Sherri Kane and

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(Aug. 13, 2019)


Opening Argument

ghislaine maxwell fixed up Prince Andrew with Virginia Giuffre

Virginia Giuffre (now Roberts) stands between Prince Andrew and Madaam Ghislaine Maxwell, inside Prince Andrew’s London home.

In an unprecedented show of bipartisan solidarity the corporate-controlled media heralded Jeffrey Epstein’s “death,” and denounced “conspiracy theories,” even one fueled by President Trump.

What gives?

Is it possible that the world’s wealthiest most successful blackmailer and child sex trafficker would not have secured his own life with the smut videos he filmed for “favors” endearing himself to the media’s most popular political personalities and celebrities?

And where are those videos now? Will Ghislaine Maxwell commit “suicide” next off the side of a boat like her father, Mossad double-agent, Robert Maxwell–the media mogul? (1)


Media Magic and Disappearing Acts

The image below shows the infamous magician, Raymond Joseph Teller, star of PHARMAWHORES: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller.

Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPS

Magician Raymond Teller poses for Britain’s “Government Communications Headquarters” that wields psychological operations by “media magic.” This is an actual slide from Edward Snowden’s leaked National Security Agency intelligence, used to train Anglo-American secret agents.

This is an actual training slide from Britain’s leading intelligence agency responsible for administering PSYOPS (i.e., psychological operations). The GCHQ–Government Communications Headquarters–directs the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) as the slide shows.

This Anglo-American social-engineering agency leads the world in media technologies and ploys.

They teach their agents using training slides like this one. This shows they teach how to use “media magic” to “make something happen in the real world or cyber world.”

That quote comes from the second slide below, sourcing from this same set of training graphics.

These were leaked by Edward Snowden from his National Security Agency heist. Snowden, in what could have been a PSYOPS of its own, leaked this intelligence from records stolen from Booz Allen Hamilton–the “Langley of the Pacific” in Honolulu.

Jeffrey Epsteain Death PSYOPS

Actual slide from Edward Snowden’s leaked National Security Agency intelligence, used to train Anglo-American secret agents on the “4Ds” for social-engineering PSYOPS to make something “happen in the real or cyber world.”

As you can see, “Information Ops” influences, disrupts, and damages targets. In this case, you are the target.

The wider target is the general public. In order to “Deny / Disrupt / Degrade / Deceive” people about the child sex trafficking crimes committed by the elitist in the Anglo-American cult, these agencies engage the threat of exposure to neutralize any and all opposition.

That’s why it’s called “JTRIG”– “JOINT THREAT RESEARCH INTELLIGENCE GROUP.  The “joint threat” is the socially-disruptive exposures leading to indictments of government officials in the U.S. and England.

They have been engaged in pedophilia and child sex trafficking as Sherri Kane first and foremost made publicly-known ten years ago. A huge percentage of government officials, East and West, are pedophiles or sex perverts.

It is unreasonable to presume the facts cited below do not incriminate the high ranking officials photographed with Epstein and Maxwell over the years.

Their agents and agencies that control the Western presses, Hollywood, the news networks, even the Justice Department, FBI and CIA, are implicated by associations and conflicting interests.

Eyes of suspicion fall on both sides of the political isle.

And so it is similarly unreasonable to conclude, given the facts cited below, that the media’s coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s “death,” and its scandalous aftermath, is anything other than a PSYOPS” and exercise in social-control.

In law there is such a thing as a “presumption of facts.” A presumption of facts is defined in law as “a conclusion of fact constructed logically from other proven facts.”

Here, with the media’s coverage Jeffrey Epstein alleged demise, the “presumption of facts” are so overwhelming that they establish a “presumption of guilt” in law.

In this case, there are many many conflicting facts reported by the media that a presumption of guilt indicts the media and complicit Western Governments (also called the “Deep State”) clearly guilty of contriving a PSYOPS.

It appears that President Trump is equally complicit albeit correct in Twittering this is a conspiracy involving his political opponents.

The pattern proves a governmental PSYOPS by the “preponderance of evidence.” Guilt is presumed, therefore, by law. And “guilt by association” is also clearly present on several levels evidencing conspiracy to defraud the public and protect the guilty.

In other words, the facts stack up and show a clear and convincing pattern. This is a pattern and practice of deception.

Facts over-and-over-again disprove media reports, including Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged death and what was reported before, during and after the announcement.

The media clearly did not act independently, as this “death” PSYOPS demonstrates. ALL THE MEDIA agreed that Epstein died, backed only by hearsay and conflicting evidence. That coherence in uncertainty, and coordinated confusion, does not show competent nor independent journalism.

It shows incompetence and outrageous bias. There were no mainstream media investigations of the alternative theory that Epstein was “switched out” according to facts you will review below. Epstein’s death was simply accepted and reported.

At minimum, this shows complicity of the media monopoly with the intelligence agencies sourcing the PSYOPS.

We see clear and convincing evidence proving the “Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPS.”

This article is written for you as a jury person in the “Court of Public Opinion” deciding the charge of PSYOPS.


Reviewing the Early Reported Facts Raising Preliminary Concerns

On July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested. Then, on July 23, Epstein was supposedly assaulted or attempted to commit suicide in his cell according to news reports. He was taken to the hospital. 

The media left out one more possibility. A staged event would lay the groundwork for what followed.

Epstein himself, claimed that he had been assaulted on July 23rd, but Epstein could have made this up to justify a hospital visit, and subsequent ‘switch.’

Few outlets are reporting that Attorney General William Barr allegedly visited Epstein in prison after Epstein’s first “suicide” attempt.

There was one compelling report by an allegedly shaken MCC employee posted at 7:44 a.m. on August 10, 2019, nearly an hour and fifteen minutes after Epstein was reportedly found in his cell.

A screenshot of this message from “SWAM8WIF” is posted here. The MCC employee witnessed an alleged switching involving a “trip van” and “a guy in a green dress military outfit.”

A switch is also consistent with further confusing facts the media initially reported.

“[T]he wealthy financier was transported to a nearby hospital”?

Politico reported that “Epstein was not moved to a hospital and remained at the correctional center.”

Given these conflicting reports, it is possible that he was switched out at that time, which would be reasonable if his death were to be staged, or if the government actually did its job of protecting their star witness.

Indeed, it would be ridiculously unreasonable to believe that some form of witness protection service was not put in place to secure Epstein’s life, especially following the July 23rd supposed near death experience.

It is widely known that government agencies use “political decoys“–body doubles– to secure the lives of presidents. Here, a political decoy for Epstein would secure the lives of Trump and Past President Bill Clinton with whom Epstein conducted his dirty businesses.

Next fact. According to this New York Post article, suicide was nearly impossible at the ultra secure lockup. At the MCC, there was only one other known suicide that happened 21 years ago.

A former MCC inmate who spent several months in the 9 South special housing unit for high-profile prisoners awaiting trial — like Epstein — said, “There’s no way Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

Between the floor and the ceiling is like eight or nine feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything. You have sheets, but they’re paper [thin], not strong enough. He was 200 pounds — it would never happen.

Could he have done it from the bed? No sir. There’s a steel frame, but you can’t move it. There’s no light fixture. There’s no bars.

They don’t give you enough in there that could successfully create an instrument of death. You want to write a letter, they give you rubber pens and maybe once a week a piece of paper. Nothing hard or made of metal.”

One sarcastic observer responded to an article in The Wall Street Journal. He wrote, “What do you think the odds are that at the time of his alleged death, Epstein was the only person in America not under surveillance?”
Accordingly, given these facts so far, it is unreasonable to presume anything the media reported about Jeffrey Epstein’s “death” was truthful.
And since there is consistency in the inconsistencies, it is most reasonable to presume the media intended to confuse, hash, muddle all the facts surrounding the supposed death.

That would be consistent with Epstein’s personality.

This can be known from his friends, as reported by Vanity Fair. “Jeffrey always wanted to give the impression that he was an international man of mystery—‘I control everyone and everything, I collect people, I own people, I can damage people.’”

He even wanted to seed the human race with his DNA.

Accordingly, Mr. Epstein’s allegation that he was attacked on July 23, 2019 must be scrupulously considered as a ploy for a well-planned disappearing act.

Those media reports diverted from that third theory. That is evidence, as explained by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

“Conduct which forms a basis for inference is evidence. Silence is often evidence of the most persuasive character.” United States ex rel. Bilokumsky v. Tod, 263 US 149, 154 – Supreme Court 1923.

We can ‘infer’ the media, in a coordinated fashion, acted to silence the magical disappearing act theory.

Alternatively, the media’s and the government’s pair of conflicting reports instantly presented two theories that convinced the Court of Public Opinion that Epstein was dead on arrival at the hospital on Aug. 10th.

The ploy could have been a ‘red herring’ used to spark the resulting controversy and diversion from a likelier truth.

According to the mainstream media narrative, at around 6:30 a.m. the morning of Saturday, August 10, 2019, “the 66-year-old accused billionaire pedophile,” Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive in his Metropolitan Correction Center (MCC) cell.

Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPSThe first to release this story online was the New York Post at 8:56 am on Saturday August 10th.

The New York Post article by Larry Celona and Eileen AJ Connelly was published approximately 2.5 hour after officials discovered Epstein’s body, as shown by this screenshot.

Curiously, the New York Post  article began:

“Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died overnight in an apparent suicide, federal officials said Saturday.”

But it was ‘Saturday.’

Was this a ‘slip of tongue’ or time warp? Unlikely. Why?

Because: (1) within minutes MCC officials would have needed to contact the New York Post to leak word of the “overnight . . . apparent suicide.” How likely is that?

Alternatively, have you ever tried to reach a New York Post assignment editor on Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m.?

Even during regular business hours an immediate “tip” response doesn’t happen within minutes; usually not within hours, if at all.

Giving the New York Post the benefit of doubt, that one of its news agents had contacted the MCC hourly 24/7/365 to inquire about dead bodies found in cells, that would not explain another suspicious fact.

The screenshot taken of the Celona and Connelly article, states:















“The city Medical Examiner’s office took Epstein’s body from the hospital to the city morgue at Bellevue Medical Center Saturday afternoon to determine the cause of death.”

Did you catch that? Saturday afternoon had not happened yet!

There was no way of knowing the “Medical Examiner’s office took Epstein’s body” before it happened. The 2:42 p.m. “update” could explain this, but not more compounding evidence of complicity in a public deception by Rupert Murdoch’s press.

Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPSThe most reasonable explanation is that the news script had been fed to the reporters by an intelligence agent in a conspiracy to defraud the public.

That would also account for the “appearance of impropriety” within the Justice Department that oversees the MCC officials.

AG William Barr, whose conflicting interests were immediately denounced by the pro-Hillary (Deep State) press, was cited as early as 9:36 a.m. as being reportedly “livid” about the news that had been broken first at 8:16 a.m. by  an anonymous post on 4Chan.

That beat ABC News by 38 minutes. That meant someone in the right-wing-controlling intelligence community was monitoring what was ongoing at the MCC, before anyone knew about Epstein’s supposed death.

Seriously, who awakens on a Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. East Coast time to monitor what is happening in Epstein’s cell?

That is, only an intelligence agent we must assume, before MCC and Justice Department officials alerted ABC News and Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post at the same time informing William Barr about Epstein’s supposed demise?

And that “presumption of fact” reasonably confuses and discredits at the same time President Trump’s “conspiracy theory.”

Epstein was allegedly offed by Deep State Clinton-backers, according to the President. But given the “right wing” source of this intelligence, the left-wing v. right-wing conspiracy theory appears to be controverted.

Plus Epstein is presumed to have maintained close personal relationships with Trump, the Clintons, and Edgar Bronfman, inscribed in Epstein’s little “Black Book”.  

President Trump’s political conspiracy theory is corroborated, however, by Chelsea Clinton having joined Bronfman and leading Democratic political financier Barry Diller (and Trump nemesis) in directing the IAC/Vimeo/Vivendi/NBC Universal Media conglomerate.

Diller worked with Stephen Chao at Fox Television Network, whom Diller later hired as President of Programming and Marketing at USA Network, Wikipedia reported.

Like it or not, this is where the DOJ investigation must go to give the “appearance of justice.” That is, directly following President Trump’s political and media persecution theory.

But that’s not all the facts you need to consider in this swamp.


Epstein Ally Mysteriously Monitors the Autopsy

Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson noted on Saturday evening that Epstein’s (unnamed) representatives hired celebrity pathologist Michael Baden to be present during the autopsy.

But can you imagine a private physician being permitted into the government’s autopsy proceeding without some government authorization, or without a court order?

Can you imagine someone in the government, operating under William Barr’s authority, giving Baden permission to appear at an FBI-controlled investigative proceeding, and personally participate during this autopsy?

And if that’s not incomprehensible enough, all of this was granted and administered in one day. A Saturday, no less.

When courts and the Justice Department was conveniently closed.

What does this say about the ‘legitimacy’ of the Justice Department and FBI inquiry under the Trump Administration. Can you imagine William Barr admitting a private decedent’s doctor into the federal investigation and autopsy room?

Did Dr. Baden have CIA clearance to gain that privilege?  Or should the Court of Public Opinion simply excuse this appearance of “pay-to-play rules” governing injustice in America?

Here’s another problem. Baden suspiciously served as New York City’s chief medical examiner in the late 1970s.

So Baden was well connected politically to suspiciously cut through this red tape.

Then there is the matter of Epstein’s broken hyoid bone. A self-induced hanging would not have likely caused that. It is commonly seen, however, in murder cases.

Next, consider Epstein was also the client of the infamous OJ Simpson lawyer, Harvey Weinstein lawyer, and FOX News network contributor, Alan Dershowitz. This celebrity attorney is also facing civil suits and possible jail time for his alleged child sex crimes.

All of the above news came one day after nearly 2,000 pages of formerly sealed documents regarding Epstein’s sex trafficking operation were released by a federal court.


Setting the Stage with More Conflicting Facts

Recalling the first alleged threat to Epstein’s prison life, the New York Times reported Epstein had been in a cell on July 23 with Nicholas Tartaglione, a former police officer facing murder, racketeering, and drug trafficking charges.

That seems like an odd match-up.

And Tartaglione’s co-counsel happened to view the two men that morning in their cell. Aida Leisenring, said “she saw Mr. Epstein in passing, through a window, and saw no apparent injuries or evidence of a fight.

” Tartaglione’s other lawyer, Bruce Barket, said in an interview that “Mr. Tartaglione had cooperated with the inquiry into Mr. Epstein’s injuries.

Mr. Barket added that Mr. Epstein and his client ‘speak regularly and get along well. . . . Any insinuation that he had assaulted Mr. Epstein is a complete and utter fabrication,’ Mr. Barket said.”

Further, it was reported that Epstein was found in a “fetal position” on his bed. That would not comport with a suicide attempt, because it is a protective posture.

Epstein was then put in solitary confinement, which is unheard of if he was on suicide watch.

It would make sense only if he had been attacked by Mr. Tartaglione, or a guard with access to the cell.

Yet, the consensus of news reports inferred attempted suicide. So it did not make sense putting Jeffrey Epstein into solitary confinement.

Peculiarly, Epstein was then taken off of suicide watch after 6 days. He was moved into a cell with someone else again, according to media reports.

Epstein, was removed from suicide watch on July 29, just six days after the self-inflicted bruising on his neck was spotted, according to the New York Times.

Notice “self-inflicted bruising” was reported by the NYTimes. (This was consistent with Mr. Tartaglione’s attorneys statements.)

But then, his cell mate was removed from the cell, just one day prior to Epstein’s alleged “death.”

“At the MCC, Epstein had been put on special observation status, under which he would be housed with a cellmate and receive check-ins from staff every 30 minutes.

In the hours leading up to Epstein’s death, that was not happening, a person familiar with the investigation told NPR . . .”

Joe Rojas, a union leader and guard at a federal correctional center in Florida, expressed the security industry’s concern.

He told NBC News he was shocked to learn that Epstein was not on a 24-hour suicide watch given his [alleged] previous attempt and high-profile status. “You don’t have to be a psychologist,” Rojas said. “It’s commonsense.”

The likelihood that Epstein’s “suicide” was aided-and-abetted by outsiders was also reported by NBC News.

“It simply does not make common sense that Jeffrey Epstein was not on suicide watch,” said Jack Scarola, a lawyer who represents seven of Epstein’s alleged victims.

“And it does not make commonsense that if he was on suicide watch, he could have successfully taken his own life unless he had some outside help.”

Before Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged body was discovered, that morning, with only Epstein in the cell, screams reportedly came from this cell according to the New York Post.

It is unreasonable to believe that Epstein, alone in his room, and intending to kill himself, would scream for no apparent reason.

It is most reasonable to believe that if Epstein sought to kill himself, avoiding interference from guards, then he would not have screamed.

Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPSIt makes much more sense that someone other than Jeffrey Epstein in that cell that morning would have screamed, by reason of an attack and apparent death blow.

Here is compelling corroborating evidence–a comparative photograph of the decedent and Jeffrey Epstein.

The photos show that the nose of the victim taken from the prison to the hospital was substantially different from the nose of the known Jeffrey Epstein.

This marked differential between the two men is compounded and further corroborated by the substantial differences in the outer ear characteristics.

Any reasonable juror comparing these two physical differences would have to conclude the deceased was not Jeffrey Epstein, but someone who appears to be remarkably similar in appearance from a distance, without examining these close details.

Ed Chiarini Fetzering Example














Further compounding this evidence of a governmental-media conspiracy to defraud people, aiding-and-abetting the magical disappearance of Epstein, and protecting his ‘friends in high places,’ is the following example of “fetzering” by agent provocateur (and full time propagandist), Ed Chiarini.

This image, one of hundreds of similar deceptions peppering the Internet, was produced by Ed Chiarini.

It evidences that substantial investment of time and money spent by intelligence agencies to publish false and misleading photographs–fetzering–to effectively confuse citizens regarding the identities of different celebrities and personalities.

This example shows agent Chiarini’s dimwitted claims that Dr. Horowitz is TV Host John Walsh.

“The problem is that people are so gullible, blind, or simply dim, they actually believe this crap,” Horowitz said.

“This kind of ‘fetzering’ is one technique used to socially-engineering confusion, that acts as a protection racket, in instances such as this, where Jeffrey Epstein’s photos do not match up, but people believe its the same person.

The above forensic photographic examination shows the man claimed to be Jeffrey Epstein, found unconscious or dead on Saturday, August 10, 2019 was not Epstein.


A Pattern of Media Deception Emerges













It is unreasonable to presume Epstein acted alone. Did Epstein shut off the security cameras allegedly down at the MCC the day of Epstein’s death?

We view this among a preponderance of evidence showing a pattern and practice of confusing and falsifying facts. 

We witness media deception emerging beyond the aforementioned facts and inconsistencies.

And this pattern and practice of government-media deception provides a preponderance of evidence on which jurors may convict the conspirators.

The Anglo-American media, such as the BBC, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and others, were very quick, too quick, to issue a unanimous highly-biased condemnation of the social media intended to muddle all “conspiracy theories.”

First, regarding the BBC, it is public knowledge that MI5–British intelligence–oversees the BBC. Matters of Royals and British government officials are strictly “vetted” and obfuscated by her majesty’s Secret Service.

Consequently, Prince Andrew’s close ties to Epstein’s and Maxwell’s child sex trafficking enterprise discrediting the BBC’s and a host of British officials had to be dismissed as simply “foolish conspiracy theory.”

That bias opposing the clear evidence of conspiracy involving the governments and the media, complicit in Epstein’s feigned “death,” is transparent and heavily incriminating.

Consider, for example, The Guardian‘s  defense.

“That he was able to end his own life while supposedly under federal watch in a secure facility only feeds into the perception that the shadowy and powerful are pulling some dangerous strings behind a facade of justice.

This is dangerous,” the tabloid-propaganda charged. “[E]ven if it’s not true. America’s criminal justice system, like our government generally, only functions if the population trusts it.”

In other words, it’s “dangerous” to reject lies, and not trust the Deep State’s government-controlled media that commands your attention, hypno-tronic affection, and complete reliance.


The Bigger Picture: Media Networks Advancing Anglo-American Globalization vs. Nationalism

Alternatively, given the public’s distrust of governments, it’s time to replace these racketeering enterprises with “One World Government,” One World Bank, One World Health Organization, One World Court, One World ‘Peace Keeping’ Alliance, etc.

Or maybe not.

“The official explanation for Epstein’s death comes down to rank incompetence,” heralds most prejudicially the Anglo-American press.

“[I]t’s probably true,” speculated  The Guardian (with emphasis added) in favor of uncertainty and Western intelligence.

Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPS

Chelsea Clinton (left), co-director of Vimeo’s parent company IAC controlled by Barry Diller (right), conceals Vivendi Universal and MSNBC commercial alliances generating conflicting interests in blocking Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz AIDS-origin science and online presentations, while Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation administers vaccines for population reduction.













Add to this Anglo-American effort to silence and discredit conspiracy investigators the fact that the President of BBC America, Garth Ancier, was mentored by the aforementioned media mogul and major Democratic Party financier with solid ties to the Clintons and Bronfmans, Barry Diller.

As previously reported by these authors, Diller’s co-controllers at IAC/Vimeo/Vivendi/NBC Universal Music conglomerate are: (1) World Bank and Clinton Foundation AIDS-ambassador Chelsea Clinton; and (2) convicted criminal and media family mogul, Edgar Bronfman.

Edgar Bronfman appears with Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, and numerous celebrities in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Black Book’ of personal contacts.

Besides this, the IAC-NBC Universal Music conglomerate is politically-aligned with the Open Society Foundations and billionaire George Soros.

The ‘liberal’ lobby claims it cares for human rights, but its actions speak louder than words. Concealing the true origin of HIV/AIDS and its links to the global vaccination genocide is one example.

Another example is the Bronfman family’s interest in MGM Resorts International–heavily implicated in the “Las Vegas Deep State Massacre.”

How is it even possible, without ‘outsider’ involvement, and without a conspiracy involving the media/Deep State and MCC officials, that the security cameras allegedly did not work the day of Epstein’s “death.”

This was reported by the New York Times.

Nonetheless, the corporate-controlled media, such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, discouraged conspiratorial investigations.

The WSJ instantly, on August 11, 2019, called them all “unfounded conspiracy theories.”

One telling quote was this: “The new social media has allowed conspiratorial accusations to multiply and flourish because the gatekeepers [i.e., the Western intelligence agencies] who used to decide what should be aired or printed have been bypassed,” the NYTimes concluded by quoting author Russell Muirhead. [Emphasis added.]

Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPS












In other words, what co-conspirator Rupert Murdoch, through his WSJ, heralded by featuring Muirhead’s quote was most revealing.

They not only oppose conspiracy theories exploding in the social media indicting the criminally-complicit WSJ, NYT, and allied Deep State news sources and intelligence agencies.

But, at the same time, this media monopoly administers the 4Ds to socially-engineer their cover, power and protection.

Thus, the global elite similarly conceal their pedophilia-poisoned covert government operations and Jeffrey Epstein’s “Death” PSYOPS.

This appearance of treason was corroborated by “Mr. Muirhead’s final statement. “[H]e was concerned that the nature of social media might start to lead traditional gatekeepers [i.e., propaganda agencies] to more regularly engage in spreading conspiracies, rather than in fighting them.”

That would mix things up optimally. And this is precisely what Deep State intelligence agents have been doing.

We have been at the forefront of witnessing and reporting on this obfuscation of global genocides for the past decade.

The primary ‘radical right’ propagandists, anti-government conspiracy theorists–generally neo-Nazis and white supremacists–engage with Justice Department officials in child-sex trafficking.

We began vetting this (against all odds) in 2010.

“To the extent that gatekeepers [in Western intelligence] are following what’s trending rather than examining what’s trending with skepticism,” The New York Times advised, “then we’re really at risk of giving this new conspiracism even more force than it already has.”  

This rationale conveniently takes the heat off of the monopolistic media’s own complicity in neglecting facts and censoring truths.

This pattern and practice is evidenced in all major conspiracies, and is used to secure all the co-conspirators.

As another anonymous blogger wrote:

“While it will be interesting to learn what security measures were not in place that were suppose to be, if this controversy were not desirable, for god knows what reason, they would have given him a heart attack instead. Same end but far more believable. So why the bullshit that they knew 1000% would set off a firestorm?

Consistent with that opinion, what’s also interesting is that Epstein’s autopsy found four broken neck bones. But the “bullshit” media only accented the “hyoid bone” break.

That bone break was perfect to reinforce the dual theories exclusively promoted by the media–death by strangulation or hanging.


What is Really Happening?

So what must the Court of Public Opinion presume about the preponderance of evidence convicting co-conspirators in the government and media for their actions that establish a ‘presumption of guilt’ based on the aforementioned facts?

Number one, we must presume Epstein was ‘switched out’ sometime between his first hospital visit on July 23, 2019 to the morning of August 10th

We must presume a self-incriminating Justice Department investigation will not occur, but if it did, focus would feature:

(1) the media co-conspirators acting to socially-engineer a PSYOPS to protect the government officials and politically-powerful celebrities who sexually abused underage women and are engaged in various related racketeering enterprises; and

(2) the intelligence agencies that coordinated this public deception, namely the CIA, MI6, and Israeli Mossad–given Epstein’s ventures with billionaire Leslie Wexner, the co-founder of an organization called The Mega Group that pulls together several of the most important intelligence agency connections secreted by the complicit media.

Epstein, through Wexner, was connected to “major political donors in both the U.S. and Israel, several of its most notable members have close ties to the governments of both countries as well as their intelligence communities,” reported the watchdog group

Maxwell, Trump, Wallace, Ross & Tower“[T]he Mega Group also had close ties to two businessmen who worked for Israel’s Mossad” — Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell [shown in the photo above smiling at Donald Trump addressing Mike Wallace] and Marc Rich.

These people held “deep ties to Israel’s intelligence community. . . .”

[Also shown above is Steve Ross, the CEO of Time Warner, Warner Communications; and John Tower, who is known to have concealed the Clinton’s complicity in the Iran Contra Affair investigated by the “Tower Commission.”

Tower was also Vice Chair in the Frank Church Committee hearings of the CIA’s MKULTRA and MKNAOMI media mind control and biological weapons programs, respectively that concealed the lab-virus hepatitis B vaccine origin of HIV/AIDS.]


The Israeli Mossad Connections

“Maxwell, who was a business partner of Mega Group co-founder Charles Bronfman, aided the successful Mossad plot to plant a trapdoor in U.S.-created software that was then sold to governments and companies throughout the world.

That plot’s success was largely due to the role of a close associate of then-President Ronald Reagan and an American politician close to Maxwell [i.e., Sen. John Tower], who later helped aid Reagan in the cover-up of the Iran Contra scandal heavily incriminating the Clintons’ Rose Law Firm / Mena Airport “Drugs for Arms” operation.]”

Charles Bronfman, father of Edgar Bronfman, was the younger brother of Edgar Bronfman, Sr. Charles Bronfman led the World Jewish Congress in becoming the preeminent international Jewish organization that it is today.

Both sides of the political isle are powerfully influenced by the Jewish lobby. This issue, so long as it is secreted or disregarded, empowers white supremacy and “radical right” agendas.

Ghislaine Maxwell joined Jeffrey Epstein in this “inner circle.”

This occurred at the same time “Epstein was bankrolling a similar software program now being marketed for critical electronic infrastructure in the U.S. and abroad.

That company has deep and troubling connections to Israeli military intelligence, associates of the Trump administration, and the Mega Group,” Whitney Webb reported for MintPressNews.

“Epstein was a long-time friend of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who has long-standing and deep ties to Israel’s intelligence community,” Webb continued.

“Their decades-long friendship has been the source of recent political attacks targeting Barak, who is running in the Israeli elections against current Prime Minister Netanyahu . .

“Barak is also close to Epstein’s chief patron and Mega Group member Leslie Wexner, whose Wexner Foundation gave Barak $2 million in 2004 for a still unspecified research program.

According to Barak, he was first introduced to Epstein by former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, who eulogized Robert Maxwell at his funeral and had decades-long ties with the Bronfman family going back to the early 1950s.

Peres was also a frequent participant in programs funded by Leslie Wexner in Israel and worked closely with the Mossad for decades.

“In 2015, a few years after Epstein’s release from prison  . . . Barak formed a company with Epstein . . . now called Carbyne . . .”

The security service software Carbyne sells “runs any caller’s identity through any linked government database.

It has specifically been marketed by the company itself and the Israeli press as a solution to mass shootings in the United States . . . .

“Israeli media reported that Epstein and Barak were among the company’s largest investors.

Barak poured millions into the company and it was recently revealed by Haaretz that a significant amount of Barak’s total investments in Carbyne was funded by Epstein, making him a “de facto partner” in the company.

Barak is now Carbyne’s chairman

Webb continued for MintPressNews,”The company’s executive team are all former members of different branches of Israeli intelligence, including the elite military intelligence unit, Unit 8200, that is often likened to Israel’s equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). . . .

The company also includes several tie-ins to the Trump administration, including Palantir founder and Trump ally Peter Thiel — an investor in Carbyne.

“In addition, Carbyne’s board of advisers includes former Palantir employee Trae Stephens, who was a member of the Trump transition team, as well as former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.

Trump donor and New York real-estate developer Eliot Tawill is also on Carbyne’s board, alongside Ehud Barak and Pinchas Buchris.”


Fulfilling Prophecy

Accordingly, “what’s really happening” in this “Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPS” is a protection racket administered to conceal the criminal psychopathology and crimes against youth committed by the “inner circle” and its human trafficking networks.

The PSYOPS–including the creation of conflicting news and theories surrounding Epstein “death” engineers public engagement and compliance with, above all a global problem of pedophilia and sexual perversion recklessly neglected and administered by the global elite. 

That agenda, that disrespects youth, human rights, and psychological and socialwell-being, also calls for destroying people’s faith in their governments, the media, and nationalism in favor of One World Government.

The aforementioned facts and analyses are difficult concept for “normal” people to grasp.

It requires a brave heart and steadfast commitment to truth seeking with clear vision to grasp the “bigger picture”–that is, the forest of Reality through the trees of counter-intelligence propaganda.

This current sociopolitical and economic condition of injustice was best summarized in the prophetic Protocol #10, paragraphs 18 and 19, of the infamous anti-Semitic text, Protocols of the Elders of Sion.

That document was converted from a leaked document used to spur the Russian revolution and Communism that was instigated largely through anti-Semitism by Royals of England and banking backers–Jews and gentiles.

This prophetic protocol incorporates psychological operations (i.e., PSYOPs), ‘Deep State’ influence, and powerful media presence.

The Original Shift in Days of Illumination” (a.k.a., The Protocols of the Elders of Sion) foretold that Globalization depended on dividing and distressing all nationalities to the point of exhaustion and surrender to the “New World Order.”

The “Learned Elders of Zion,” according to Ku Klux Klansmen favoring President Trump, VP Pence, and the anti-Semitic alterations and misrepresentations of the Original Shift document, plotted to abuse their media power.

Jewish leaders who were psycho-pathically affected by ‘self-loathing,’ thus justified in their deranged minds and privileged positions killing and ostracizing fellow Jews, were financed by gentiles since the time Europe’s royalty began relying on the Medici family to administer their financial accounts.

Later, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers became dominant investment bankers advancing Globalization by influencing the economy internationally.

‘Collateral damage’ to citizens, Jews and gentiles alike, was justified throughout their elitist cult.

Secret commitments to dominating and controlling populations were compartmentalized through intelligence agencies, industries, and monopolistic corporations.

This way, the child sex trafficking and pedophile cult maximized its advantage to advance Globalization and One World Power.

They succeeded mostly by influencing courts of law every way possible, including bribery and extortion–Epstein’s specialty.

The “Elders of Zion” predicted and prescribed exactly what is happening today, precisely, for global conquest.

Quoting in relevant parts the altered text as it is published today on the Internet (beginning with paragraph 18):

“18. The recognition of our despot may . . . come before the destruction of the [U.S. C]onstitution; the moment for this recognition will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence—a matter which we shall arrange for—of their rulers, will clamor:

“Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders—frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts—who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives.


Bill Clinton portrait in Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. The media neglected the symbolic “red shoes” connoting membership in the pedophilia cult.




















While we may never know the truth about Jeffrey Epstein’s “death,” we have here a ‘case study’ vetting an Anglo-American conspiracy to defraud society through intelligence agencies and their media.

Their objective is to confuse and conceal the sickness in their cult–their pedophilia and sex trafficking networks that are operating worldwide to serve mainly their “inner circle” of global elites.

Several reasonable conclusions may be drawn from the aforementioned facts:

(1) it is unreasonable to presume Jeffrey Epstein “died” as reported;

(2) the “murder” versus “suicide” controversy and related conspiracy theories is/was contrived;

Red shoes mean pedophilia

On the right is Tony Podestas art. The Podestas are Known for “Spirit Cooking.” The image on the left shows his many powerful friends, all wearing red shoes. The art is by Biljana Djurdjevic.












(3) it is unreasonable to neglect (as the media generally demonstrated) Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal influence over the rich and famous using videotapes for leverage, blackmail or extortion.

These are common practices by agents and allies in Western intelligence;

(4) it is unreasonable to neglect Epstein’s dominant personality disorder. Described as an “international man of mystery,” his psychopathic ideology was to “control everyone and everything.” 

As Vanity Fair characterized him, “I collect people, I own people, I can damage people,” was Epstein’s motto

His compulsion to pedophilia no doubt stemmed from his own abuse as a child suffering helplessness. He surrounded himself with similar victims of madness;

(5) With that mindset of domination by mystery,  it is highly probable that Epstein plotted for years, since his first arrest, how he was going to use his video leverage, political power, money, and intelligence agency connections to mysteriously extricate himself from criminal proceedings; and

(6) it is unreasonable to believe that President Trump would not know precisely what enabled Epstein’s “death.”

From our view, it is unreasonable to theorize, as some conspiracy researchers and theorists have published, that Trump’s “conspiracy theory” implicating his Democratic rivals in the Clinton-camp is accurate.

Many have claimed these events foreshadow a major “swamp draining.”

But in Reality, and in law, omissions and misrepresentations to persuade people to rely on false information to act to their damage is fraud. Trump grew up in the “inner circle.”

He was groomed as an actor is to play the role of President of the United States at this time of global economic and military challenges.

Trump,  therefore, would not be inclined to mutiny against the system and secret societies that made him who he is.

The politicizing of the “Epstein’s case,” diverting from the Luciferian cult it models, further dividing left from right, is the intended result, not the solution.

Trump is savvy enough to know this.

If Trump were actually a ‘good guy’ he would have refrained from advancing his conspiracy theory, despite its partial accuracy.

Trump is smart enough to know the Clintons’s ties to Epstein and child sex trafficking are just as incriminating as his own. 

That fact, therefore, raising the Clinton-Democratic Party “conspiracy theory” that the President raised, makes Trump, William Barr and the entire Department of Justice, complicit in the conspiracy.




(1) Vanity Fair implied a similar concern by addressing the mysterious personalities of Epstein and his sidekick Maxwell. 

“Is it possible prosecutors have lost track of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator in his pedophile ring?

For the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that she’s 400 pounds and living in Florida, or that she’s living the high life in London or the Continent, but according to the Washington Post, authorities are having a hard time locating her.

Those who know her say that it’s possible she is as much of a Houdini as Epstein. Both of them liked having secrets, and the way those secrets kept people off balance.

“Jeffrey always wanted to give the impression that he was an international man of mystery—‘I control everyone and everything, I collect people, I own people, I can damage people,’” says an ex-girlfriend.


About the Authors:

Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M. (hon.), D.M.M. (hon.), is the author of twenty one books, including the prophetically titled Death In The Air: Globalism,Terrorism and Toxic Warfare that came out three months before 9-11-01.

That book deals with biological and energy weapons being used for population control.

His three American best-sellers include: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? that was largely responsible for prompting explosive interest in vaccination risks and biological warfare; Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, that revealed the ancient Solfeggio musical scale secreted for millennia; and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science in which Dr. Horowitz presents his protocol for administering prevention and speedy recoveries.

His most recent text, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, has prompted a revolution in the music industry improving recording artistry and music therapy with the use of C=528Hz(A=444Hz) tuning that produces “medicinal music.”

Dr. Horowitz’s documentary, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.


If you do a Google search on Sherri Kane, you will probably notice she has been widely defamed by the Troll Triad and their “socks”–a seemingly large group of racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist men who obviously feel their lives spent on the Internet libeling her is a profitable pastime.

Here are some political reasons why:

Sherri Kane is America’s gutsiest investigative journalist, news commentator, psycho-social analyst, and political activist, specializing in uncovering what predators do to women, children, and even animals.

She exposes human and animal rights violators, child sex traffickers, and human slavery networks, several involving high ranking government officials.

Sherri does not hesitate to investigate, analyze, and vet the dark world of government and intelligence agencies’ corruption, and agents’ complicity in organized crimes.

She refutes the propaganda published to manipulate and damage people, and exposes what is being concealed by the FBI/CIA’s COINTELPRO (that was supposed to have stopped abusing people and depriving human rights in 1976 by Acts of Congress).

Sherri delves into conspiracy realities so dark that very few people dare to study them.

Related to this article, for instance, you may have heard of the political fracas involving certain members of Congress, a high ranking official in the Republican Party, and the mysterious disappearances and abuses of children at “Boys Town” in Nebraska, called “The Franklin Cover-up.”

Thanks to Ms. Kane’s heroic investigative reporting, the matter has now been exposed as “The Franklin Double-coverup.”

You may recall the Gulf Oil Crisis, maybe even the extensive coverage Jesse Ventura and TruTV gave to the “Conspiracy Theory” implicating Halliburton, BP, and TransOcean in the intentional explosion and environmental devastation in the Gulf of Mexico. Ms Kane sourced the story and appears on the segment.

Sherri wrote the foreword to Dr. Horowitz’s music-industry-transforming book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, and co-produced and is co-starring in Dr. Horowitz’s controversial docu-comedy PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, winner of the 2010 Accolade Award for “Uniqueness in Documentary Film-making.”

That film heavily influenced online video production for thousands of subsequent Internet producer. Sherri also stars in Dr. Horowitz’s latest documentary, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro that won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.

Ms. Kane also co-wrote Space Pearl Harbor, reviewed in the 39-minute news program seen HERE.

Ms. Kane is the Vice President of Medical Veritas online journal, has published works in newspapers, magazines and many websites, and has been interviewed worldwide including on Al Jazeera’s A9 Turkey, The Veritas Show, the BBC’s Talk Radio Europe, Late Night In The Midlands, WAC Connecticut, LA Talk Radio, and many others.

She co-hosts the Hollywood Spin series of film reviews with Dr. Horowitz viewed on and Vimeo’s Revolution Television Channel.

Sherri is currently collaborating with Dr. Horowitz on various projects including Healthy World Organization (HWO), the alternative to the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO),, and advancing the power of “528 Hz” frequency for global healing, as experienced at,, and

For their work together exposing devil-doing operatives in the media, Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane were christened “The HOROKANE” by Alma C. Ott, exposed in this article.

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