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Honolulu, HI (4-11-17)—Judge Derrick K. Watson of the U.S. District Court in Honolulu, who Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.47.00 AMhas favored Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin’s opposition to President Trump’s immigration ban on Muslims, dismissed an appeal by Dr. Leonard Horowitz that opposes judicial corruption by organized crime aided-and-abetted by negligence and willful blindness in Chin’s office.

“Nothing is as it appears to be,” especially in “paradise,” where a “showdown” and Watson “shutdown” is unfolding. Today’s action was prompted by a celebrity doctor whose bankruptcy appeal was dismissed by Watson on technicalities, but “not moot” according to the Judge’s Order. The outcome simply delays litigation and justice on the merits.

Critics of today’s ruling say it damages citizens, violates Jews’ and Christians’ civil rights, contributes to widespread foreclosure fraud and trust fund thievery, protects corrupt police, lawyers, judges, and bankers, and risks the public health and safety of every American.

In agreement with Horowitz are two federal grand jury petitions (one filed by the FBI), several plaintiffs in state and federal courts, and a growing stack of victims’ affidavits protesting the corruption.

“I am encouraged by the expected ruling,” the award-winning filmmaker and whistleblower said. “Watson, in effect, ruled our case against Paul J. Sulla, Jr. must be heard on the merits, encouraging us to continue prosecuting for justice on behalf of victims and against what might best be described as ‘total mob rule over paradise.’ But I am disappointed by the glaring wholes in the Order’s justification.”



Horowitz was bankrupted by organized crime and judicial corruption in Hawaii. He is one of many complainants named in a federal grand jury petition filed by police investigator James Benish in 2016 on behalf of families damaged by corruption permitted by Chin’s administration and challenged by the FBI in a separate grand jury petition.  In Horowitz’s case,  public records and official correspondence prove Trump’s adversaries in the AG’s office act willfully-blind to evidence-tampering, racketeering, drug trafficking, and grand larceny of people’s properties by forgery and foreclosure fraud.

According to the indictments, Chin’s administration harbors corrupt lawyers, including drug “king pin” Paul J. Sulla, Jr. of Hilo, known to, and neglected by, law enforcers at every level from Hawaii County to the DEA. Chin and his subordinates in Honolulu and Hilo, and several Hawaii courts for the past seven years, have harbored Sulla by willful blindness to shocking evidence of organized crime dismissed by Judge Watson today on technicalities.


The Parties and the Problem

     Horowitz tuxOfficials at the World Organization for Natural Medicine (WONM) named Horowitz a world leading intelligence analyst, while others at the World Health Organization (WHO) wrote to censor the public health expert’s political bombshell, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? 

“Dr. Horowitz has unearthed a covert operation run amok, that is bigger than any secret operation in U.S. history, and more momentous in it’s implications to humanity than the atomic weapons ‘Manhattan Project’ of World War II,” reported Lt. Col. Jack Kingston, Ret. Strategic Planner, Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, and Past Chairman, National Security Advisory Board in WashingtonKingston, along with dozens of military officials concerned for the health and safety of U.S. troops heralded Horowitz’s book that exposed Deep State alliances with global drug industrialists. The covert alliance resulted in a number of biochemical genocides and damaging vaccines.

The doctor’s works have been highly recommended to the national press by Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, officials across Africa, Russia, Japan and China, and thousands of health professionals worldwide. Horowitz’s six documentaries include UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert de Niro–the winner of five international awards, including “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva competitions.

As an internationally-known consumer health activist and avid water researcher who donated humanitarian supplies of OxySilver to fight AIDS and Ebola in Africa, Horowitz purchased a special property in Hawaii to study the therapeutic value of lava-heated steam, and establish a rural natural healing clinic with WONM officials. The “subject property” in Pahoa (Puna) Hawaii was called the Steam Vent Inn & Health Retreat, and Horowitz’s Judeo-Christian ministry purchased it in 2004 from attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr.’s predecessor-in-interest for $550,000. Since then, due largely to corruption in Chin’s office and the Third Circuit Court of Hawaii, Horowitz has lost several million dollars defending his purchase, and years of time he could have been helping to save lives.

Horowitz’s lawyer involved in the purchase was later named Judge Glenn S. Hara of the Third Circuit Court. Hara neglected to tell Horowitz that Pahoa is the state’s marijuana, and the nation’s methamphetamine, drug capitol; and that the seller was well known to officials as a convicted drug trafficker, professional forger, and court-ruled document manufacturer who used the property repeatedly to bait and defraud unwitting buyers.

Screen-Shot-2016-03-26-at-12.09.38-AMThe seller, Cecil Loran Lee, was on his death bed when Sulla (shown here with co-counsel Stephen D. Whittaker and Sulla’s strawman, Jason Hester) acquired Lee’s interest in the property by manufacturing a series of illegal transfers of Horowitz’s mortgage, note, and title. The switch was rubber-stamped by Hara’s chief justice, Ronald Ibarra, the “drug court” overseer.

Sulla claimed to represent Lee, but concealed his own conflicting interest in acquiring the estate for Sulla’s illegal drug church, publicly known as the “Big Island Ayahuasca Church.”  There, on the 67-acre drug compound (shown below), Sulla conducts regular “religious” rituals with his son using lucrative locally-grown contraband. The enterprise is widely known to Big Island lawyers, judges, Chin’s office, as well as FBI and DEA investigators. Most have turned blind eyes to Sulla’s illegal operation that is believed to supply the lion’s share of the Class I narcotic hallucinogen, dimethytryptamine (“DMT”) to the mainland, valued between $50 million to $1 billion annually in tax free dirty money requiring bank-washing and real estate laundering according to federal officials.

Image and location above of Paul J Sulla’s illegal Ayahuasca drug church on a 67 acre compound used as part of his real estate enterprise and believed to be part of his money laundering operation.







According to public knowledge and government records, “hoasca” exclusively issues from tropical rain forests in S. America and Hawaii, and the rapidly growing demand for this “God molecule” abused by sham churches damaging susceptible Americans is exploding.  Sulla controls the bulk of the Pacific supply according to evidence, affidavits, and common sense. And his commerce relies on shoddy immigration and inspection policies, dovetailing with Trump’s Muslim ban and Chin’s bad faith.

Currently, Sulla claims ownership of Horowitz’s 27-acre geothermal estate, and Chin, who filed to enjoin President Trump’s ban for civil rights concerns, has neglected Horowitz’s Judeo-Christian community and ministry to conceal the Hawaii corruption and Sulla’s immunity.

chinChin has neglected massive illegal drug commerce, lucrative East-West shipments moving through Hawaii, and the massive Micronesian immigration problem in Honolulu caused by nuclear weapons tests and military operations in the region that prompted the 1986 Compact of Free Association, permitting open immigration to refugees immigrating in search of a better life for fear of early deaths from cancer. (“COFA nations now receive nearly $200 million a year in direct U.S. aid in exchange for allowing America strategic control over about 2 million square miles of Micronesian islands and surrounding ocean. It is a stronghold in this country’s Asia-Pacific military planning,” according to e-Bay financed Civil Beat.

Chin’s “Muslim advocacy” opposes the stricter surveillance and law enforcement regulating Hawaii’s air and sea traffic needed to stop the mob ruling paradise.

Earlier this year, FBI agents raided the city Prosecutor’s Office to seize computers for evidence of rampant police corruption in Hawaii; and this was two months after Chin’s subordinate, Sheri Wong, concealed evidence of Sulla having forged the fraudulent Assignment of Mortgage to steal Horowitz’s property in favor of the drug enterprise.

The above facts best explain why dozens of damaged citizens are continuously reporting in the social media, and to the editors of, civil rights complaints ignored by Chin, compounding evidence of statewide racketeering detailed in the grand jury complaints.


Calls for Justice Go Neglected or Obstructed

A massive number of victims’ complaints have been trashed by Chin’s subordinates evidencing a real conspiracy against civil rights and economic security in Hawaii, especially in Puna where Horowitz’s property is.

“It’s like the Wild West,” The New Yorker published in 2016 about this law enforcement disgrace. “Everybody is making ayahuasca, taking ayahuasca,” the article reported. The Chin-secured “hoasca” craze directly violates the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Gonzales v. O Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal, 546 US 418 – 2006; even hoasca proponents testimony in  O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal v. Ashcroft, 282 F. Supp. 2d 1236 – Dist. Court, D. New Mexico 2002. (4)

And obstruction of justice in America’s ayahuasca capitol is undeniable and unconscionable. Giving far worse than an “impression of impropriety,” actually complicity in grand larceny, the State’s Intermediate Court of Appeals earlier this month denied Horowitz’s attorney’s Motion to Join Sulla as a “real party in interest.” even though he holds title to Horowitz’s property!

In that case, Civ. No. 14-1-0304, Sulla filed to seize control over Horowitz’s estate. Public records in judicial notices filed by state ethics champion, Margaret Wille, ordinarily would justify Sulla’s required joinder under court Rule 19(a) since Sulla’s interest blocks Horowitz’s remedies and return of the property. But the ICA inexplicably defied the rule requirement, and denied Wille’s motion without any explanation (i.e., “express determination”).


“[Dr. Horowitz is] a justice seeker and citizen protector suing not only for himself, and for me, but for every single American fed up with the drugging of America and the injustices we are witnessing.”


For more than seven (7) years Horowitz has been abused by the corrupted system while calling for law enforcers and judges to dutifully prosecute Sulla for confirmed securities fraud, wire fraud, forgery, perjury, and property theft analyzed one FBI-trained forensic document and handwriting expert, and two FBI agents. (Click to view the expert’s analysis.) 

Assistant Disciplinary Counsel, Jane Preece of the State Supreme Court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel (the “ODC”) allegedly found Chrisman’s analysis unconvincing.(2)  Preece issues a standard rejection letter to multiple Sulla-damaged victims, even after a half dozen criminal cases were filed by federal prosecutors indicting Sulla’s clients for following Sulla’s advice. All of Sulla’s privies-in-interest went to jail.  But Sulla has always “walked.”

Preece was recorded stammering and stuttering to Horowitz: “I have that the case was opened.  But there is . . . there . . . I don’t know why . . .there ahh. It doesn’t show where the closing is. . . . You know, I read it, I read it.” [Preece defended.] “I did look at it all. So I don’t know why, but. . . Ahmm. I recommended that it . . there . . . there wasn’t any sufficient evidence to open it.” (Click the audio player below to listen to Preece’s recording, and see Horowitz’s follow-up letter to Preece: ODC Jane Price Letter and Service 1-12-17)


Luck alone can’t explain Sulla’s immunity and officials’ inability to see “sufficient evidence.” But millions of dollars of illegal DMT sales by Sulla could buy a lot of blindness. This best explains Sulla’s uncanny immunity, capacity to repeatedly commit grand larceny damaging citizens of Hawaii and the integrity of the courts without the least bit of law enforcement interference by Chin, the ODC, and the DEA.(3)

Meanwhile, an FBI Special Agent assigned to investigate Sulla is recorded here apologizing sincerely and profusely to the victims for her superiors’ kibosh. (Click the player below to listen.)


Murders and Cover-ups in Paradise police investigator James Benish’s grand jury petition filed in 2015 named Sulla as a murder suspect responsible for stealing the Zedalis’s family’s trust fund.

“Between January 2013 to present Paul J Sulla Jr. directed and conspired with two daughters of deceased Stanley M. Zedalis to redirect approximately $200,000 from the Zedalis Trust and or Estate from California to the First Hawaiian Bank,” the indictment reads. “It is alleged by the Zedalis family (actual trust administrators) that Sulla and the two sisters Mary Ann Jolin and Llian Zedalis committed forgery, fraud and kidnapping to accomplish obtaining a certified check for $200,000.” The alleged heist was committed to deprive the actual trust beneficiaries.

Officer Benish verified that Jolin joined Sulla’s “ayahuasa church,” and the mind-altering DMT under Sulla’s influence is believed to have affected Jolin’s discernment.

“After Stanley Zedalis died,” the grand jury petition explains, Jolin’s “family desired to transport his body to the National Cemetery in North Carolina . . . but Paul Sulla Jr. petitioned the court to stop the transportation of body of the deceased, and demanded the court allow the body to be cremated in Hawaii.”

The court denied Sulla’s request, and the family plans an autopsy for a lawsuit. The mainland Zedalis’s still don’t know what happened to the family’s funds first diverted by Sulla, and later seized by the court.


Federal Agents Regret Statewide Corruption

Beth Chrisman’s compelling findings verify Horowitz’s claims and were examined and affirmed by three Honolulu DEA agents, and two FBI officials. Federal agents acknowledged Sulla’s crimes intertwined with the Zedalis complaint, but said their “higher ups” can’t spare the resources needed to prosecute Sulla and defeat the stonewalling by Chin’s office.

A&B new directors Robert Harrison 6-8-12In another related case vetting the top of Hawaii’s crime syndicate, Benish’s grand jury petition details a trust fund scam similar to Sulla’s Zedalis caper–the heist of Jack Stahley’s trust by complicit lawyers Nancy Budd and Catherine Lloyd. 

The victims in the Jack Stahley case believe Mr. Stahley, their father, was murdered for the same motive Sulla had in the Zedalis case–to convert the family’s trust fund to a non-profit “front” used to protect corrupt lawyers, corporations, and banks active in Hawaii’s money laundering industry. The Hawaii Community Foundation–whose officials direct the First Hawaiian Bank that Sulla used to divert the Zedalis’s money, was also used by Budd and Lloyd in the Jack Stahley trust fund heist.

Curiously, Lloyd’s husband is attorney Hugh Jones–Attorney General Chin’s “gatekeeper” fielding complaints against such non-profit money laundering schemes. Jones has demonstrated a pattern of protecting Lloyd, Budd and Sulla despite the feared murders and documented thievery brought to Jones’s attention.

Jones, the Supervising Deputy Attorney in the Tax Division of the Hawaiʻi Attorney General’s office was arrested for drunk-driving in September, 2016. But despite that felony, and aforementioned Stahley, Zedalis, and Horowitz sagas, Jones is still advertised on the Internet as retaining his post under Chin.

Staley Hawaii Community Fund Donor

Image showing Hawaii Community Foundation still bilking money in 2015 from the stolen/converted Stahley Trust funds by Attorney Nancy Budd, 3 years after Jack Stahley passed away.

Meanwhile, Budd pulled compelling evidence off the Internet. The self-serving Hawaii Community Foundation video advertisement disappeared when Budd’s complicity in the Stahley tragedy began to surface. Budd’s video misrepresented Jack Stahley’s story, and justified converting the family’s inheritance by falsely claiming Jack was alienated from his family. (CLICK HERE or the player below to view the recovered criminal evidence.)

Budd abused the Stahley’s victimization to enrich the First Hawaiian Bank by promoting the Hawaii Community Foundation. In the infomercial, Budd sells her “humanitarian” guidance of elders seeking to secure money through trusts manufactured by Budd and Lloyd. The screenshot shown above shows the First Hawaiian Bank administered Hawaii Community Foundation is still reporting income from Budd’s conversion of Jack Stahley’s family’s inheritance, 3 years after he passed away.


Judge Watson Rules in the Showdown

Horowitz’s appeal before Judge Watson is like a “showdown.” Sulla failed to answer to Horowitz’s motion to show cause for Sulla’s alleged contempt of the bankruptcy court, and the court paid no heed to the charge of contempt. Sulla also neglected to answer to allegations of repeated violations of Horowitz’s bankruptcy stay. Sulla also had no defense for his subsequent conversion of Horowitz’s property title to Sulla’s own limited liability company (Halai Heights, LLC).


Chin’s “Muslim advocacy” opposes the stricter surveillance and law enforcement regulating Hawaii’s air and sea traffic needed to stop the mob ruling paradise.


Watson required Horowitz to file by April 10 a reply to Sulla’s 35-page answer wherein Sulla neglected the substance of Horowitz’s allegations, proof of Sulla’s forgery of securities, and material facts undisputed but corroborated by public records proving Sulla’s theft of Horowitz’s estate using a sham “religious” trust, and Sulla’s current control over the property by . (CLICK Appellant Reply Brief filed 4-7-17  to download Dr. Horowitz’s reply to Sulla’s filing evidenced by Exhibits 1-8.) Rather than ruling on this prima facie evidence of Sulla’s crimes, Watson dismissed the appeal on technicalities. (CLICK to view: ORDER DISMISSING APPEAL 4-11-17)

“The Honorable Judge Watson clearly erroneously neglected the primary appeal point–Sulla’s stay violations the week of March 21, 2016. He also denied my mandatory judicial notice requiring consideration of the public records proving Sulla’s ‘Canon 10’ ethics violation,” Horowitz said. “The good news is he overruled Sulla’s argument that our claims are moot; permitting future trial on the merits.”

“But this is how the courts contribute to corruption by attrition,” explains investigative journalist Sherri Kane, who attended every hearing as Horowitz’s creditor, partner, and member of the press. “The courts are supposed to process cases most efficiently, economically, promptly, and fairly, but as you see here they have been stonewalling and railroading Dr. Horowitz to wear-him-down, to gradually reduce his strength and effectiveness as a justice seeker and citizen protector suing not only for himself, and for me, but for every single American fed up with the drugging of America and the injustices we are witnessing.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 1.48.47 PMHorowitz has been outrageously railroaded in both state and federal courts for a dozen years, Kane reported.

“Bankruptcy Judge Faris had the opportunity, and all the evidence needed, to nail Sulla, as did Watson and state court judges Ronald Ibarra, Elizabeth Strance, and Melvin Fujino, but instead of doing their duty, these judges harbored their fellow Bar member, even though they knew Sulla had defied his disqualification and has a long history of involvements in organized crimes.”

Watson’s 25-page Order gave no case law in response to Horowitz’s case law and arguments why Sulla’s disqualification in the intimately intertwined state and district court cases justified Judge Faris’s defiance of Judge Puglisi’s disqualification Order. Watson simply, wrote: “The bankruptcy judge instead concluded that “[t]he fact that one court disqualified Mr. Sulla does not require all courts to do so. Further, there is no reason to think, [that] Sulla’s testimony will be necessary in this bankruptcy case, [because, in] a separate order entered concurrently with this order, I have dismissed this bankruptcy case for reasons unrelated to any testimony Mr. Sulla might be able to give.”

But Sulla’s disregarded disqualification is not all. Watson did not mention Sulla’s claims to own the estate in direct violation of Canon 10 of the American Bar Association (ABA) CANONS OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS that prohibits lawyers from “Acquiring Interest in Litigation. The lawyer should not purchase any interest in the subject matter of the litigation which he is conducting.”

It could be argued that Sulla didn’t purchase the property, his manufactured fake “church” did. Sulla contrived his “Foreclosing Mortgagee,” put a strawman in charge to shield Sulla from liability, and then bought the property from his strawman. Now Sulla defends by “silence” his fraudulent concealments and “purchase” of the property, with the courts permitting him to get away with non-judicial foreclose fraud and grand larceny.

special report paul sulla fraud image

Click the image above to view Paul J. Sulla Jr’s unlawful non-judicial foreclosure of Dr. Horowitz’s property.

“Bankruptcy laws required Sulla to turn over his claim to the property to the bankruptcy trustee,” explained Kane. “The trustee was required to do an ‘inquiry reasonable under the circumstances,” and by law avoid Sulla’s illegal conversion.*  Instead, trustee Howard Hu neglected my interest as a secured creditor and co-owner of the property in favor of Sulla, and then Judge Faris, knowingly ceded the property to Sulla, which is part of the reason Dr. Horowitz appealed.”

“This case raises extraordinary challenges,” Kane concluded. “Bankruptcy Judge Faris is among four co-authors of Judge Watson’s Local Rules of the District Court. This fact raises reasonable concerns about whether Judge Watson could be relied upon to fairly administered a decision against Judge Faris without bias under these circumstances. These facts also best explain the manner by which the appeal was dismissed, albeit leaving it open for future litigation.”

Today’s decision by Judge Watson vicariously ruled in favor of Chin (again) and against people of all religions in Hawaii who depend on our justice system and law enforcers to defend citizen’s Constitutional rights.


For more information about the FBI and grand jury investigation into Honolulu Police corruption involving Chin’s office, CLICK HERE.

To read more about the grand jury petition filed by retired police investigator James Benish on behalf of several damaged families in Hawaii, alleging Sulla and other attorneys’ multiple felonies and state-wide corruption neglected by Chin’s office, CLICK HERE.

To read more stories about the corruption in Hawaii, or if you are a victim of corruption in the State of Hawaii, visit the Report Corruption in Hawaii Facebook group.

To read more stores about foreclosure fraud in Hawaii, or if you are a victim of foreclosure fraud in the State of Hawaii visit The Hawaii Foreclosure Fraud Facebook page.

To read a article covering Sulla’s involvements in Third Circuit Court corruption, CLICK HERE and HERE.

To add your signature to a Petition to Disbar Paul Sulla issued to the Supreme Court of Hawaii, CLICK HERE.

To help finance Dr. Horowitz’s fight for justice, ending corruption in Hawaii, and keeping his public service websites broadcasting 528Hz frequency transposed “medicinal music,”  CLICK HERE.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to view the doctor’s most recent public presentation in Hawaii filmed for television by Olelo Community Media.

What is Disease Still-3 


* The standards for review provided Judge Watson include: In re Abrams, 127 BR 239 – Bankr. Appellate Panel, 9th Circuit 1991;  and Knaus, 889 F.2d at 775.

(2)  Click to read Dr. Horowitz’s  ODC Complaint to Jane Preece 1-12-17

(3) CLICK HERE to view FOI-released document showing Honolulu among the FBI’s arenas involved in covert criminal actions by informants granted immunity.

(4) In 2002, ayahuasca church expert witness, Dr. Mark Kleiman, stated that “[t]here is no currently available evidence to suggest that such [diversionary] effects, were they to occur, would be large.” This is currently controverted by the government’s evidence and national news reports.


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