Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Disciplinarian Advised to Resign in Widening Public Corruption Scandal

Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Disciplinarian Advised to Resign in Widening Public Corruption Scandal


Release: No. Tamm ODC 1
Date Mailed: Dec. 13, 2018
For Immediate Release
Contact: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org

Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Disciplinarian Advised to Resign in Widening Public Corruption Scandal

Honolulu, HI – The Executive Director of the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s Office of Disciplinary Council (“ODC”), Bradley R. Tamm, should resign for ethics violations, conflicting interests, and aiding-and-abetting fellow lawyers engaged in drug trafficking, real estate money laundering, and bribery among assorted racketeering activities, according to a complaint filed with several state and federal agencies by officials of Medical Veritas, the publisher of ProSeLegalAide.com, a consumer protection and court-victim support service directed by Harvard-trained President, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.

Widening the federal public corruption investigation already netting Honolulu justice officials, Horowitz’s study and complaint corroborates the 2016 judicial corruption study published by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law.[1] Discoveries show Hawaii is the only state in America operating covertly or “above the law.”

Justice officials here administer a system that disregards the legislated Code of Ethics, and the State’s “Sunshine Act,” to insulate judges and their appointees, including Tamm, from political, executive, and public scrutiny.

According to the State’s 1978 Code of Ethics exclusively applicable, there is no ‘legislatively-authorized administrative board that is jurisdictionally-empowered to hear this kind of complaint charging ‘brother Tamm’ with ethics violations, torts and crimes,” the complaint reads.

This racket requires federal agents and agencies to supplement investigations that have already brought three Honolulu prosecutors linked to corruption into the public spotlight, the complainants report.


Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald and Subordinates Clifford Nakea and Bradley Tamm face judicial racket complaints.

Complaint Evidences Lawlessness by Tamm and Fellow Lawyers

“Besides undermining the public’s trust in our justice officials, this lawlessness undermines the legislative and executive balance of powers,” says ODC witness and fellow victim of Tamm’s alleged crimes, Sherri Kane, the Vice President of Medical Veritas International, Inc. “Action here against Tamm by State justice officials without jurisdiction would be un-Constitutional and un-American. That’s why we need federal agents and agencies to step in.”

Horowitz and Kane’s 30-page complaint provides standards for law enforcers as a public service, and also to regain possession of their stolen home. Copies of the complaint published online at Medical Veritas.[2] were served on Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald of the Supreme Court, along with the Hawaii Commission on Judicial Conduct, the State Ethics Commission, and federal officials.

Public records prove previously disciplined lawyers Tamm and Paul J. Sulla, Jr., of Hilo were complicit in the theft of the couple’s property. The “conversion” was administered by Sulla using a string of forged deeds, mortgages, and fake “church” registrations. The County of Hawaii began unwinding the corruption after discovering Sulla’s warranty deed to the couples’ property contained a land-grabbing alteration in the deed that Sulla falsely filed with the State’s Bureau of Conveyances.

Click this banner to view a 10-minute video confrontation with Mr. Tamm by Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane.

“This kind of thing happens all the time in Hawaii,” said one county tax official who requested anonymity.

ODC Director Tamm acted to dismiss Kane’s ODC complaint against Sulla, just as Tamm had done in Horowitz’s bankruptcy filing seeking federal protection against Sulla’s crime gang. The property theft was to have been “avoided” by the government’s trustee, Howard Hu. Instead, Tamm acted with Hu to protect Sulla, and misrepresented and concealed evidence against Sulla.

Tamm did the same with Kane’s complaint requested by the ODC. Tamm’s subordinates had been advancing Kane’s case against Gary Victor Dubin [3] –the nation’s leading foreclosure fraud celebrity broadcasting weekly on iHeart Radio as advertised on Fox News. Tamm acted to undermine the Dubin investigation by dismissing Kane’s complaints against Sulla and his “bribed co-counsel” Stephen D. Whittaker. Dubin was hired by the couple to stop Sulla’s illegal non-judicial foreclosure. Instead, Dubin enabled Sulla’s theft scheme according to documented evidence attached to the complaint. Subsequently, Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald denied the ODC’s complaint against Dubin, [4] prompting the ODC to obtain supplemental evidence from Kane against Dubin who had previously been imprisoned for tax evasion. Tamm subsequently dismissed Kane’s complaints.

In August 2018, the ODC solicited Kane to file the supplemental complaints against the lawyers working with Dubin. Kane responded by filing charges claiming Dubin and Whittaker helped Sulla steal the couple’s million-dollar spa property on the Big Island.

According to the activists’ complaint, Hawaii County Tax Department officials discovered the latest in a series of Sulla-forged deeds used to steal the couple’s house and neighboring lots. County council and tax officials voided Sulla’s fraudulent warranty deed, leaving the ejected couple with the only valid title to the property Sulla currently criminally possesses.


Sulla and his agent, Marc Shackman, who was reprimanded by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”) in 2016 for illegally trafficking the Class I narcotic hallucinogen “DMT,” currently occupies Horowitz’s spa and advertises it for sale. They also illegally advertise “huasca tourism” from the property. They accommodate Hawaii tourists for “journeying” on the “DMT” under Sulla’s “marriage and family therapy” license. The drug has been manufactured for years by Sulla’s “church” and trafficked to the mainland through local real estate firms under the watchful eyes of state officials, especially Hilo prosecutor, Mitch Roth.

“This case expands the public corruption indictments brought by the feds involving many Honolulu officials,” Kane explained. “Recently, three top prosecutors have been advised to resign or go on leave for actions far less serious than Tamm committed here while concealing his own interests favoring the known drug kingpin, Sulla. Tamm’s actions also directly conflict with the ODC’s ongoing investigation of Dubin. It was Dubin and Tamm who enabled Sulla to cause our ejectment. They made us homeless.”

Solid evidence against the previously publicly-censured and repeatedly disqualified Sulla was purposely neglected by Tamm, who was suspended in California before coming to Hawaii. Tamm’s was disciplined in a “Private Reproval” for substance abuse, alcoholism, embezzling clients’ money, thievery, evading making restitution payments to his victims, practicing law without a license, along with an assortment of other malpractices. He became unemployment and was homelessness at the time he was taken in by the Honolulu Chapter of the Attorneys’ and Judges’ Support Group . . . sponsored by the Supreme Court of Hawaii. Supposedly, he successfully rehabbed.

But the ODC Director didn’t rehab enough to abstain from helping Sulla and Hu defraud Horowitz, steal his estate, and bilk honest creditors out of their money.  Tamm turned a blind eye to clear and convincing evidence of bribery by Sulla of ‘brother’ Whittaker, paid to conceal Sulla’s theft scheme and keep Sulla from having to testify as a witness at trial in a state case.

Tamm also flagrantly lied about Dr. Horowitz’s litigation history against Sulla to prejudice bankruptcy Judge Robert Faris to rule in Sulla’s favor.

“Tamm made sure Sulla got our house,” the doctor said. “Tamm violated his oath of office to deny me my civil rights and property rights. Tamm consistently neglected federal laws and bankruptcy laws supposedly protecting me. Instead of ‘avoiding’ Sulla’s theft as Tamm was required by duties to do, Tamm, Dubin and the complicit trustee Hu facilitated Sulla’s theft scheme.”

This matter of internal affairs at the ODC and Supreme Court of Hawaii requires scrutiny by independent federal agents, a grand jury, and the general public in lieu of the social importance and risks to public health and safety from Sulla’s illegal drug trafficking enterprise damaging people on the mainland.



References & Updates

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[2] Click to download pdf of: COMPLAINT w- Exhibits 1-21 to Ethics Commission et al RE- Bradley Tamm 12-13-18

[3] Click for pdf download of: ODC v Dubin Original Memorandum in Support of Petition 035327230.

[4] Click for pdf download of: Supreme Court Ruling in OCD v Dubin Petition for Suspension Denied Aug 13 2018

[5] Click for pdf download of: Bradley Tamm’s California Disciplinary Private Reproval File, including details evidencing alcohol and “self medication” record, embezzlement of clients’ money, evasion of making restitution payments to his victims, and unemployment and homelessness at the time he was taken in by the Honolulu Chapter of the Attorneys’ and Judges’ Support Group . . . sponsored by the Supreme Court of Hawaii .


UPDATE 1-4-19

[6] Click for pdf download of: CHAIRMAN NAKEA NOTICE 12-24-18, instantly dismissing the ODC Complaint against Tamm in violation of several rules and conflicting interest prohibitions. According to knowledge and belief, Chairman Nakea appointed Tamm to the ODC Directorship.

[7] Click to download a pdf of Dr. Horowitz’s ODC Complaint against Clifford Nakea w/ Exhibits filed 1-7-19

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