Sulla Sex Case Raises Most Serious Charges of Public Corruption Indicting the ‘Deep State’ Crime Syndicate

Sulla Sex Case Censorship Evidences America’s Leading ‘Deep State’ Crime Syndicate


Review, Analysis and Opinion/Editorial


Sherri  Kane and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz



Why the miscarriage of justice and specious reporting?


Background on Deep State Administration of Public Corruption

How do we know this for sure?

We’ve interviewed many of them during the past decade. We’ve recorded in court records, numerous official complaints, telephonic recordings administered for justice, and we’ve avidly published articles exposing compounding crimes and their details since 2011.


Early Bronfman History of Racketeering in America

Sulla sex case

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[Editor’s Note: A copy of the authors’ most recent Third Circuit Court defense against Sulla’s sham foreclosure proceedings based on Sulla’s multiple forgeries neglected by the courts and law enforcers is downloadable in a pdf file by clicking HERE. Supporting exhibits are downloaded HERE. Proposed orders are noticed HERE.)

Now we see from ‘s article, pedophilia and child porn intertwines with their drug crimes.

We found this practice of protecting the Sullas’ and Bronfmans’ criminal activity, including the media’s and the courts’ complicit roles, so appalling, our public duty demanded we write a book about it. We titled our expose’, The Ayahuasca Death Cult: The Psycho-Spiritual Delusion.


Tracking the Sulla Sex and Drug ‘Protection Racket’ from Top to Bottom

Sulla Child Sex

Drug kingpin and protected presumed immune federal agent, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., stands behind his “brother” lawyer and defense counsel, Brian DePalma, at Sulla’s indictment hearing.

Given this brief introduction, we move on with our opinion/editorial critically analyzing Mr. Burnett’s superficial and diversionary coverage of the ‘superseding indictment’ of  Paul Sulla’s son, Jasun Sulla-Menashe (“JSM Enterprises”), by Hawaii County Prosecutor, Mitch Roth.

The purpose of this literary exercise is to document for the ‘court of public opinion’ the manner in which ‘public corruption’ is administered and aided-and-abetted by the negligent or complicit news media, local, state and federal ‘law-enforcers’ and seemingly bribed judges. Each are complicit in enabling the malfeasance tainting the corrupted courts and degenerating society.


John Burnett’s Superficial Coverage

Mr. Burnett opened writing, “A 33-year-old Hilo man already under indictment for allegedly possessing child pornography now faces more severe charges in connection with the same incident.

“A Hilo grand jury on Aug. 5 returned a two-count indictment against Jasun Sulla, also known as Jasun Sulla-Menashe [“JSM”; a.k.a., JSM Enterprises], charging him with two counts of second-degree promotion of child abuse. Both counts are Class B felonies carrying a possible prison term of 10 years upon conviction.