Yale Study Shows Judicial Corruption Rampant


Yale Law Journal Publishes Report on Corruption in Our Courts: What It Looks Like and Where It Is Hidden

Stratos Pahis

118 Yale L.J. 1900 (2009).

Recent surveys and events indicate that judicial corruption could be a significant problem in the United States. This Note builds an economic model of bribery to better understand the incentives behind this pernicious phenomenon. It then compiles a data set of discovered incidents of judicial bribery in the United States to test the effectiveness of our anti-judicial-corruption institutions. This analysis suggests that our institutions are particularly ineffective at preventing and uncovering judicial bribery in civil disputes and traffic hearings.

CLICK HERE to read the published article.

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Royce Mathew
5 years ago

I just discovered that (11th Circuit) Middle District of Florida Judge Antoon II had signed a dismissal order in 2009 for my civil case involving fraudulent evidence as done by the Walt Disney Company. As recorded, Judge Antoon II had signed it February 2009. — Then years later, in 2017, when Disney forced the case to be heard in California, Judge Antoon II was then incredibly designated to sit in on this same case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California. — Thus Judge Antoon II had sat and ruled/signed on the same case TWICE – once in… Read more »

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