THIS ARTICLE SHOULD TERMINATE TMT–The Secret TMT Military Story: Control Over Hawaii’s Thirty Meter Telescope, Rail Projects, and The Mass Mind

TMT Military Secrets Revealed: Hawaii’s Military Controllers Bankroll the Thirty Meter Telescope, Rail Project and Public Fraud


Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane


Honolulu, HI (–There are a lot of people who would like to know the real “TMT Military Story.” Many wish to view the little-known Air Force contracts underlying the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) proposal. Nearly everyone would like to end the ‘standoff’ between secretive officials and the vocal ‘Protectors’ of the sacred Mauna Kea.

This article should terminate the TMT by providing these records and summarizing the whole true story thus far concealed.

tmt military

TMT military

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The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The TMT proposal began, supposedly, with Gordon Moore, the co-founder and chairman emeritus of Intel Corporation.

Moore made his $10.4 billion net worth mainly from computer chip semiconductors serving military and consumer markets.

Liberally quoting from the scholarly law review published by John T. Reinert in the Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business in 2013:

“In 1999, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States’ principal foreign intelligence and spy organization, chartered the first government-sponsored venture capital firm, dubbed ‘In-Q-Tel,’ in February 1999.”

“Envisioned as a platform to expand the research and development (R&D) efforts of the CIA into the private sector, In-Q-Tel’s mission is ‘to identify, adapt, and deliver innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency and broader U.S. Intelligence Community.’ ”

That’s where you really need to begin to seriously consider the military involvements in the TMT project concealed from the public for reasons revealed herein beginning with Gordon Moore and the CIA’s adaptation of Intel’s brand to form “In-Q-Tel.”

“Shortly after In-Q-Tel opened for business,” Reinert continued, “an article in the Los Angeles Daily Journal described the partnership between the firm and the CIA as “an out-of-the-box marriage between the federal government and Silicon Valley.”

“As the writer put it, ‘This is a tale of James Bond meets venture capitalist.’

“True, the CIA wanted to play up the mystique of James Bond—the “Q” in the firm’s name, placed between “Intel” (shorthand for “Intelligence”), refers to James Bond’s fictional inventor of high-tech spy gear and other gadgets.

“However, characterizing In-Q-Tel solely as a venture capital firm is somewhat inaccurate. Indeed, In-Q-Tel has variously (and correctly) been called a ‘technology accelerator,’ ‘private nonprofit venture capital company,’ as well as ‘the “venture capital arm” of the CIA.”

“Reflecting its focus on R&D, In-Q-Tel refers to itself as a ‘strategic investment firm.’

“But the best definition of In-Q-Tel’s business model is supplied by an independent report prepared by Business Executives for National Security (BENS), an organization that fosters an exchange of ideas between the private and public sectors. . . .

“More precisely… In-Q-Tel is an evolving blend of various business, nonprofit, and government research and development (R&D) models. It is most analogous to a corporate strategic venture capital entity—like those maintained by major technology firms.”

The BENS report noted that, while profit was important, In-Q-Tel primarily “seeks enhanced innovation, earlier discovery of relevant technologies, and more direct information on market developments.”

“To form In-Q-Tel, Reinert disclosed, “The CIA approached Norman Augustine, the former chief executive officer (CEO) of the aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin, to serve as the firm’s founder, since Augustine had ‘the experience and passion necessary to start the Corporation.’ Augustine accepted.

“In February 1999, the CIA chartered In-Q-Tel as “a private, independent, nonprofit corporation” incorporated in Delaware.

The original corporate charter described In-Q-Tel’s mission as follows: ‘[T]o exploit and develop new and emerging information technologies and pursue R&D that produce innovative solutions to the most difficult problems facing the CIA and Intelligence Community.”’

Meanwhile, Bill Gates’s organization at Microsoft made known its Executive Vice President, Bob Herbold, had joined Gordon Moore of Intel, Norman Augustine of Lockheed Martin, Charles M. Vest, president of MIT, and other IT leaders, in establishing The Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST).

They boasted including non-profit groups such  as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (leader in cancer research) and the Semiconductor Industry Association heavily influenced by Gordon Moore’s research and developments.

It should also be noted that MIT, and Charles M. Vest, played a substantial role in the development of the TMT’s CCID microchip of principle interest to everyone in military surveillance and reconnaissance, because of the advanced technology’s enormous power in laser integrated weapons systems.

tmt military

Microsoft reported that, “The council will assist the [Bush and subsequent} administration[s] by developing recommendations on a wide range of issues — from utilizing technology in the war on terrorism and investigating new ways to reduce energy consumption to reducing barriers to broadband availability.

Consequently, in  2007, when Moore and his wife’s quasi-philanthopy, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, donated (actually invested for future rewards) their initial $200 million to Caltech and the University of California (UC) for the construction of the TMT.

It would be ridiculous to presume the CIA and intelligence community would not share MIT’s, Moore’s and the Air Force’s interests in the project.

According to the very limited information supplied by the CIA’s mouthpiece, Wikipedia, on this subject, “The TMT will have a segmented mirror 30 meters across and be built on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.”

What Wikipedia purposely neglected to mention is that at the center of those mirrors is the semiconductor, microship, intelligence industry’s most advanced surveillance and reconnaissance ever developed, contracted to be tested for the U.S. Air Force–the “eye” of the telescope–the CCID prototype chip based largely on the technology that Gordon Moore had advanced at Intel.


A History of Secrecy, Collusion, and Construction Fraud

To begin, Moore’s agents at Intel and the TMT Observatory Corporation (affiliated with Caltech and the UC), hired The Keystone Center officiated by Peter Adler and Janesse Brewer to devise a plan to manipulate Native Hawaiians into accepting the TMT project.

Everyone involved knew that Hawaiian spirituality concerns would be troublesome.

Their remedy was to conduct focus groups to identify weak spots in the Kanaka Maoli’s arguments, and strengths favoring the “science” project. The goal was to develop a persuasive campaign and ‘meme’ that would counterbalance the idea of Mauna Kea’s sacredness.

Once that first step was taken, the plan called for identifying people in the Hawaiian community who could be paid or bribed to promote that meme “pro science and astronomy”.


The Parsons Brickerhoff Military Contractor

Parsons Brickerhoff (PB) is the common thread burdening Hawaii taxpayers financially to support the Honolulu Rail Project, and if permitted to go forward, the TMT construction.

As made known by the New York Post in 2017, since 1948, the United States federal government has relied primarily on this one company to secure its military leadership in the event of a national emergency, such as a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons attack.

PB is the largest designer and constructor of underground military bases in the world.

PB is also the lead contractor on the Honolulu Rail Project (HonRail).

PB’s works include the U.S. military’s Raven Rock installation. This is considered the ‘underground pentagon.

It is where Pentagon officials would go for their alternate headquarters to continue military operations in the event of nuclear, biological or chemical warfare threatening terrestrial living.

In addition, PB built every major security facility for which underground digging was necessary. The Raven Rock facilities in Lillington, NC, near Camp David.

PB had developed unique tunneling expertise while working on the New York City subway system. 3,100 feet of granite was mined near Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania for that military installation. And Boston’s “Big Dig” connecting the downtown to Logan Airport by tunneling beneath Boston Harbor was engineered by PB.

tmt militaryThere were very few engineers in the world with that kind of experience.

Hollowing out a mountain and building war rooms, “in essence, a free-standing city inside of [Raven Rock],” wrote Susannah Cahalan for the NY Post, was PB’s calling.

The US government generally preferred Parsons Brinckerhof.

And PB was no stranger to Hawaii.

PB constructed an assortment of highways, tunnels, and bridges in Hawaii for state, federal, and military clients.

There are indications that the Kaneohe, Hawaii secret underground installation, rarely observed and reported by citizens, is connected to U.S. Pacific Fleet operations was dug by PB.

Consequently, Hawaiians have been reasonably concerned about the likelihood that the TMT above ground will pale in significance compared to what is secretly planned beneath TMT.

Digging deep into the heart of sacred Mauna Kea from the summit, while regularly fracking millions of gallons of polluted water into the lava fissures and wells at the Puna Geothermal site below, cannot be reasonably reconciled with ‘sacred spirituality.’


Applying Con-Artistry

So Adler and Brewer needed to develop a public relations scheme to circumvent these challenges.

They decided to conceal and deny the military involvements.

And this fraudulent concealment was vital for another most important reason. The Mauna Kea land grant and Master Plan never allowed for a military installation in a “scientific reserve.”

So it became imperative that any and all military uses of the telescope would be hidden from the public.

The local media went right along with the ploy. And that shows you the dim-witted criminal-complicity of Hawaii’s journalists, editors, and owners of the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Hawaii News Now, KHON 2, Civil Beat, Big Island Tribune Herald and West Hawaii Today, and the lame-brain ‘right wing rag’ Hawaii Free Press.

Each of them concealed what we unearthed and reported in a dozen articles, a book, and two documentaries.

The liars and concealers carefully constructed the meme of ‘astronomy’ being compatible with Hawaiian spirituality.

If the truth about the military connections were ever disclosed, they considered, it would undermine the effectiveness of TMT’s propaganda. It could end much more than the billion-dollar boon to PB and the Carpenter’s Union.

Toward this end the media became complicit. And the local politicians, including Gov. David Ige, willfully and blindly joined the fraud and concealment racket for profit and campaign financing.

TMT officials were instructed to categorically deny any military connection between TMT and the military on their web site.

This cover up enabled TMT to represent on their permit application that they were in full compliance with the allowable uses of the Mauna Kea ‘Science Reserve’.

Officials at PB joined forces with the Carpenter’s Union officials to direct their political payoffs. Their political action (PAC) organization became the strongest in the state. (1)

The Carpenter’s Union PAC group was called ‘Pacific Resources.’

This group mounted a propaganda war against Native Hawaiians, and anyone who would publicly oppose the ‘astronomy project’ was accused of denying children education, lucrative tourism, and the general economy.

The complicit University of Hawaii’s Chancellor’s Office decided to go along with this fraud too. The UH gave PB the green light to proceed by their publication of the Environment Impact Statement (EIS).

The EIS, that substantially neglected the cultural concerns of Native Hawaiians and the military involvements altogether, was heralded as a victory for the TMT.

Next, more propaganda was needed. Dawn Chang of KuiWalu Hoakea LLC was put into action. She was already on the Carpenter Union’s payroll to promote the Honolulu Rail Project.

Chang was given the contract to play the shill and give the appearance of conducting open and non-biased community meetings.

It was Hoakea’s role to pretend UH and TMT officials were complying with Judge Glenn Hara’s orders that were eventually codified into the Mauna Kea Master Plan. This mandated real community dialogue.

But instead of ‘real community dialogue,’ citizens were provided with the same manipulative deceit the Hara’s order specifically forbade.

Should all of this fraud ever be openly contested, it could and should result in the TMT’s building permit being revoked. Criminal charges would likewise be justified.

Image result for see no evil speakNow that the military contracts are beginning to come to light, TMT officials, their Hawaiian shills, and their bribed media and legislators, have decided to ignore the partnership between the U.S. Air Force, the Starfire Optical Range, MIT and the TMT.

The plain truth is, TMT will be the largest military reconnaissance and surveillance station ever built.

It will be capable of tracking any moving object on earth or above it, as small as 36 inches, any time, day or night.


The Fraud Flows Down the Mauna

It is no coincidence that the entire perimeter of the Big Island’s home to the Israeli-Japanese-American Puna Geothermal Ventures military property was cleared of all residences and potential community interference by the 2018 Kīlauea lava flow.

The simple fact that all politicians and news outlets neglected the scientific consensus that concluded that that eruption was caused by fracking, evidences how disinterested in science the local lawmakers and news editors actually are.

Living in that neighborhood as we did for many years, we were always worried about more than the incomprehensible lacking cell phone service in our area of Puna. The obvious isolation from ‘civilization’ was worrisome.

Add to this our knowledge of the planned expansion of the hydrogen fuel manufacturing operation at Puna Geothermal advancing in alliance with the U.S military and Israeli Ormat Company.

Our intelligence sources shared the importance of the U.S. military’s reliance on, and growing need for, hydrogen fuel. It is used to keep military drones flying silently and inexpensively over long distances.

The lava flow that destroyed 300 homes in our neighborhood we consider intended to secure unimpeded expansion for access to the hydrogen fuel and well-drilling operations throughout this region.

Evidence for our concerns compounded with the uncanny way in which the lava flow completely encircled and spared the entire geothermal operation; but destroyed vast acres of land on every side of it.

The massive destruction never touched a single well. That is too ‘coincidental’ to be disregarded or simply dismissed.

Hydrogen is the fuel source that will power the developing world, and the predicted drone war in the Pacific.

By merging the reconnaissance and warfare guidance capability of the TMT to drone combat operations, America is positioned to project force anywhere in the Pacific for sure, and probably planet wide.

This is why the siting of TMT on sacred Mauna Kea is in America’s military interest.

In our opinion, any indication that TMT is considering moving to another location is false, naive, and misleading.

The good people of  Hawaii need a miracle to move TMT elsewhere. (For this reason, your prayers are encouraged.)


Summary and Conclusion

The conflict surrounding the TMT is not between science and the sacred, but between military might and the aloha spirit. Will America’s justification to protect its military interests by force in the Pacific out maneuver Native Hawaiian’s right to protect the sacredness of the Mauna? Time will tell.

While there are those who would argue it is America’s right to do what it chooses to do in the interest of military might and national security, that is not the question.

The question here is whether it is lawful for TMT and the American military to lie to people, and deny Native Hawaiians the information needed to engage honestly and openly in the debate.

American courts have already answered that question. The courts have ruled in favor of full and honest disclosure, and absolute reverence to the spiritual and religious rights of the Kanaka Maoli on the entire mountain. (2)

It is now up to the TMT enterprise, its military partners, and cowardly greedy legislators and law enforcers, to follow the law. (3)




(1) According to Hawaii Business Magazine, Carpenter’s Union officials were complicit in the fraud. Quoting this source: “It’s a huge project for us,” says Dean Au, field representative of the carpenters union, referring to the planned Thirty Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea. “Hilo is the poorest town in Hawaii. Our economy is in dire need of an uplift.”

“TMT business manager David Goodman says 20 percent to 30 percent of the $1.4 billion will be spent in Hawaii, with most of that on Hawaii Island. In round numbers, that means about $300 million to $400 million spent in the state from groundbreaking in April 2014 to completion in 2022.

That includes an estimated 300 temporary construction jobs on Hawaii Island, which has yet to fully recover from the financial crash of 2008.

“Many of those jobs will go to carpenters and drywallers belonging to Au’s union, the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters.

The carpenters were the lead union negotiators in July 2009 when a memorandum of understanding was signed with the nonprofit TMT’s board of directors.

Subsequently, 15 other unions signed on to the agreement that guarantees “area-standard wages,” which means prevailing union wages for construction crews.

“After it is completed, TMT will provide an estimated 120 to 140 permanent jobs in Hilo and on Mauna Kea, according to organizers.

Additional work, such as computer and network support and machine shop projects, will be contracted locally.

For instance, in August, a Hawaii firm was hired to conduct geotechnical tests at the site at a cost of $600,000.”


(2) According to a Harvard Law review that considered the TMT in the context of “Public Trust Doctrine,” “while the University’s interests may be ‘superior’ to exclusively private commercial interests like those in Waiahole, they are not to be afforded any greater weight than petitioners’ [i.e., the Natives] interests.

Petitioners’ best strategy here is to somehow demonstrate that their use of the land in question cannot coexist with TMT, such that the balance of competing uses skews in their favor.

While the BLNR found ‘a dearth of native Hawaiian uses of the specific location of the TMT project,’ petitioners may not need to demonstrate significant use of the site itself if it can sufficiently explain how any use of that area is inconsistent with their protected religious and cultural use of the summit as a whole.” [Emphasis added.]

The aforementioned facts vetting the fraudulent concealment of military ‘abuses’ from the summit to the Puna coast of the Mauna legally terminate any further debate in favor of the Hawaiians.


(3) Contract law in this case also terminates further debate. According to paragraphs 8 & 16 of the Conservation District Use Permit, ” the Project must comply with the Comprehensive Management Plan which it does not for reasons of military connections/operations fraud, fraudulent concealment, desecration of sacred property, and violations of Natives rights.

Paragraph 16 of this contract precludes “false, incomplete, or inaccurate” information violations as clearly present here.


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