Energizer Battery Bunny Keeps Suing, Lying, and Stealing: BOYCOTT ENERGIZER BUY ANYTHING ELSE!



Eveready Battery Company Sues Humanitarian Dr. Leonard Horowitz Claiming Confusion Over His ” 528 Auto Energisers ” to Steal the Doctor’s Domain AutoEnergizers.com: Lawyer John Gary Maynard III Defends Theft Stating Consumers Confuse the Doctor’s “No Battery Needed” Magnetic Field Self-Therapy Pyramids with the Eveready Company.


Honolulu, HI — Their commercials say, ” “Still going. Nothing outlasts the Energizer. They keep going and going …” But all they are really doing is lying, cheating, stealing, and hiring the largest and most corrupt law firm in America to bully small business and unwitting citizens to steal their properties to expand Eveready’s brands beyond Duracell superiority.


“America has largely been destroyed by corporate criminals and complicit lawyers,” says Dr. Horowitz, the latest victim of Energizer corruption.

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