Ninth Circuit Cover-Up of Court Corruption

judicial_corruption_banner2Ninth Circuit Cover-Up of Court Corruption Unpublished: Judicial Recusal at Issue in Full Disclosure Network Video

WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Full Disclosure Network® presents a six minute video news report at the URL: in the ongoing cable TV series entitled “Judicial Benefits & Court Corruption”. On December 16, 2009 a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals three judge panel issued an “unpublished” decision in the contempt of court case involving jailed Anti-Trust Attorney Richard I. Fine. When Fine learned the opinion was designated as “unpublished” and “not be used as precedent” he described the three Judge panel’s opinion (Reinhardt, Trott, Wardlaw) as having “succumbed to the cancer of corruption and the criminals in judicial robes.”

This statement from Richard I. Fine is featured in both transcript and video form on the website and provides the audio clips from a telephone interview conducted by Leslie Dutton of the Full Disclosure Network®. Fine has been held in solitary “coercive confinement” in the Los Angeles County Central Men’s jail for almost ten months, since March 4, 2009.

At issue was L.A. Superior Court Judge David Yaffe’s refusal to step down after Fine attempted to disqualify the judge from sitting on a case where he had received illegal payments from L.A. County, who was a party to the case Marina Strand Colony II Homeowners Association v. County of Los Angeles. Then Yaffe sentenced Fine to jail, indefinitely, without bail, without a hearing date and without a release date.

Partial response from Richard Fine to 9th Circuit ruling from his jail-cell telephone:

  • The panel has violated hundreds of years of established Judicial Precedent and the Supreme Court Precedent In Re Murchison where it was held that “no man can be a judge in his own case”
  • There is a 2007 FRAP 32.1 Rule established by Supreme court ruling and implemented by the Judicial Council that says a court may not prohibit or restrict citation of appellate court rulings.
  • “The Ninth Circuit Court has deteriorated to the level of the developing countries that are war torn, that the United States has been critical of…”

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Contact: Leslie Dutton,, 310-822-4449

SOURCE Full Disclosure Network


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Alvaro C. Rodriguez
Alvaro C. Rodriguez
5 years ago

Ninth Circuit judges are accused with conspiring to conceal a Fraud on the Court. Verifiable Facts – On May 15, 2018 a “Letter to Alert” the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit of a “Fraud on the Court” affecting the plaintiff’s pending 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983 case, was filed. Ninth Cir. No. 95-17267 – USDC No. 3:95-cv-01613-SI. Record shows: District judge committed an “Official Act” consistent with “Bribery” on Writ of Habeas Corpus case. Ninth Cir. No. 12-15938 -USDC No. 3:95-cv-01248-SI. Relief is sought for “Fraud on the Court” concealed by Ninth Circuit judges who willfully violated Article III sec.… Read more »

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