Big Island Hawaii Officials May be Liable for Drug-related Death

Big Island Hawaii Drug Dispute Ends Woman’s Life and Exposes Law Enforcers’ Criminal Negligence

(February 16, 2020)


big island hawaiiHilo, Hawaii (– A young Oregon woman has died mysteriously with law enforcers largely responsible for the drug-related outcome, according to mounting evidence gathered by this author.

Aided-and-abetted by officials’ willful blindness, and alleged criminal negligence, authorities have enabled a “drug cult” on the Big Island of Hawaii to consume numerous victims, now 24-year-old Megan May Funderburk.


Concealed by the press and law enforcers at the time of this writing, “May’s” downfall was caused, primarily, by multiple drug side effects consistent with her involvement in what’s called the “Ayahuasca Death Cult.”

May’s “fall” off a cliff in Hilo on February 9, 2020, followed a dispute with her boyfriend over “drugs,” according to police reports and the corporate controlled media.

“But that’s only the ‘cover story’,” remarks Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a public health expert who happened to buy a property at the heart of this drug syndicate, only to have it stolen by a set of forgeries recklessly neglected by Hilo and Honolulu prosecutors, and apparently bribed local judges administering the so-called “drug court.”

We know for sure that May, and her boyfriend, Michael Broan, were engaged in this “Death Cult” as evidenced by her Facebook photos, my correspondence with mutual friends, and the extensive research we’ve conducted into the ayahuasca enterprise over several years.

We call this menace the “Ayahuasca Death Cult” not only because the number of deceased users is rising, but because it is an actual ‘real death’ brain-altering experience that the intoxicating drug, dimethyltrypamine (“DMT”), causes to generate hallucinations and dis-identification with physical reality.

Dr. Horowitz gathered the medical science that proves nervous system overloads are at the heart of people’s ‘meltdowns’. Based on the evidence at hand, Megan May is simply the latest victim of the Ayahuasca Death Cult, and there will be many many more as long as officials continue to safe-harbor this entire criminal enterprise.

Background on the Ayahuasca Death Cult

The “Ayahuasca Death Cult” is now impacting hundreds of thousands of ‘susceptibles.’ These are people who are curious and troubled. The cult promises relief from the ‘blues,’ through ‘God experiences’ and ‘raising consciousness.’ It turns chronic users into ‘lost souls’ under the influence of this new ‘designer LSD’ called DMT.”

ayahuasca death cult

Click to read a chapter-by-chapter summary.

People have been deceived about where this ‘movement’–a “new religion”–actually came from. The leaders actually behind the cult have been purposely hidden.

Dr. Horowitz and I recently published a book on this subject by that title, Ayahuasca Death Cult: The Psycho-Spiritual Delusion. Our book details the hidden history of the “sacred Daime” and the villains sourcing this menace to health, safety and society.

We expose the health and safety risks, and the crime gang supporting this racket, including Big Island of Hawaii officials.

Consumed mainly in a ‘tea’ called a “religious sacrament,” state and federal officials have permitted, even enabled, the Ayahuasca Death Cult to expand to a $1B industry largely directed by Jeffrey Bronfman of the infamous Seagram’s crime family, and local manufacturing ‘kingpin’ and Hilo lawyer, Paul J. Sulla, Jr. Agents working in alliance Bronfman and Sulla have spread ayahuasca from Hawaii across the mainland U.S.

The Latest Ayahuasca-related Tragedy: “Megan May”

Before her body was discovered, 24-year-old Megan May was reported to have “disappeared.” Her drug-addicted boyfriend, Michael Broan, and Hilo police, reported her missing.

May’s ‘disappearance’ occurred immediately after Michael and May suffered a series of distressing arguments over narcotics that are readily available on the Big Island.

In the photo here, Megan May poses with Nahko Bear–the band-leader of “Medicine for the People.”

Nahko is most notable among ayahuasca movement leaders and promoters. He has a farm on the Big Island. He presumably grows his own ‘sacred Daime root’. He overlooks the fact that his love of “hoasca” was inspired by the CIA.

The CIA’s involvement in the Ayahuasca Death Cult stems from the MKULTRA Program and its promotional propaganda. The cult is personified by the brain-tumor that killed Big Island grower, Terence McKenna, whose brother, Dennis famously publishes DMT science, but neglects the concealed special interests financing this research and promotions. Financially, Jeffrey Bronfman has played a most important role. And the Sulla family operates the main American manufacturing facility. It is called the Big Island’s “Ayahuasca Church” (aka., Institute of Daime Eterno Aloha).

The True History of Ayahuasca: MKULTRA & Military/Medical Commerce” was reviewed by Dr. Horowitz. His article, published in the Frank Report, is an eye-opener for deceived psychedelic drug users. People engaged in this “movement” are shocked when they learn the real facts underlying the cult–not the ‘historic revisionism.’ Officials have falsely claimed this is an “old religion.” It is not!

Megan May was very much a part of this drug cult. In mainstream articles, her dear Nahko credits ‘tripping’ on ayahuasca for his musical creativity. According to LAWeekly, Nahko “incubated his musical career, which began in Hawaii, in the crystal-healing, ayahuasca-drinking, transformational festival-attending new age scene.”

This is the “scene” directly responsible for Megan May’s degeneration via ‘altered states’ of disassociated “consciousness.” It is not known if she was ‘tripping’ at the time she fell to her death, but that certainly is a high probability if no “foul play” was involved.

Megan May and The Big Island Crime Scene

Big Island Hawaii

“I knew her and spent some times with her in deep spiritual conversations about life and God at my home,” recalled one of our mutual friends. “I would often run into her many times in locations around Pahoa.

“May was such a sweet person and smiled all the time. She brought with her a gentle heart that loved and trusted people. But in her openness with others, she may have been too trusting, especially with some of the friends she chose to be around.”

Those “friends” were into drugs, especially the local favorite for “deep spiritual conversations about life and God”–DMT/ayahuasca.

This drug exploded on the Big Island around the same time meth trafficking became a serious and growing problem. This occurred during the late 1980s, and exploded after “Green Harvest” busted all of the local marijuana growers. That enabled the ‘Deep State’ (i.e., international crime syndicate) to move in. According to evidence Dr. Horowitz and I unearthed, the ‘Deep State’ effectively took over Hawaii, moving meth, crack, cocaine, heroin and Big Pharma’s opioids.

May fell into this “foul play” as an innocent cult victim.

Michael and May’s Downward Spiral

May’s disappearance “just north of Hilo,” was first reported by Max Dible for Big Island Now. Max is to be credited for breaking ranks with the irresponsible censorship his fellow reporters in the mainstream presses committed. Everyone else neglected material facts and the circumstances surrounding May’s initial disappearance. Max’s article prompted me to alert Dr. Horowitz, and we investigated further.

Megan May poses with her family at her graduation party in 2014.

Without much trouble, we discovered May’s and Michael Broan’s affiliations in the Ayahuasca Death Cult that, much like the search for May, was centered “just north of Hilo.”

Officials knew, or should have known from a simple Internet search, that May and Michael were entrenched in the Ayahuasca Death Cult while Michael worked serving the central nervous system depressant, kava kava, in Pahoa’s “mainstreet cafe.”

Consuming kava and ayahusaca together is like treating your brain and nervous system to a double-whammy. According to the American Addiction Centers, people who combine ayahuasca’s DMT with opioid painkillers or sedatives, such as kava, risk “serious, life-threatening side effects.”

From May’s photos published online, we can view her downward Big Island spiral.

Consider the photo of May shortly after coming to the Big Island in 2014 (first image above). She appears to be very happy, and full of life. That same year, the very pretty Megan posed with her loving family at her graduation party.

Other photos above shows her in 2017, and then five months ago. You can see the difference.

In the 2019 photos, Megan May lost her youthful appearance. The picture here, from April 2019, shows May whacked out on drugs. She appears exhausted, sad, emaciated, detached, “out of it.”

But this does not comport with her father, David’s, knowledge and belief, as reported by Max Dible in a follow-up article.

“David explained why he believes Broan [who “admitted his plans to purchase heroin on the day of Megan’s disappearance”] allowed her to go, and why he didn’t reconnect with her after his business was finished.

“Broan said after she exited the car on foot, he and Megan subsequently discussed via cell phone meeting back up once the drug deal was complete.

“This is the typical thing that happens to addicts,” David said of Broan’s behavior. “They push everything aside for a fix.”

“Megan hated drugs, but I think that up until the very end, she was trying to help someone,” he continued. “The real thing to blame is the drugs. It was heroin that killed my daughter.”

Dr. Horowitz and I believe it was the ayahuasca, and this drug cult, that killed Megan, not the heroin she scorned.

Drug Cult Mentality and Bronfman Celebrity

Big Island HawaiiAccording to addiction experts, emotional side effects from taking DMT may last for a short time, or they could become drawn out.

“Depersonalization, identifying with inanimate objects, and a loss of sense of self can lead to anxiety that lasts for long after the substance has been consumed. Since hallucinations may feel like a loss of control, the person taking DMT may develop apprehension, anxiety, or paranoia because their senses are out of line with reality. It may be difficult for a person to discern reality and fantasy even after the drug has worn off, which could lead to psychological issues.” This warning comes from the American Addiction Centers. It is evidenced in May’s pictures.

These signs and symptoms are also much like May is reported to have exhibited, according to her father, David Funderburk, as reported by Max Dible.

Megan sounded “mentally shaken up, and . . . was losing sleep over this [heroin-buy] information,” David told Dible. “I could tell talking to her she wasn’t all there.” Mr. Funderburk thought she “definitely might be out of it or disoriented or just not there.”

Like a good father steeped in denial (as per Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ ‘death-and-dying model’) David “did not believe his daughter was caught up in the drug scene.”

Nor do most people in the Ayahuasca Death Cult.

Celebrity model Catherine Oxenberg was much like David. Initially in denial. She didn’t want to believe that her daughter, India, was caught up in the sex cult financed by Jeffrey Bronfman’s cousins, Christine and Sara, with additional drug money incoming from the Mexican Salinas cartel, according to several publications provided by the Frank Report.

This too, big money and high crimes, is apparent in the Big Island’s “drug scene” as you can read below.

Evidence of Drug Intoxication

The Sulla’s illegal ayahuasca drug church is pictured on a 67-acre estate used as part of a real estate enterprise believe to be money laundering and evading taxes.

Megan’s father explained that she was with Broan just before her disappearance.

“An argument ensued when Megan allegedly found out Broan intended to purchase drugs from an unknown third party set to meet the couple” at a scenic point on Highway 11, Dible initially reported.

That ‘crime scene’ is approximately 30 miles from Sulla’s ayahuasca manufacturing facility in Honokaa. The estate is shown here courtesy of Google Maps.

It was at that point Megan exited Michael’s car, according to Broan’s statements made before leaving the Big Island to “rehab” in California. That location was Wainaku Scenic Point. Her body was found near the same area, obviously missing her phone, shoe and shawl.

According to Dible’s report, it is unreasonable and suspicious that Broan would not know, or concealed, who “he’d planned to meet” to get drugs. Or if Megan had been drugged before her death. It was supposedly unknown “if that [drug seller] person or persons ever arrived, or if that person or persons came upon/interacted with Megan after Broan left.”

It is also unreasonable that Broan would have left before meeting his drug supplier. That was, after all, why the couple had driven to that place at that time where Megan May disappeared.

Max Dible published an update on February 15, 2020, in which he interviewed searcher Chris Berquist who located May’s body and reported that Megan dropped her cell phone, a single shoe, and a shawl. Those items were found, apparently, many hours before Megan’s body was found.

Yet, Berquist reported, “It doesn’t appear Funderburk’s death involved foul play.”

Berquist, a non-expert, reasoned, “It makes sense somebody could have fallen there on their own,” he said, omitting the high probability May was so whacked out on drugs, she either fell, or was pushed, to her death. Only the former would explain May’s prior cell phone, shoe and shawl losses.

David, May’s father, “said the last time he spoke to his daughter she was stressed and seemed ‘not all there,’” Dible wrote.

Consequently, tripping on the drug DMT/ayahuasca, or some other hallucinogen or incapacitant at the time of Megan’s death, seems most probable at this time, given the facts.

Evidence of Reckless Censorship or Fraudulent Concealment

So what’s wrong with this picture? I thought.

Nobody noticed the ‘elephant under the carpet’ here?  Megan’s connection to the Ayahuasca Death Cult and being DRUGGED!

Denying “foul play,” as Berquist did, is not only presumptuous given the facts, but negligent and diversionary.

The couple arrived at the scenic point for a drug deal. They argued. Megan supposedly opposed Michael’s heroin addiction and pending purchase. It is not clear if the drug dealer that Michael knew arrived. That detail is suspiciously missing. Police and the media appear to be concealing that issue. Yet, “foul play” is being dismissed?

Are officials and reporters concealing the drug dealer and his gang? They have done so for years to protect Sulla and his ayahuasca enterprise.

The evidence points to this “foul play” most. The facts compel this presumption.

Clearly, not all of the Big Island police are corrupt, or in the drug cartel. But some are notoriously so.  For instance, in 2019, seven Hilo police officers were suspended and two were discharged for various wrongdoings, including stealing cocaine from an evidence locker. Only one officer was criminally-charged, and the media appears to have concealed the result of his trial. Why?

Megan got out of the car angry and sad. She walked around, dropped her cell phone and shawl, stumbled about, lost her shoe, and then her life. If she wasn’t murdered by Michael, or the drug dealer(s), she was obviously ‘murdered’ by those fueling or enabling her overdose. No one seems to want to acknowledge the Big Island drug scene. WHY NOT?

The Bigger Picture: Evidence of Drug Cartel Influence

I addressed these matters with a good friend of Megan May’s whose name is withheld for obvious reasons. The screenshot on the right records our Facebook thread.

“Anonymous” said that she absolutely knew Megan was engaged in the “whole stinking [ayahuasca] scene.”

Incredibly, near the end of our Facebook “private” discussion, the Deep State gestapo, or their AI, interrupted us. They let us know ‘Big Brother’ was watching. They censored our discussion.

ayahuasca kingpin

Indicted for child pornography, Jasun Sulla stands behind his lawyer father in court.

This censorship, as you can read, occurred immediately after Anonymous revealed that Jim Channon (who had befriended Dr. Horowitz on Facebook) was suspected of engaging in child pornography, much like Paul Sulla’s son, Jasun Menashe-Sulla, was indicted for, along with soliciting sex from minors.

Anonymous noted that Channon–a superstar in the New Age community–was closely tied to Col. Michael Aquino–founder of the Temple of Set (aka, Church of Satan following Anton LaVey’s death).

Dr. Horowitz and I had published a lot about Col. Aquino in the context of child sex trafficking networks.

Aquino, who faked a televised with the FBI’s infamous pedophile protector, Ted Gunderson, was a leading psychological warfare pioneer for the Army’s War College. Aquino too was accused of pedophilia and sexually assaulting children while serving at the Presidio military base in San Francisco. He was suspiciously exonerated from criminal prosecution. Sulla has been similarly favored by prosecutors and the courts, including in the Arthur Lee Ong conspiracy case.

Ayahuasca and MKULTRA

For those who do not know, ayahuasca (a.k.a, “hoasca” or “Daime”) is the new designer LSD befitting the CIA’s MKULTRA program.

Big Pharma, and the neuropsychiatric industry, now relishes the “market” Bronfman, the McKennas, the Sullas, and their cohorts in criminal commerce have promoted. The Deep State drug pushers in the media promote DMT as a remedy for depression and post-traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD).

According to evidence we received from a friend, the FDA has granted a license to study ayahuasca on the Big Island, but Sulla remains unlicensed according to Jared Redulla–the state’s chief narcotics officer.

Sulla’s second son, Joseph “Jose” Sulla, studied with the CIA’s Project Stargate researcher, Dr. Stanley Krippner. Remote viewing and dream telepathy under the influence of hallucinogens is Krippner’s forte. He views ayahuasca as an important part of the “Future of Religion.”

The Sullas are the main suppliers of ayahuasca in Hawaii, and their trafficking to the mainland must be presumed from common sense and sworn affidavits in court filings. The “sacred vine” only grows well in tropical rain forests found only in Hawaii (and a few other places such as Brazil).

Clicking the player below relays my conversation with Sulla’s chief chemist, who asked me to keep his name anonymous.

Big Island Hawaii




Officials Cower to Sulla’s Influence

As known to Hilo prosecutors, Mitch Roth and Rick Damerville, as well as FBI investigator John Rikzecki, Sulla’s organization is the main domestic supplier of ayahuasca to the mainland.

Yet, for years, despite our publishing reports such as this, these officials have done nothing to stop Sulla’s Big Island manufacturing operations and Bronfman’s related enterprise. The result is severe damage to families, communities, and an increasing number of deaths.

hawaii county

Paul J. Sulla, Jr. arrest ‘mug shot.’

To shut us up, in recent months, Prosecutor Damerville, who is retiring, caused Sulla to be indicted by a Hilo grand jury for forging a County of Hawaii deed to consummate the theft of Dr. Horowitz’s 27-acre estate in Pahoa–Hawaii’s drug capital–where Michael Broan worked.

Even so, we were officially informed, the doctor may not even get his house back.  Recovering any compensation for the millions of dollars in damages Sulla caused through the corrupted courts is not even a question, given the corruption in this “justice system.”

In essence, this drug cult operation is intertwined with law enforcement, and is enabled by reckless or complicit lawyers and bribed judges. Justice in ‘paradise’ is blind to the crimes of its most influential drug traffickers.

Corroborating this conclusion, in recent months we learned that County of Hawaii officials were complicit with Sulla in stealing another property. That 11.7 acre parcel is near Sulla’s drug church. The theft resulted in another 80 needy families being deprived of affordable housing. This, after Prosecutor Mitch Roth publicized advocating for low cost dome structures proposed for homeless people dispossessed by the lava flows.

The Ayahuasca Kingpin and Hawaii County Complicity

In that Waikoloa Highlands theft scheme, Sulla is embroiled with convicted cocaine trafficker, Stephan Martirosian. The two defrauded Ukrainian/Armenian investors in the $500 million dollar community development project. County officials hired Sulla to do the dirty work for their “consortium.” After learning Martirosian, and his partner Remington Chase, were each compromised by drug arrests and risked bad press, Sulla set Martirosian and the primary investors up for their fall.

Incredibly, in that case, Sulla and Hawaii officials ripped off the leading competitors of Joe and Hunter Biden’s Burisma Co.’s associates. The Ukrainian energy and banking conglomerate, Vitoil-Armbusinessbank, financed the Sulla-sabotaged deal.

Don’t you think Roth and Mayor Kim are aware of this?

Incredibly, Sulla’s Waikoloa deed forgery was done while the deed was in the County’s possession! Since that time, state, county, and federal officials have safe-harbored the drug dealing kingpin.

It appears that Roth, who is now running for mayor (to replace Kim), has totally ‘sold out.’ Or maybe he just doesn’t have the balls to go up against the criminal mischief outsourcing from the CIA, knowing Sulla maintains multiple links to “The Company.”

Harry Kim

Mayor Harry Kim

If Roth, and Big Island Mayor, Harry Kim, put public health and safety above money and politics, they would indict Sulla immediately for the Waikoloa theft of 80 families housing by forgery, and direct ayahuasca police officers and investigators to Sulla’s estate to shut it down.

Officials owe Megan May their duty to do so. SHUT DOWN THE AYAHUASCA FACTORY!

Instead, Roth has stalled time and time again, allowing statute of limitations to run against multiple criminal complaints against Sulla. The ayahuasca kingpin was reported for real estate fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and a pattern and practice of committing a number of forgeries. Now Megan is dead and many others are being damaged.

The FBI, DEA, and U.S. Prosecutor Kenji Price, likewise, have each turned a willfully-blind eye to Sulla and his ayahuasca crime family. SHAME ON THEM ALL!

Hawaii  Officials are Criminally Negligent and May be Liable for Megan’s Death Under Certain Circumstances Yet to be Determined

“Officials are complicit in Sulla’s racket,” explains Dr. Horowitz. “It’s called ‘public corruption’ in law. That’s why they have neglected Sulla, Bronfman, and the damaging toll ayahusaca is taking on society. They share liability for people’s damage and deaths.”

The doctor’s assessment is based on more than our research. We have personally witnessed the reckless negligence and criminal complicity of state and federal law enforcers, time and time again, enabling the Ayahuasca Death Cult to prosper. Our numerous complaints have all gone for naught.

“We have witnessed all state and federal law enforcers breaching their duties and breaking their rules and laws time-and-time again to safe-harbor Sulla and his drug mob,” Horowitz adds.

Summing the situation, the award-winning author and filmmaker concludes, “The ‘take-home lesson’ is that righteous law-abiding victims who ask the justice system for help in Hawaii get worse than nothing. They get false assurances and deprived rights. The mob that controls Hawaii’s courts and law enforcement banks on your attrition, severe distress, and early death. That is the way ‘justice’ in this state is administered.”

According to Hawaii case law (1), officials who have safe-harbored Sulla, may be held liable if Megan May is determined to have died under the influence of ayahuasca, or by the hands of a drug dealer tied to Sulla’s ayahuasca enterprise.

This fact is based on the existence of a ‘special relationship’ between Sulla and County of Hawaii officials as made known by evidence aforementioned, especially the Waikoloa Highlands Project land heist now unraveling.

Based on case law, Dr. Horowitz explains, “If the concealed drug dealer is associated with Sulla’s drug gang, having murdered Megan May or not, her parents could bring a lawsuit against the County, because Megan had ‘a right to protection from unreasonable risks arising from the act of dealing drugs under officials’ willfully-blind eyes.”

State and County law enforcers that have neglected Sulla, thus aided-and-abetted by willful blindness or direct complicity Sulla’s ayahuasca operations, are, therefore, ‘comparatively liable’ for the damage ayahuasca is doing to people’s minds and the community.

Megan died “out of it,” based largely on officials reckless and criminal negligence. This was a “substantial factor in bringing about the harm,” says case law. (1)

Megan, her father, mother, extended family and friends are now in mourning due to  the government’s “negligent conduct.” Officials permitted Sulla to traffic ayahuasca despite knowing this was illegal and potentially damaging and deadly. That is a legal cause of action. (1)

Conclusion: Deplorable Drug-related Genocide

Now you can better understand the disgusting abuse that Hawaii citizens have faced under negligent law-enforcement. The aforementioned circumstances provide a classic example of the unconscionable carelessness demonstrated by officials in this state.

Multiply this single case times nearly 500,000 native Hawaiians who have died under similar drug-related negligence and officials’ malfeasance. Shall we call this  ‘ethno-genocide’ or ‘pharmacide?’  Permitted poisonings have decimated the native population much like Megan May’s victimization on the Big Island. This darkness has compromised the Hawaiian culture so severely, it now strains to survive.

As I relayed previously from my interview of Dr. Horowitz on King Kalakaua’s death from drugs while under the ‘care’ of the ‘breathless ones,’ the Kanaka Maoli and Kanaka ʻŌiwi were betrayed by the opium trading Christian and Mormon merchant-mariner missionaries.  The latter ministers, following the ways of LDS founder Joseph Smith, promoted hallucinogenic drugs as religious ‘sacraments,’ much like Sulla and his gang continues to do today with support from the ruling elite.

During the past two centuries drugs have played a central role in this genocide. The censorship we witness surrounding Megan May’s death condemns the censors, drug dealers, and government administrators to the harshest of judgments.

If their judgment won’t be brought in the corrupted courts of Hawaii, they surely will in the after-life.

In loving dedication to Megan May’s memory.


(1) Knodle v. Waikiki Gateway Hotel, Inc., 742 P. 2d 377 – Haw: Supreme Court 1987, referencing: Restatement (Second) of Torts, supra, § 315);[5] and also Wolsk v. State, 68 Haw. ___, ___, 711 P.2d 1300, 1302 (1986); cf. King v. Ilikai Properties, Inc., 2 Haw. App. 359, 362, 632 P.2d 657, 661 (1981)

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