Copy and Paste the Following Title and Text to Oppose Judge Recktenwald’s Rule 8.4 Proposed Change

Mark Recktenwald proposes 'License to Kill'

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Two steps to copy and paste:


STEP 1: Paste into the first open field in the PUBLIC RESPONSE FORM HERE:

“Proposal to Amend Rule 8.4(c) of the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct–EXEMPTING COVERT GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATIONS.”


STEP 2: Then copy and paste the following text, or your own statement:

I strongly oppose the “Proposal to Amend Rule 8.4(c) of the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct–EXEMPTING COVERT GOVERNMENT INVESTIGATIONS” because:

(1) It is unclear, ill-defined, and lacks ‘transparency’ defying the positive intent of ‘Sunshine Acts’ and citizens’ participation in government;

(2) Disciplinary oversight and law enforcement has failed miserably to protect citizens against lying lawyers that this proposal would protect and worsen;

(3) This rule change appears to permit lawyers to lie about anything, including “participating” in “covert actions” in which people may be killed, severely injured, or deprived of their rights and properties by rogue agents in government, and possibly the underworld too;

(4) the legislative branch of government (that gives and/or permits the judicial branch of government ethics rules) has not received adequate Notice of this proposed rule change and justification(s) for it;

(5) The public too has not received adequate information about this rule change to give ‘informed consent’ to this proposal;

(6) Corruption in the Department of Justice is rampant as news headlines herald daily. Shady lawyers lying about participating in assorted crimes committed “under color of law” would further damage DOJ and local courts, in effect, encouraging injustice, citizens’ scorn, and potential violence; (6) The civil and criminal justice system depends on “telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

By permitting government lawyers, or even mob attorneys who claim to be participating (as informants or consultants) in “legal government covert operations,” this license to lie and commit fraud rips at the fabric of the American justice system and law enforcement. This unconscionable rule change exclusively favors the covert operators, secret operations, and organized crime syndicates; not just the ‘good-guys’ in government, and certainly no citizens needing protection from organized crime and corrupted courts.