being concealed by the FBI/CIA’s COINTELPRO (that was supposed to have stopped abusing people and depriving human rights in 1976 by Acts of Congress). Sherri delves into conspiracy realities so dark that very few people dare to study them.

For instance, you may have heard of the political fracas involving certain members of Congress, a high ranking official in the Republican Party, and the mysterious disappearances and abuses of children at “Boys Town” in Nebraska, called “The Franklin Cover-up.” Thanks to Ms. Kane’s heroic investigative reporting, the matter has now been exposed as “The Franklin Double-coverup.”

You may recall the Gulf Oil Crisis, maybe even the extensive coverage Jesse Ventura and TruTV gave to the “Conspiracy Theory” implicating Halliburton, BP, and TransOcean in the intentional explosion and environmental devastation in the Gulf of Mexico. Ms Kane sourced the story and appears on the segment.

Sherri wrote the foreword to Dr. Horowitz’s music-industry-transforming book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, and co-produced and is co-starring in Dr. Horowitz’s controversial docu-comedy PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, winner of the 2010 Accolade Award for “Uniqueness in Documentary Film-making.” That film heavily influenced online video production for thousands of subsequent Internet producer. Sherri also stars in Dr. Horowitz’s latest documentary, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro that won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions. Ms. Kane also co-wrote Space Pearl Harbor, reviewed in the 39-minute news program seen HERE.

Ms. Kane is the Vice President of Medical Veritas online journal, has published works in newspapers, magazines and many websites, and has been interviewed worldwide including on Al Jazeera’s A9 Turkey, The Veritas Show, the BBC’s Talk Radio Europe, Late Night In The Midlands, WAC Connecticut, LA Talk Radio, and many others. She co-hosts the Hollywood Spin series of film reviews with Dr. Horowitz viewed on RevolutionTelevision.net and Vimeo’s Revolution Television Channel.

Sherri is currently collaborating with Dr. Horowitz on various projects including Healthy World Organization (HWO), the alternative to the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO), HealthyWorldAffiliates.com, and advancing the power of “528 Hz” frequency for global healing, as experienced at 528Records.com,  528Radio.com, and 528Revolution.com.

For their work together exposing devil-doing operatives in the media, Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane were christened “The HOROKANE” by Alma C. Ott, exposed in this article.

E-mail inquiries to SherriKane@gmail.com.