Journalists Expose Political Cover-up of Judicial Corruption in Hawaii



Foreclosure Fraud Shames Judges Ronald Ibarra, Elizabeth Strance, and Glenn S. Hara as Judicial Corruption Scandal in Hawaii is Exposed by Journalists/Victims of Crime.


New evidence compelled Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s civil indictment of Third Circuit Court judges engaged in foreclosure fraud and judicial corruption in Hawaii. The case has been ongoing for eleven years and serves as a study of how political influence over justice is regularly administered in “paradise.” Here, on the Big Island of Hawaii, people’s lives and families are ruined as their real estate is regularly stolen by “bar members” administering white collar organized crimes.


In the doctor’s case, his “Motion to Disqualify” Judge Ronald Ibarra follows eleven years of litigation and the judge’s unprecidented five (5) “Final Judgments” evidencing outrageous fraud upon the court, adequately exposing political influence and judicial corruption from past governor Linda Lingle on down.


To railroad the doctor and steal his one-of-a-kind geothermal estate during a summary judgment hearing on April 17, 2015 , Judge Ronald Ibarra appeared to suddenly replace Judge Elizabeth Strance, both judges ruling to disqualify the doctor’s standing to plead on behalf of his interests, his ministry, and his personal investments in the property. By all rights, the property has been owned by the doctor since 2004. But after damages and legal fees exceeded $6 million by 2012, Horowitz transferred title and ownership to himself as the co-signor and personal investor on the mortgage and note. Then he dissolved his ministry made insolvent by corrupt malicious prosecutor Paul J. Sulla, Jr.


ncy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra

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In the doctor’s Motion to Disqualify Judge Ibarra, attached exhibits clearly and convincingly show Judge Ibarra’s administration tampered with evidence that implicated his subordinate, Judge Glenn S. Hara, who had been Dr. Horowitz’s first lawyer in Hawaii. Judge Ibarra’s act of obstructing justice administered fraud upon the judge’s own court. This malfeasance is evidenced by the two pages reprinted below showing Judge Hara’s handwritten notes on Horowitz’s closing documents. Anyone with eyes can see Judge Ibarra. or his staff, whited-out Judge Hara’s hand-written notes on the evidence. The white outs included explanatory notes typed by Dr. Horowitz in the boxes showing more deletions.


In fact, the entire “Hara File” was concealed by Horowitz’s own attorney, John S. Carroll, at the 2008 jury trail, despite it being the quintessential evidence in the case. The concealed Hara File proved beyond any reasonable doubt Horowitz was being maliciously prosecuted as a victim of foreclosure fraud.


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald IbarraJudge Glenn S. Hara was the doctor’s first defense counsel. Later, after being appointed to the bench of the Third Circuit Court of Hawaii, Glenn Hara conspired with the doctor’s second defense lawyer, John S. Carroll, to conceal his record–the “Hara File” evidence.


Before the trial, in an ex parte communication to Horowitz’s attorney, Judge Ibarra prejudicially stated that he was going to reward the property Seller, predicate felon Cecil Loran Lee, money, regardless of what the jury decided! This was made known to Dr. Horowitz by an e-mail from Carroll.


Later, at trial, Judge Ibarra witnessed Carroll’s concealment of the Hara File. The Chief Justice (Ibarra) also repeatedly denied efforts by Carroll, and the previously defrauded buyer of the same property, intervenor Phillip Maise, from entering into evidence at trial for the jury’s consideration an assortment of Lee’s forgeries, and documents Sulla’s “client” Lee had manufactured to defraud Judge Gregg Nakamura in two earlier related cases.


The Politics of Injustice Exposes John S. Carroll and Others


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald IbarraNancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald IbarraAttorney John S. Carroll is a perennial Republican candidate for governor. He conspired to cover-up Judge Hara’s malpractices rather than serve his client, Dr. Horowitz’s foreclosure defense. The complicit court officers tampered with witnesses (according to concealed reports) and conspired with Glenn Hara to leave Horowitz compromised during the foreclosure trial in 2008.


At trial, the felonious seller Lee–the “foreclosing mortgagee” and repeat forger–blamed Horowitz for altering a closing document that Judge Hara, as Horowitz’s attorney, had actually drafted for the doctor. That “Mortgage Addendum” was improperly captioned, among other defects, by Judge Hara, making Ibarra’s subordinate, and Gov. Linda Lingle’s appointee, liable for malpractice, damages, political fallout, and simply unwilling to be summoned as a witness to the fraud and crime before the courts.


Instead of telling the truth, and administering justice, the court officers permitted Horowitz to be maliciously prosecuted for a decade at untold costs to taxpayers, and more than $6 million in damages to the doctor, his professional reputation, consumer activism, book and film productions, health products businesses, and his civil rights.


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald IbarraThe three Big Island judges are evidenced in the latest court filings aiding-and-abetting corrupt attorney Sulla–who was Publicly Censured by the Supreme Court of Hawaii, and repeatedly disqualified as an attorney, for directing his clients to form “religious” trusts to launder money and evade taxes, according to Tax Court records. (See: US Tax Court Disqualifies Sulla Necessary Witness in Tax Fraud; and also: Star Advertiser: Gun dealer convicted of fraud conspiracy and income tax evasion by following Sulla’s scheme)


In Horowitz’s case, Sulla used a similar “religious” trust scheme to commit a series of fraudulent transfers of Horowitz’s mortgage and notes, and then maliciously prosecuted the doctor in the name of his sham “church,” depriving the public health expert of his rights to a fair trial in defense against Sulla’s outrageously fraudulent foreclosure scheme.


More Concealed and Censored Evidence


Sulla’s non-judicial foreclosure auction was caught on video and published on the Internet before Judge Strance censored the evidence by granting Sulla a restraining order for claimed defamation. It took Horowitz, and his partner, this author, three years to get to the eve of trial. Then, Sulla suddenly pulled the plug.


Unable to prosecute against the journalists’ published truth, Sulla moved to delay the trial. He admitted he “may have” illegally foreclosed. Then, Sulla agreed with Judge Strance to dismiss the case. The judge then defrauded the defendants with claims that they had “no counterclaims,” despite Horowitz and Kane filing nearly twenty of them three times over three years!


Previously, Horowitz’s complaints against officials have indicted Hilo prosecutors Mitch Roth and Rick Damerville for “disappearing a number of cases police investigators have brought them indicting Sulla,” Dr. Horowitz said.


The record of Prosecutor Roth’s neglected duty is clear and convincing. Roth has failed to prosecute Sulla–a 68-year old repeatedly disqualified attorney–for theft, extortion, securities fraud, unlicensed DMT manufacturing, and drug trafficking, harming more than the Big Island community.


Horowitz turned over to Roth Sulla’s extortionate demand that Horowitz pay $375,00.00 to have his legal headaches disappear. The prosecutors were also noticed that Sulla’s published links to mainland associates promoted revenge pornography manufactured and used to defame the doctor and this author. Multiple complaints for criminal contempt of courts and perjury by Sulla and others have also been reported and neglected by the prosecutors and the judges.


In essence, Hawaii’s law enforcers and justice officials have neglected to hold Sulla accountable as a racketeering enterprise “king pin,”–a “drug church” operator and “white collar criminal” engaged in extortion, theft, wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, and sham religious trust organized crime.


Attorney Carroll Sells Horowitz Out for Political Payoff: How and Why Dr. Horowitz was Framed for Felon Lee’s Forgery


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra

Horowitz’s second lawyer Carroll.

Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra

Judge Ronald Ibarra

Adding a twist of insanity to this proposed Hollywood movie, when Horowitz’s second attorney, John S. Carroll, prepared for trail, he knew it was critical to have Judge Hara’s witness at trial as Hara’s contract with Horowitz assured. Carroll pledged to Horowitz and filed with the Court that he would have Hara testify, and he told Horowitz he would enter as evidence the “Hara File” in Horowitz’s defense, proving Lee had altered the closing Agreement Hara had drafted. Instead, Judge Hara refused to appear. He even refused to provide an affidavit for reasons Horowitz only recently discovered.


Carroll was politically-pressured to conceal Hara’s chain-of-records bearing the judge’s handwritten notes used to draft the Lee-altered (and forged) closing Agreement. As mentioned above, the Record on Appeal evidences Carroll’s and Hara’s negligence and malpractices compounded by Judge Ibarra’s willful blindness and malice against Horowitz. Judge Ibarra should have disqualified himself from adjudicating this case because he is Chief Justice of the Third Circuit Court, and Judge Hara’s immediate superior. (Judges must disqualify themselves if any impression of “impropriety,” or political bias, that may be perceived by a “reasonable person.”) Any “reasonable person” in this case would need to consider Judge Hara’s association with the fraud, concealed evidence, forgery, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, persecution of Horowitz, and malicious prosecution of the world famous doctor as certain grounds for recusing all three judges–Ibarra, Hara, and Judge Strance as well.


It is clear that Dr. Horowitz cannot get a fair trial on the Big Island on merits of this case, including his counterclaims that have been repeatedly struck by Judges Strance and Ibarra. This is why Dr. Horowitz has appealed to the Supreme Court to remove the case to the federal District Court in Honolulu, or to California where he is legally domiciled.


In other words, “Hara’s testimony would have been exculpatory,” Horowitz wrote in his motion. “But in order for Hara to have helped, he would have had to testify that he neglected to provide the oversight required for that critical document. [i.e., the “Agreement for Closing Escrow.”]


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra

Judge Glenn S. Hara

“Can an attorney delegate the finalization of a key closing document to a client, and not review the final document to insure it is correct; nor have any record of the final document in his file?” Horowitz questioned the court.


“Attorney Hara allowed his client, . . . to complete drafting the document, and outputting it from his computer—services that the lawyer could have, and should have, rendered. That would have been in accordance with the usual and customary representation required on matters concerning real property transfers.


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra“Rather than exercising the requisite care, however,” the doctor continued, “attorney Hara delegated that duty to Horowitz. By doing that, Judge Hara did not develop a proper paper trial necessary to substantiate origin of that critical document. And by taking the witness stand, the Judge would have needed to admit culpability. He would have needed to testify that he did not do the proper drafting and recording of the paper trial and [Agreement for Closing Escrow] AFCE Contract. He would have needed to admit that the document titled the “Agreement for Closing Escrow” foreseeably created confusion by which the Plaintiff (Foreclosing Mortgagee) took adverse advantage. Judge Hara could not come to court with a complete record in his file; and as a consequence of the aforementioned negligence, and unwillingness to testify, or even provide an affidavit, Judge Hara’s actions became the proximate cause of the [Defendants/Counterclaimants’] damages by breach of duty.


Carroll’s and Hara’s malpractices and concealments enabled Sulla’s prosecution to persuade Judge Ibarra to vacate Horowitz’s $200,000.00 jury award for “Carroll’s neglect to plead fraud properly.” This matter is under appeal at the time of this writing. Horowitz repeatedly noticed the court about Lee’s fraud, and even Judge Hara’s culpability, and protested against his persecution by Sulla vigorously after firing Carroll.


Then, when Horowitz appealed the injustice to the Supreme Court, requiring Ibarra’s Court to forward the Record on Appeal, Ibarra’s office whited-out Hara’s handwriting on the chain of records that irrefutably proves the forgery of the closing agreement was Lee’s. Instead of revealing the truth, Judge Ibarra’s administration tampered with the evidence, and blamed Horowitz for Lee’s forgery and foreclosure fraud.



Discovering Judge Ibarra’s Evidence Tampering


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra

Ibarra office sourced tampered evidence.

Not only did Horowitz’s attorney Carroll conceal “the Hara File” at trial, but Judge Ibarra’s administration obliterated the Hara File after Horowitz’s entered it pro se after firing Carroll for negligence. Evidence tampering is shown by the whiting-out of Hara’s handwritten notes among more than 6,000 pages of perfectly photocopied and transferred exhibits. Only the half-dozen pages in the Hara File bearing Glenn Hara’s handwritten notes, as shown below, were concealed and expunged along with explanatory boxes entered by Horowitz to alert Ibarra to the fraud in his Court.


The doctor caught this evidence tampering by chance when he went to the Supreme Court clerk to ask to review the Record on Appeal. On the spot, on December 9, 2013, he alerted officials to “what appears to be a clear case of ‘evidence tampering.’ . . . [T]he only record grossly illegible [among 6,000 pages] is ‘The Hara File,’” he wrote the Supreme Court justices. “This, obviously, is a very serious matter, with implications beyond contempt of court,” Horowitz continued. “Consequently, I have taken the time to submit hardcopies of the original Hara File submissions herein, with the prayer that the Honorable Appellate Court will administe[r] justice based on the unaltered evidence.”

Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra





Sulla’s Single Excuse for Committing Multiple Organized Crimes


After Judge Ibarra issued a ridiculous five (5) “Final Judgments” each time altering the jury’s “Findings of Fact” more and more, in December, 2009, Judge Ibarra vacated Horowitz’s $200,000.00 jury award, after Attorney Sulla entered and claimed that Carroll had not “plead fraud with particularity.” Judge Ibarra also denied Horowitz’s requests for nearly $150,000.00 in fees and costs over the five year lawsuit.


In other words, after Horowitz paid more than $3 million to secure and maintain the property between 2004 and 2009, and paid nearly $700,000.00 for a $550,000.00 property in a contract made void by reason of Lee’s fraud in the sale of the property (i.e., the purchase and sale was a classic “unconscionable bargain,” plagued by surprises), Horowitz is still in court, and was made to give up years of his life in public service to defend his investment and even his reputation.


Should the doctor have paid his jury award, another $200,000.00, to Sulla to make the case disappear? This question raises Sulla’s single argument.


Sulla’s recurring claim over six years in a half dozen malicious civil actions, and more than a dozen “vexatious tactics” used to damage and destroy Horowitz in courts, is that Horowitz allegedly defaulted on the mortgage by not paying the sham “church” Horowitz’s jury award of “$200,000.00, plus interest.”


Horowitz counters this way: “Hawaii’s arguably most corrupt lawyer neglects to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, at the expense of yours truly, judicial integrity, and taxpayers’ confidence in law enforcement. His $200,000.00 false debt claim reflects his compulsively lying ‘condition of mind’.”


The doctor shockingly evidences that Sulla’s alleged $200K “default” occurred exclusively from Judge Ibarra’s series of non-appealable orders and astonishing four “Final Judgments,” each one getting farther from the truth that would set the parties free.


The mortgage contract, after all, was not simply voidable due to Lee’s fraud in the sale, it was entirely VOID. The “unconscionable bargain” made the contract null and void. Lee falsely claimed he would help Horowitz redevelop the “Inn” into a successful commercial property, but did the opposite, effectively closing the property to tourism.


Further, Lee’s fraudulent concealments of liens and encumbrances on the property placed by two previously-defrauded buyers also nullified the contract, because Lee’s mortgage to Horowitz claimed the title was being transferred “free and clear of encumbrances and liens.”


And there were many more misrepresentations (too many to tell in this already too lengthy article, that would compel lawyers and “reasonable people”) that made Sulla’s demand for money beyond “unconscionable”– unethical, irresponsible, grossly unjust, and a symptom of “moral turpitude.” This corruption is especially blatant since Sulla never had authority, standing, or right to collect on a void mortgage as a self-appointed “personal representative” of the estate after seller Lee’s death.


Frankly, humanitarian doctor Horowitz, a globally-respected whistleblower, simply refused to submit to Sulla’s extortion and criminal contempt of court ceding first-degree theft of his million-dollar property.


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