Maui Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza Mob Exposed with Attorney Paul J. Sulla Complicity in Property Theft, Again!

Maui Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza Mob Exposed with Attorney Paul J. Sulla Complicity in Property Theft, Again!


A San Francisco Family Gets ‘Raked-Over-the-Coals’ by Hawaii’s Corrupt Lawyers and ‘Retiring’ Judge Joseph Cardoza

Maui Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza’s Mob Exposed with Attorney Paul J. Sulla Complicity in Property Theft, Again!


Quentin Thomas Wells*

(on behalf of the Giordano Family pictured below)





Kirk and Jacqui Giordano before being damaged, distressed, and Jacqui being made deathly ill from the ‘Cardoza mob’s’ alleged conspiracy to steal their Maui, Hawaii properties.

This article describes a criminal conspiracy by officers of the Hawaii State Court system associated with Judge Joseph Cardoza, who along and others, including bribed notaries, bankers, private investigators, and politicians defraud real property owners and prospective buyers of land parcels offered for sale by the State of Hawaii to recover unpaid taxes on properties. Victims of their fraud and conspiracy have lost money, and even their families and lives, damaged by ‘owning’ a home in ‘paradise.’ Ownership of real property here, on Maui, the “Big Island,” Kauai, and Oahu, risks tragedy and bankruptcy courtesy of the “Judicial Racket” as you will read below. This true story compounds evidence tragically neglected by federal investigators, much like many other narratives published on The activities of those exposed here, ‘shocks the conscience.’

We have compiled this report on behalf of the victims and society at-large. We detail our personal experience as fellow victims of the conspiracy in the hope that a federal prosecutor or ‘legitimate’ Hawaii law enforcement agency will be able to use the information herein, and our testimonies, to expose and prosecute the persons who perpetrated these conspiracies more common in Hawaii than any other state in the United States according to our knowledge and belief as fellow investigators and ‘whistelblowers.’

The authors, editors, victims and witnesses who have prepared this article, including the principle story-teller, Quenin T. Wells, previously with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, do not seek money or to recover their personal losses. It’s too late to recover damages from those who defrauded us and our loved ones. We write only to prevent others from experiencing similar losses from this continuing criminal enterprise that features several of Hawaii’s most corrupt lawyers. The main ‘suspects’ are pictured above. But they represent the ‘tip-of-the-iceberg.’ Their crimes are supplemented by their network of Hawaii Bar members, and the appalling way lawyers are encouraged by the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s corrupt leadership, controlling the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, that purposely dismisses these kinds of horror stories. Their stats are appalling. Every year in Hawaii more than 700 complaints are lodged against Bar members. Only one-in-seven get investigated. Only four-or-five actually get disciplined. This characterizes the “Judicial Racket” controlling the courts and commerce in the “Aloha State.”



Our story began when we were declared the “high bidders” on a parcel of a property offered for sale at the annual tax auction on Maui in 2014. We purchased two beautiful (but severely neglected) properties located side-by-side on a double lot at 1020 Hiehie Street Makawao, HI 96768. These properties were both formerly owned by two sisters, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau and Moana Penelope Ramos, who inherited them from their parents.

After inheriting title to the properties, the sisters failed to pay any property taxes on them from 1987, the year of inheritance, through 2014 inclusive. Although the younger sister, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau, actually lived in one of the residences on the property and the elder sister, Moana Penelope Ramos, lived in nearby Honolulu, neither paid any taxes during a period of about 26 years. We believe that their reason for not paying taxes was a personal dispute or grudge they held against one another.
Both of the homes we purchased were built on a large corner double lot, with beautiful ocean views. The main home had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, living room, and dining room, as well as a laundry room and two additional rooms suitable for offices or other uses. It also included a separate lower level living unit complete with three bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom.

The second home was built in 1976, a few years after the main home, on an adjacent lot split off from the original home’s oversize lot. It was much smaller, consisting of only two rooms, but shared the same beautiful ocean views as its larger neighbor.

The homes are located in an upper-class neighborhood of historic Makawao, an area known as a tourist attraction on the island of Maui.

These homes were offered for sale at several tax auctions prior to 2014, but surprisingly, no buyers expressed interest or offered any bids so we became interested in purchasing them.

Before bidding on these properties, we did due diligence research to determine ownership and whether any encumbrances on the title existed. From our title search, conducted through Old Republic Title and Escrow of Hawaii, we found the homes were deeded to the two sisters, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau and Moana Penelope Ramos, as tenants in common in 1987. In May 1996, the older sister, Moana, added her husband, Jerry Ramos, and her daughter, KimberlyKehaulani Ramos Caspillo, as co-owners of her 50% ownership interest in the properties by means of a deed dated 28 May 1996, and recorded on that date as Document No. 96-107204 with the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.

Further research in public records revealed Moana Ramos hired Mitchell S. Burns, attorney at law, of the Hawaii Estate Planning Law group located in Honolulu, HI, to transfer by means of a warranty (or quitclaim) deed, her 50% ownership interest in the property back into her name alone, thus removing her former husband, Jerry Ramos, (from whom she was by then divorced) and her daughter, Kimberly Caspillo, from any ownership interest in her 50% interest in the property. This deed was recorded at the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances on March 15, 2001, at 3:00 p.m. (Document No: 2001-037345, by Carl T. Watanabe, Acting Registrar of Conveyances).

The March 15, 2001 deed (Document No: 2001-037345) superseded the past deed (Document No.96-107204) dated May 28th 1996 that gave the grantee, Moana Penelope Ramos, 50% ownership of the property. The deed required her to warrant and defend against any and all lawful claims and demands of all persons.

We have highlighted in detail the two deeds described above because the subsequent failure of the court Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza on Maui to recognize the existence of the second deed and the omission of any mention of it by the plaintiffs in the legal actions that followed was the primary means by which a fraudulent claim was upheld by Cardoza, and our purchase of the property was invalidated.


Sisters Who Wouldn’t Pay Taxes

With Moana Ramos’s death in 2011, her 50% interest in the property legally passed to the surviving sister, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau, who was still living with her son on the property in Maui. Julia Talifolau, the surviving tenant in common, thus became the sole owner of the property and both homes.

Given the unusual circumstances of Kimberly Caspillo, the daughter of the deceased sister, Moana Ramos’s, having deeded back her rights in the property to her mother, and the fact that Moana Ramos died intestate and that no will, trust or other document dealing with her estate existed in any public record in 2014, three years after her death, we thought it wise to consult an attorney prior to making any bid on the property.

This phone consultation was with Dow Patent, an attorney specializing in Hawaiian real estate redemption law. We asked him whether the daughter, Kimberly Caspillo, could buy back her mother’s interest in the property under the terms of Hawaii’s redemption program. He informed us that, if Kimberly Caspillo’s mother did, in fact, have a will, trust or probate, whether or not the document was made a public record, the daughter could inherit ownership of her mother’s 50% of the property.

The attorney also stated that, if no documents were brought forward as proof of inheritance through a will, trust or probate, then Kimberly Caspillo could not buy back an interest in the property since allowing her to do so would violate two laws in Hawaii: the homestead act of 1920, and the underlying public policy of H.R.S. 246-60, which allows only legal property owners the opportunity to recover their residence following a tax sale.

When the property and the homes on it were auctioned in 2014 for non-payment of taxes for the past 31 years, that sale became final because no documents purporting to be a will, trust, or probate of Moana Ramos were brought forward and also because her daughter, Kimberly Caspillo, had not previously obtained any interest in the property under the Homestead Act. When Kimberly Caspillo signed the quitclaim deed disposing of her interest in the property in 2001, she also signed away her birthright interest as a Hawaiian native.

After making our winning high bid for the property and both homes at the Maui tax auction, we met with the former homeowner, Julia Talifolau, and explained what we had done. To our relief, she told us that she already knew the homes were up for sale for many years prior for unpaid back taxes. She did not offer any reason why the taxes were not paid for so many years and we did not inquire further into the matter.

We asked Julia Talifolau whether she had a place of residence available to move to. She said she did not and also stated that she had no funds with which to move or pay for a new residence. We advised her that she had the right to claim the remaining cash (which amounted to over $30,000) that we paid in excess of the taxes and fees owing for the property from the county assessor’s office as this money was rightfully hers to use as she wished. It could help her move or since she was formerly the sole heir of 100% of the property, we also explained that she had the option under the Hawaiian redemption laws to buy back the property if she could pay the additional cost of unpaid taxes from the date when she inherited her interest in 1987. She said that, for personal reasons, she would be much happier leaving the area. One would have to view the home to understand this reasoning. We said she could stay in the home until she picked up her surplus cash as long as she left the homes reasonably clean. She promised to claim the excess money and thanked us for telling her about it.


The Dilapidated  Homes

As the new homeowners, we advised her that we would have to obtain insurance on the properties. In our opinion, they were currently uninhabitable as both had roof holes several feet wide that allowed constant tropical rain to enter, causing wood rot and mold to develop and pose a danger of disease. A visual inspection revealed many animals living in the larger home. Some were chained outside. The residents also appeared to be using the second home as a dump site.

Both homes were literally falling apart with many abandoned vehicles sitting outside on just their chassis as they had no wheels. We documented the unsanitary conditions and the decayed physical state of the properties with extensive video footage and photographs.

We realized we were now liable for any injuries that occurred on the properties and our first objective was to obtain insurance as soon as possible. We spent the rest of our first day at the property introducing ourselves to those neighbors willing to get acquainted with us. Many did and all seemed to be good people, but their stories of the former owners, now tenants, who were still occupying our newly acquired homes were not pleasant. Their statements confirmed the opinions we had already formed from observing the condition of the property. They informed us of drug-dealing and thefts committed by the current tenants and of the fences and other measures they had employed over the past fifteen years to stop the ongoing thefts and illegal activities. They also noted that the trash build-up in the second home had produced an epidemic of rats in the neighborhood. We assured all we met that day that we would clean the property as soon as the former owner (now tenant) moved out and eliminate the rat infestation by removing their food source. We exchanged phone numbers and flew back to our primary residence in California.

Our acquisition of two homes in “paradise” for a mere $64,000 seemed a great opportunity for our entire family to pack up from the San Francisco Bay area and move to Hawaii despite the deplorable condition of the property and all the necessary repairs needed. We, after all, are a family contractor business, consisting of husband and wife, who work with our three sons and daughters. With 30-plus years experience, we felt completely adequate to restore the properties we had purchased to their former elegance. When our new Maui neighbors called to inform us the property was vacant, we shipped our van to Hawaii so that we could use it for traveling and to carry materials for repairs of the property. We arrived on the island thinking that we would have a vacation and begin renovating the homes.

We found them in deplorable condition: four feet of trash, most pet foods and even human waste, mosquitoes, flies so thick I could barely see. We did not realize that these bugs could infect us disease as we had been bitten many times in California without ill effect, but this was different. This was a tropical area and the bites were the beginning of some life-threatening and still continuing diseases.

The Double-dealing Process Server “Court Officer” Foreshadows Doom

After we arrived back at our Alameda property. We called three insurance companies on the island and asked if we could obtain insurance, but after agents of the three companies viewed the property, they all declined coverage. The uninhabitable condition left us still exposed to liability from lawsuits by the current tenants. After receiving multiple calls from our new neighbors, who kept us updated on the conditions of the homes and of the ongoing drug-dealing by its occupants and waiting nearly eight months for the tenants to move out, we had no choice but to evict Julia Talifolau. The service we hired served legal papers requiring Julia Talifolau to leave the premises so we could clean it up to obtain insurance, but the eviction agent also caused us much grief. After learning the property had been sold for back taxes, he contacted the former owner and attempted to buy the property back direct from Julia Talifolau who no longer owned it.

Our First Days Dealing with Trash, Rats, Tropical Diseases, and Corrupt Officials

After our first day inspecting our property in “paradise,” we had no option but to rent a room at a hotel so we could shower and consider what to do next. We advertised in newspapers for local help to at least clean the trash and filth out of the homes as we promised our neighbors. By removing the trash, we would rid the area of rats. We called to get a large 30-yard dumpster delivered for trash clean up. We ended up living in the our van for three weeks while we cleaned with help from locals hired through posted wanted ads. We also hired a plumber to reclaim the pipes so we could use of toilets and showers.

By the end of our third week, my wife started showing signs of delirium. When she collapsed, I rushed her to the Maui Hospital where the staff stabilized her condition through the night. In the morning she was diagnosed with leptospirosis, caused by exposure to rat feces. We immediately returned to California where she could recover.

Upon arriving home we received a letter from an attorney, Matson Kelley (aka Frederick Kelley), who claimed he had been hired to buy back the homes we had purchased on behalf of a person whom he claimed was a daughter of Moana Ramos and who had the right to redeem it. Since we had already researched this possibility, we were certain he was seeking to profit for himself. Indeed, this proved to be the case. Matson Kelley was actually an attorney/per diem judge, appointed by either Joseph Cardoza, the chief judge of the Maui Court, or Mark Recktenwald, the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of Hawaii. Cardoza was also Kelley’s former office partner and mentor for more than 10 years.

Image result for cardoza recktenwald

Maui Chief Judge Joseph Cardoza, left, accepts the 2018 “Jurist of the Year Award” from Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Hawaii, Mark Recktenwald

In his letter, Frederick Kelly falsely claimed that he was hired by Kimberly Caspillo, the daughter of Moana Ramos, who was entitled to 50% of the properties and wished to buy back that interest through the redemption law. Upon investigation, we learned that the facts were different than he represented.

Matson Kelley actually wanted the property himself, as he knew profits from developing it might be as high as a million dollars. In order to obtain the property, he hired a private detective, Steve Goodenow, to locate the daughter, Kimberly Caspillo, who was living in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

[Editor’s note: PI Steve Goodenow’s son is Kenneth Goodenow, a high-level official with Hawaii’s Campaign Spending Commission. Goodenow serves as a ‘protection racketeer’ for the State’s leading politicians on the take from the State’s leading lobbyists, Morris and Radcliff of Radcliffe and Associates.](1)Image result for Kenneth Goodenow hawaii campaign finance committeeSteve Goodenow tracked down Kimberly Caspillo for Matson Kelley. Kelley then paid Kimberly $10,000 to sign a document transferring all of her interest, if any, to Kelley. This gave Kelley a manufactured interest in the properties we had purchased on Maui.

Kelley also assured Kimberly that she could not be charged with perjury or any crime for signing this document, even though she had previously relinquished all her rights to her mother when she signed the quitclaim deed releasing any and all her interest in 2001.

In a deposition made two years later, Kimberly Caspillo’s transfer document was established to be a fabrication when Kimberly admitted several times in the deposition that she did not hire the attorney Matson Kelley, had not ever met him before the deposition and did not want the property in question.

Matson Kelley, Judge Cardoza’s protege’ and high-level official in the “Maui Mob”

After receiving Matson Kelley’s letter, I was advised by my attorney to hire another attorney who had a law practice in Hawaii. She referred me to Terrance M. Revere, an attorney who had recently won a case in a settlement for condo owners on the island of Molokai. After reviewing the case, Mr. Revere sent a letter to Matson Kelley as follows:

April 15, 2015

Dear Mr. Kelley,

This letter is in response to your previous attempts to force Mr. Giordano to execute a “Quitclaim Deed” transferring title to the property located at TMK (2)2-4-021-007-0000 to your client, Ms. Kimberly Caspillo.

First, it is not clear that your client has the standing to assert a taxpayer’s right of redemption. The property was deeded to her mom, Mrs. Moana Penelope Martin Ramos and her mom’s sister, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau as tenants in common in 1987. A later recorded deed dated 2001 was ineffective to divest Mrs. Talifolau of her interest in the property. Upon Moana Ramos’s death, her property interest transferred to Mrs. Talifolau. Therefore, the title is in Mrs. Talifolau, not Mrs. Caspillo.

Second, Mr. Giordano invested a significant amount of money after purchasing the property to rehabilitate the house and garage. At the time of purchase last year, the property was uninsurable because it was filthy and literally falling apart at the seams (see enclosed photos). Any purchase price or litigation bond must include the full amount of these improvements which total over 100K at this time. Litigation will also flush out whether or not any criminal theft occurred before your client vacated the property last July as the copper pipes were sawed off before Mr. Giordano was able to take possession of the property from Mrs. Talifolau and other tenants. This matter also affects the purchase price.

Third, given the substantial investment, our client has made, and your client’s failure to pay taxes or maintain this property in a sanitary condition for many years, it appears that Mrs. Caspillo is simply acting as a front for a third-party investor who may wish to flip the property. This violates the underlying public policy of H.R.S. §246-60 which is to allow a bonafide property owner and homeowner the opportunity to recover their residence.

In summary, this is not a straightforward case of redemption. Our client has made a substantial investment in this property that is not reflected in your offered purchase price of $78,000. Further, Mr. Giordano is not interested in participating in a fraudulent property transfer as the 2001 deed raises serious questions about whether your client comes to this transaction with clean hands, and even has title to the property. Finally, Mr. Giordano is not interested in selling this property.

For these reasons, on behalf of our clients, we respectfully decline your purchase offer.

There are no available legal documents on record since this date legalizing, Kimberly back on the title. Nor did she come forward when her mom passed away in regards to possible probate. Please see pictures also sent in attachments and perhaps you will get an idea, why. Perhaps the pictures also may explain why no taxes on 1020 HieHie Street have been paid dating back to 1987 when the inheritance was recorded.


The Battle with Attorney Matson Kelley and Judge Cardoza’s ‘Mob’


This letter marked the beginning of a two-year legal battle with the attorney Matson Kelley which, unknown to us, we were predestined to lose because the attorney, who was the plaintiff in the legal action, had already established a conspiracy with Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza, in which they had agreed that all court proceedings would be decided in favor of the plaintiff’s position, regardless of the applicable law or any evidence to the contrary produced by us, the defendants. What follows is a description of the conspiracy itself and how it was employed to defraud us of property worth at least a million dollars (plus 400k with repairs and attorney fees.)

The above letter was our attorney’s first response to Matson Kelley plaintiffs and was sent before he realized who was actually suing us. Ironically, we hired Terrance M. Revere because he was referred to us for having won a nearly four million dollar settlement in a similar case on the island of Molokai. We did not learn until months later that it was this same Chief Judge, Joseph E. Cardoza, who awarded him this largest payout win of his career. It took us a few months to learn that our attorney apparently also had a working agreement with Judge Cardoza that prevented him from acting in our interests and instead caused him to work against us in the proceedings that followed.

Matson Kelley filed a complaint on May 15, 2015, seeking to redeem the property we had purchased. He acted on his own behalf and stated in his complaint that he had purchased the interest of Kimberly Caspillo (including the redemption right) from her previously.


“The only emergency was to permit the plaintiff to obtain our property illegally”


Our attorney advised us to do nothing until we were legally served with the complaint. This failure to act gave the plaintiffs a five-month head start at the beginning of the case during which time they took several actions, none of which we were informed of and all of which our attorney allowed to go forward without any effort to object or protect our interests in any manner.

[Editor’s Note: This testimony corroborates our similar experience having hired attorney Gary Dubin to stop the fraudulent foreclosure auction of Paul J. Sulla, Jr. of Hilo. Dubin took $6,000 initially claiming he would ‘enjoin’ Sulla’s non-judicial foreclosure. He filed nothing and did nothing other than permit Sulla to gain a head start in defrauding and robbing us! Dubin doing nothing permitted Sulla to hold the auction, seen HERE, and file paperwork with the State and courts to steal the Steam Vent Inn & Health Retreat property on the Big Island of Hawaii from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.The plaintiffs filed for a probate hearing to reinstate Kimberly Caspillo as an heir of Moana Ramos, and thus restore her right of redemption on the property, despite the fact that she had relinquished her interest in the property years earlier, and had also sold any remaining interest she had in the property to Matson Kelley before filing the probate action. Nevertheless, this illegal probate hearing was allowed to proceed by Chief Judge Cardoza.

Next, the plaintiffs created an ex-parte motion for leave to deposit the estimated redemption amount with the court after the redemption period had long been closed. Again, this illegal motion was allowed to proceed by Cardoza.


Terrance M. Revere’s treachery

Image result for Terrance M. Revere

Terrance M. Revere, Esq. advertises himself as “the mostly benevolent dictator” of Revere & Associates, LLLC in ‘paradise.’ Known publicly as a double dealing agent for the ‘Cardoza branch’ of the Hawaii ‘Judicial Mob.’

The plaintiffs finally served their complaint on our attorney and filed the return of service three months after the original complaint was filed. Then on August 5, 2015, having received no response from our attorney and nothing recorded by the court, they moved for entry of a default against us on August 23, 2015. Judgment was duly awarded by Judge Cardoza.

Finally, after months of pleading that our attorney, Terrance M. Revere, act professionally in our interest, it became obvious to us that his past and future connection with the Cardoza was of more value than our hourly wages paid to his firm. He simply ignored all our attempts to speak with him directly and instead had his secretary inform us that he was unavailable.

After repeated efforts to contact him failed, Mr. Revere subbed our case to a young female attorney in his firm and told her to represent us. We spoke only once with this newly appointed female attorney who, like her predecessor, also appeared to be taking the plaintiff’s side. We pointed out her firm’s failings in the case and refused to have her continue as our attorney. A week later she did, in fact, start working for the plaintiff’s attorney, Matson Kelley, taking with her all of her own and Mr. Revere’s knowledge of the case.

Mr. Revere then assigned a newly licensed but gifted attorney named “Andrew” to pursue our case. He immediately asked for all the relevant documents concerning the case and the plaintiff’s secretaries responded on February 19, 2015. They included by mistake an authentic and damaging (to their position) invoice from a private investigator to the plaintiff. This invoice showed conclusively that the plaintiffs were not hired by Kimberly Caspillo, as they claimed to be in their letter to our attorney. The plaintiffs had instead hired an appointed “special administrator,” the same private investigator mentioned above–Steve Goodenow–at a cost of $3,699.67 to do a public property search. We had done the same prior to bidding on the property. They did it here in order to find a person whom they could say was entitled to make a ‘redemption claim.’ The person they found was Kimberly Caspillo, the daughter of the deceased half owner. (A copy of this letter is available on request.)

Kimberly had no right to make a redemption claim because, as noted above, she had previously quit-claimed all of her interest in the property to her mother, Moana Ramos, in 2001. This fact was ignored by the plaintiffs who based their redemption claim on Kimberly Caspillo’s non-existent interest in the property. They claimed Kimberly not only had a right to redeem her mother’s fifty percent interest in the property, but also the fifty percent interest of her aunt, Julia Keikioewa Talifolau, who was still living and whose interest we had purchased years before.

Our attorney, Andrew, told us that this invoice was a key document and that he would present it in court at the right time. He then filed an objection to the emergency ex-parte probate, saying he was not notified of the proceeding and, in his opinion, the only emergency was to permit the plaintiff to obtain our property illegally. Andrew then suggested that a lien is placed on the property by us to prevent the title being transferred quickly, as it appeared to him that the chief judge handling this case was corrupt, facts were being ignored, falsified or manipulated.

We attended the first hearing of the case with Andrew representing us. The sitting judge read the briefs and angrily replied to plaintiffs hired counsel, “You have nothing! This could have been written by anyone.” She then said, “You have no will, trust, or probates to support such claims, only an affidavit that could have been written by anyone!”

The attorney for the plaintiff simply said, “Well, your honor, we are quite willing to do a probate if you wish.” The judge looked at him and did not respond to his proposition since she knew full well the time for a probate, as well as the redemption period, was long past, and any such proceeding would be illegal. The hearing ended with the judge taking the case under advisement with a verdict to be announced at the next hearing.

Andrew felt confident this claim would be dismissed at the second hearing, but we were all shocked beyond words by the verdict which the judge read with her head down, “plaintiffs have created an Emergency Ex-Parte Probate claiming this case is an emergency thus creating an ex-parte probate in favor of the plaintiff’s.” This ex-parte order was written and signed by her boss Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza.

We think this was Andrew ’s first encounter with blatant fraud and hearing the verdict was such a shock to him he was unable to speak with us for about 15 minutes outside the courtroom as to what had taken place.


The fraudulent emergency “ex-parte probate”

Click to read a related story published by retired police detective Jim Benish also vetting Paul J. Sulla, Jr. and the Hawaii ‘Judicial Racket’

The fraudulent emergency ex-parte probate, once accepted by the judge achieved a number of necessary benefits for plaintiffs. It allowed the judge to claim that she knew nothing of the fraud, as her boss, Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza, was responsible for approving the motion and took over jurisdiction in the case. His subordinate then chose to keep her job instead of enforcing the law she was sworn to uphold. Without incriminating herself, she simply turned a blind eye to the facts and allowed the Emergency Ex-Parte Probate to go forward.

The fact that the redemption period had past, the supposed heir, Kimberly Caspillo, was not entitled to sell or give away property rights she did not own, and that a valid sale of the property had already been made and paid for, didn’t prevent the three men involved in the fraud, Matson Kelley, John Goodenow, and Chief Judge Joseph E. Cardoza, from creating an emergency ex-parte probate behind closed doors. Neither the supposed heir, Kimberly Caspillo nor the Giordano family or their attorney was aware of the proceeding or had any part in it. In fact, the only participants were the Chief Judge Cardoza, his appointed Per-Diem judge/attorney (Kelley) and the appointed special administrator (Goodenow), the same persons who perpetrated the crime and were to gain financially from it.

On February 20, 2015, approved Emergency Ex-Parte motion was used for leave to deposit an estimated redemption amount with the court for the property which we had purchased at a valid tax sale. Like the ex parte motion itself, this was done long after the redemption period had passed.

Our original attorney, Mr. Revere, did nothing to object the emergency ex-parte motion and, instead, blocked his associate, Andrew Chianese from opposing it. He basically took over the case again and allowed the plaintiffs to do whatever they wished to enforce the right to redeem the property given to the plaintiff as a result of the Ex Parte motion. The last straw was when he finally wrote us himself that the plaintiffs needed entry to the homes on Hiehie Street. We refused.

Mr. Revere told us that the plaintiffs would get a court order to gain entry. We eventually caved in and allowed them entry, little knowing that the person who entered was doing an appraisal of how much liability I would have to the plaintiffs for using the property I had purchased legally, but now no longer owned.

Next, Mr. Revere asked us to sign over the lien that Andrew Chianese had filed and recorded for our protection. We refused and finally fired the attorney after concluding that he was no longer working in our interest, but was part of the fraud being perpetrated against us.
We asked Andrew to get an extension to give us the necessary time needed to hire another attorney, but this reasonable request was denied by the chief judge. The conspirators played the legal system well, getting the plaintiff’s legal rights on paper in order to show anyone who would turn a blind eye to the facts or who did not realize that the ex-parte hearings were rigged, that the fraudulent probate was legal.



“Cardoza’s subordinate then chose to keep her job instead of enforcing the law she was sworn to uphold.”


Paul J. Sulla, Jr., following his ‘Public Censure’ for ‘arguing like a reckless man’ before the U.S. Tax Court in favor a tax evasion scheme, advanced to become the nation’s leading illegal hallucinogenic drug trafficker. The main supply of ‘ayahuasca’ (DMT–the new ‘designer LSD’) reaches the mainland U.S. from Sulla’s enterprise on the Big Island. All of this is aided-and-abetted by the willfully blind eyes of state and federal law enforcers.

All the attorneys on Maui declined to take our case when we mentioned who the plaintiffs were, but we finally obtained new counsel on the big island of Hawaii with the firm of Paul J Sulla JR, Attorney at law, who claimed they specialize in real estate and fraud. Upon hearing what took place with our case, Paul J. Sulla said, “Maui is a cesspool of corruption” and that the appointed law firm for the plaintiffs was no more than a ‘glorified collection agency.’

After he and his associates reviewed our case file and corresponded with us through a series of emails and faxes, Mr. Paul J.Sulla said there were two cases to be dealt with: a fraud in the form of the emergency ex-parte probate and the illegal redemption claim that followed it. He said if he appealed it to a higher court, the probate fraud would be thrown out, as it was not legal and we could then deal with the redemption issue.

After we paid him a $30,000 retainer fee to take the case, he succeeded in having the illegal probate overturned within two weeks by the Third Circuit Court.

However, neither the sitting judge Rhonda Loo who rendered the original probate verdict or Chief Judge Joeseph Cardoza, acknowledged the reversal. Both judges simply ignored the ruling by the Third Circuit (supposedly) higher court that removed this illegal and premature emergency ex-parte order. The sitting judge, who ruled for plaintiffs at every succeeding hearing, as well as the Chief  Judge Joseph E Cardoza, knew no one would challenge them.

[Editor’s note: This is a sure sign of the Hawaii’s ‘Judicial Mob’ operating ‘above the law’ as a racketeering enterprise.]

lockey white sulla secretary

Lawyer Lockey E. White, complicit with Paul J. Sulla, Jr. in defrauding clients and citizens in Hawaii.

Sulla then set up a deposition during which Sulla’s female associate, lawyer Lockey E. White, deposed Kimberly Caspillo, and extracted facts from her despite the repeated objections of the plaintiff’’s attorneys in the Cardozza enterprise. When asked why she did not attend the emergency ex-parte order when she was the sole beneficiary of the probate proceeding and the person the plaintiffs claimed to represent, Kimberly stated (for the record) that she did not want the property described in the probate nor to get involved in the probate proceeding. Lawyer Lockey E White asked this question repeatedly to establish beyond doubt that Matson Kelley, the attorney who claimed to represent Kimberly in the probate proceeding, lied about being hired to represent her.

When asked why she would sell a house worth possible $800,000 for $10,000, the sum Matson Kelley had paid her for her interest in the property, if any, Kimberly responded with, “I did not want it, if I had any rights to it at all.”

When asked several times whether she knew the attorney who claimed to be hired by her to represent her mother’s estate, Kimberly responded, “I did not know him or hire him.

When Kimberly was asked “are you aware the attorney who says you asked him to represent you hired a detective service to find you at a cost of close to $4,000 dollars,” both of her attorneys (hired by Matson Kelley to protect her interest and his own) objected and said the question was based on hearsay with no evidence to back it up.  Sulla’s subordinate Lockey White then produced the invoice with the signature of John Goodenow detailing his work for Matson Kelley (i.e., the attorney who claimed he was hired by Kimberly). Before Kimberly could respond to the original question, her attorney shouted, “I was not aware of this document. In fact, it’s privileged information. I wish it back and for it to be stricken from this and all records.”

[Editor’s note: That is ‘evidence tampering,’ a misdemeanor in Hawaii. In this instance, the evidence raises probable cause of conspiracy to defraud for stealing a $1 million property ‘under color of law.’ The mailing of such documents for purposes to defraud and commit ‘Theft in the First Degree’ could raise the claim of ‘mail fraud.’ That would be punishable by up to 20 years in prison. No wonder Matson Kelley’s accomplice squawked!]Sulla’s subordinate White declined the ‘co-conspirator’s’ demand, and Kimberly stated she was not aware of the search for her by John Goodenow or its cost.

Kimberly was a woman of modest means and, when asked how she can afford two expensive attorneys to defend her and who paid her fees, both attorneys again strenuously objected because they didn’t represent her, but were being paid by Matson Kelley. If this fact became part of Kimberly’s testimony, Kelley would be revealed as having fabricated a corrupt proceeding and would be liable with his associates in the scheme for punitive damages and possibly criminal prosecution.

Kimberly did not respond to this question, but the conspiracy and fraud of Kelley Matson, John Goodenow, and Joseph E. Cardoza was exposed at this deposition.

Despite the revelations of this deposition, Ms. Lockey E. White told us we may as well sign the property over to the plaintiffs as the chief judge Joeseph Cardoza was still hell-bent or ruling in plaintiffs’ favor, no matter the facts of the case. She then informed us we could and should open a new case at the federal level, to regain all our monies back and sue Matson Kelley for punitive damages.
Before we could act on this suggestion or even celebrate the fact that the fraud had been exposed by Ms. Lockey E white in the deposition, Mr. Paul Sulla my principle attorney, called us and said the case was over and the plaintiffs won. He said that despite what Kimberly Caspillo had revealed about the fraud, the chief judge Joeseph Cardoza basically was of the mindset that her failure to get involved did not matter as he (Cardoza) knew from day one the case was all a con with him involved in the payoff.
Mr. Paul Sulla then asked if we were in good standings with the still living and now the only heir to the homes? We said yes and he asked if he could contact her and we agreed to arrange it. He then wrote Julia Keikioewa Talifolau a letter saying that she may be entitled to half the homes she owned if she would sign a redemption claim. She called us for advice and we told her not to sign as we believe doing so would further strengthen the fraud that Kimberly Caspillo had any rights to the homes. We told our attorney that we would not pay Julia’s legal fees as well as our own fees for a case that was based on fraud.



“The conspiracy and fraud of Kelley Matson, John Goodenow, and Joseph E. Cardoza was exposed at this deposition.”



Paul J. Sulla, Jr.’s Complicity in the Fraud and Theft Scheme

Third Circuit Court of Hawaii Steeped in Fraud and Crime. Click to read a related corruption story.

Attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr. then said we have nothing left, and so “should settle.What? We couldn’t believe that he would say that.  And Sulla proposed settling in the plaintiffs’ favor.

We were confused as to why Sulla seemed to be dismissing our case when his associate, Ms. Lockey E. White, had proved in the deposition that the plaintiffs’ entire case was a blatant fraud! When we questioned Sulla about his motives for this decision, all he would say is that he was “sorry.”  “It’s not right, but they have won,” he said. He then said the plaintiffs would give us back the cost we paid for the homes and added that, by negotiating hard, he had persuaded them to add an additional $30,000 for our troubles.

We declined this offer and said we would go public with our story on our YouTube channel on which we have a worldwide following. We felt that, if we could expose the corruption ourselves and ask our 55,000 subscribers for help in obtaining a watchdog or new agency to expose these high profile crooks, we could recover our losses.

Mr. Paul Sulla spent weeks pressuring us to accept the offered settlement and pointing out the additional losses we would suffer, in his opinion, if we did not. He made a point of saying multiple times that, unless we signed away our lien on the houses, the plaintiffs claimed they would have the lien removed in a week. He also pleaded that we should accept the $30,000 he worked so hard for us to get.

When we finally told Sulla that we had well over $400,000 invested in the property, that the homes were valued at over a million dollars, and that we would go public with this case on our YouTube channel, he became angry and threatened that if we didn’t accept the settlement within 24 hours, he would remove himself as the attorney on record.

Faced with the prospect of trying to hire a third attorney, continue battling the entrenched corruption in the state court, and start the case over in federal court with all the associated costs, we eventually concluded that we were on a losing crusade. We were also suffering from Lyme disease and leptospirosis contracted during our cleanup and repairs of these Maui properties.

[Editor’s note: This result is precisely what the ‘Judicial Mob’ in Hawaii feeds on–attrition. They wear citizens out using the corrupted courts. The judges are complicit, apparently bribed. Together, the co-conspirators and complicit parties delay, divert, multiply proceedings, run up legal fees, and wear 99% of honest, hard-working, victims into submission. THAT’S THE ‘CENTRAL RACKET.’]The settlement we were blackmailed to sign turned out to be a gag order which would prevent us or any of our family members or friends from talking about this case during our lifetimes.

We refused to sign any of five edited versions of the settlement agreement because they included, in addition to the gag order that would have prevented us from revealing the criminal acts of the plaintiffs, such bizarre provisions as allowing the plaintiffs to deduct from the settlement amount the replacement cost of anything in both homes the plaintiffs felt had been removed and, at the same time, providing no compensation for the $150,000 in materials and labor we had invested in restoring the homes to livable condition.

Even the sitting judge Rhonda Loo, at the last hearing, acknowledged that the plaintiff’s demands seemed excessive when they demanded that we should be further penalized because we would not sign the one-sided settlement.

We were finally forced to sign a final version of the settlement in which the gag order was diluted to a provision stating that we were not allowed to disparage the plaintiffs LLC name in a video. The harsh insistence of attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr. was that we either sign that agreement or he would remove himself the following day form the case. When faced with other threats from the plaintiffs and our own attorney, I was forced to sign their settlement in 2017.



Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald and Subordinates Clifford Nakea and Bradley Tamm face judicial racket complaints.

We wish to publicly divulge all the information about this criminal case and the continuing corruption in Hawaii State Courts that enabled it to occur. We hope that, by doing so, a law enforcement agency will be able to investigate this matter and others similar to it. We are aware of the criminal actions, and wish to bring criminal charges against those who have illegally used their public offices for personal profit. We believe that the corruption in the Hawaii court system can and should be also publicly revealed by investigative journalists with whom we are happy to share our knowledge. We hope that a news agency with a commitment and history of revealing the truth will use this information to bring an end to this ‘Judicial Racket’ that extends across the State of Hawaii.

We will be pleased to assist any agency that pursues this case in any way that we can to build a criminal prosecution. We are willing to testify under oath to the facts relayed herein.

We want nothing in return except the public exposure of all those involved in the corruption, and massive fraud, and their criminal prosecution which we believe is warranted and overdue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement, and for any advice or direction you can provide as to how we can publicly expose the crimes described herein. We hope to persuade legal authorities to institute prosecution of those responsible for our damage. And we are happy to join others ‘similarly situated.’

I have also heard of another case of native Hawaiians being robbed by the same two men, Matson Kelley and Judge Joeseph Cardoza. Chief Judge Cardoza backed Kelley once again, by ruling all ‘red-herrings’ in the crime gang’s favor.  Thus, as in our case, the mob ran all the necessary paperwork through the courts. The natives watched their church bulldozed down, ‘legally’ destroyed, while the police stood by simply doing their job and making sure there was no violence by the outraged victims.

That case ended in 2014. That horrendous crime confirms Chief Judge Joeseph Cardoza and Matson Kelley’s administer a ‘pattern-and-practice’ of stealing properties and destroying peoples’ lives with the assistance of fellow lawyers like Paul Sulla. Their victims, too often natives, are incapable of protecting their lands.

I have searched the internet to see whom and how Matson Kelly was given the position of Per Diem Judge. I believe the appointment had to come from Cardoza and Supreme Court Chief Justice, Mark Recktenwald. I haven’t found this out for sure, and I am doubtful that I can, because this “Judicial Mob” operates behind closed doors.  Hopefully, with a private investigator, we can figure this out.



(1) Editor’s note continued: Morris and Radcliff specialize “in legislative and executive branch advocacy at all levels of government.” Capitol Consultants of Hawaii, and G.A. Morris, funneled as much as quarter million dollars in “iShares”—Blackrock securities–to Hawaii State Senator Roz Baker . The alleged bribery conflicted with Baker’s duty to protect consumers from drug industry special interests. Under their scheme, that bribery moved Baker to sponsor laws requiring mandatory vaccinations. Kenneth Goodenow helped to deny objections to bribery and graft. At the Baker hearing, Goodenow was overheard bragging that he knew a different deal had already been struck to exonerate Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi from indictments for embezzling more than $100,000 in taxpayer money for personal pleasures.


* About the Author

Image result for Quentin Thomas WellsQuentin Thomas Wells was born in Salt Lake City in 1941. He is a 1965 graduate of the University of Utah with a magna cum laude degree in international politics and history. Quentin began his professional career as a clandestine Intelligence Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. He worked as a case officer in Soviet Bloc Operations Division and as an intelligence analyst in the Directorate of Intelligence where he wrote analytical reports for the President and other government officials.  Upon leaving the CIA, he became the Director of Abacus Ltd., a full-service advertising agency in Salt Lake City. He later became a motion picture writer and producer, first as Production Manager for Stockdale Corporation, then as president of his own firm, Executive Services, Inc., which specialized in technical writing and the production of documentary and educational films.

Wells founded and operated several small businesses during the 1970s and 1980s, among which were a leasing company, Executive Services, Inc., a vending company, and a video and software distribution company, Publisher’s Software Network.

In 1981 Wells joined Career Research Corporation, a manufacturer of technology education systems, as Development Director. He later became General Manager of the firm.

In 1989 he left Career Research to serve for three years as President of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.

In 1991 Wells joined the staff of Salt Lake Community College and became Director of the Program Innovation Department. He later moved to the Communications Department as Director of the College’s Student Media Center where he taught courses in video and audio production and supervised the student media outlets. After his retirement from full-time work at the college in

2008, Wells has continued to do research at the school and to serve as volunteer curator of the B. Robert McIntyre Antique Electronics Collection housed there.

Wells is currently a part-time private investigator who specializes in locating missing persons and records. He is also writing new non-fiction and fiction books for publication.


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Victim/Whistleblower’s Request and Acknowledgments

Hello, all I know personally, and to our 79,645 Youtube subscribers, we are honored to have over 28,000,000 million views on our free, self-help channel. Thank you all for helping us get this story out to more people!

This is a robbery situation that my family and I have been victimized by in the corrupt Hawaii injustice system. I am posting this story for public attention in hopes that a reader, or one of our subscribers, know anyone, a watchdog agency, or new law-enforcement agent with enough guts and or clout to research our documents, and bring these corrupt attorneys and judges to ‘real justice.’

Perhaps only the FBI, or a higher power such as the president, Donald Trump himself, can expose these criminals for what they are. Thieves who don’t care about the deaths they cause.

My family’s horror story detailed above actually happened. We have had more than four (4) grueling years of hell through planned misrepresentations by corrupt lawyers. The co-conspirators collaborated to rob me and my family in violation of their sworn oaths, ethics rules, and public duties. Together these judges and attorneys have caused outrageous ‘irreparable harm.’ They have stolen from us our health and financial future.

The value of our once great health is beyond measure in money. As it stands now, my wife is dying as I write this, sickened by diseases and distress caused by these robbers of health, money, and our freedom. You have no idea what this feels like unless you experience this injustice yourself. Doctors and lawyers recognize ‘post traumatic stress disorders’ caused by the horrors of war. We, like everyone else who is victimized similarly by the ‘judicial racket,’ suffer from what amounts to ‘lawfare’ against We The People.

The distinguished Judge Learned Hand is reported to have said that: ” ‘[A]s a litigant, I should dread a lawsuit beyond almost anything else short of sickness and of death.’ ” (Merenda v. Superior Court (1992) 3 Cal.App.4th 1, 11)  What has been done to us has caused us to suffer morbidly and mortally.

We got Leptospirosis through this ordeal, Lyme disease, and malaria too in Hawaii during our ‘clean-up,’ restoration of these properties, and imposed distress. Previous to this, my wife (shown in the image above) had never been sick in the 17 years we’ve been together. Since this most distressing blatant robbery, she has been housebound. Now she has suffered for four years and may soon pass from these diseases.

In fact, if my wife dies, I plan on selling my main home I live in presently to pay for ‘real representation’ to bring manslaughter charges against Matson Fredrick Kelly. This attorney/per diem judge has stolen our health and wealth. This attorney-felon may not have pulled the trigger directly, but indirectly. He is the ‘proximate cause’ of all our health issues and my beloved wife’s pending death.

How much financial damage has Matson Fredrick Kelly caused my family? Nearly $450K. We had to pay for so-called attorney fees to criminals we thought worked for us in fighting the bogus lawsuit brought on by Kelly, and repairs of our lawfully-purchased properties.

The repairs were completed in about 60 days, by my family and crew. Our lawfully purchased homes were stolen by Matson Fredrick Kelly who lived up the street, a mile or so, from the homes we bought legally at the annual tax auction in Hawaii.  Please be advised that Matson Fredrick Kelly is not the only scam artist. There are many like him in Hawaii. The entire state appears to be full of these criminals, much like you read above, and also in this story by Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, and also you read from citizen Benish.  So please, don’t buy any property in Hawaii at a tax foreclosure sale, or perhaps other ways too, as Kane and Horowitz have warned. The courts are rigged with demonically-possessed scam artists that don’t think of the harm they do to others, only the money they make and power they steal.

Our bogus case was rigged from the get-go by Matson Fredrick Kelly, and probably Judge Cardoza too. Certainly, Kelly, as an experienced attorney crook, realized our houses would be worth 2 million dollars after being repaired by my family, crew, and I.

Yes, we were hit by lightning twice. We hired the scoundrel Paul J. Sulla, Jr. after being damaged by Kelly. It is our suspicion that Paul Sulla sold us out for favoritism, so that trial judges would overlook his trail of lies against Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.
Thus, Sulla can remain a leading ‘player,’ keeping the corruption network alive by building on growing numbers of fraudulent attorneys who seek properties from unsuspecting victims. This is what appears to be happening. The scam artists are playing us, while building their ‘judicial racket.’ What is more profitable for these corrupt lawyers–an hourly wage or a win by favoritism by puppet attorneys?

Now, it would be a pleasure to hire an attorney who has integrity to prosecute these menaces to society.

In Maui, Chief Judge Cardoza sided with what may be his nephew who is also an attorney/per-diem Judge. At the very least it’s public knowledge the chief judge and his accomplice–the attorney/per diem judge–shared the same office for over ten years. The chief judge should have never been able to take over our case with these conflicts in place.

But yet this happened. Chief Judge Cardoza not only sided with his former office mate, he decided to ignore the four Third Circuit Court judges decisions. This Second Circuit Chief Judge Cardoza blatantly ignored the other judges’ rulings, knowing we had no recourse as it was his court.

Thus, this Chief Thief judge will now be infamous as he retires this year among all attorneys who wish something for nothing.

So, my fellow subscribers, if you know of a watchdog agency or news station, or perhaps someone in power to send this story to, perhaps the lower rung that may lead to the Trump Administration’s help, please pass it along, as I’m out of my league and these men have devastated us.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide to bring some relief to my family, and to the many Hawaiians who have had their lands stolen; and to many more such victims and whistleblowers, like Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who have lost similarly, been distressed likewise, lost years and millions of dollars to Sulla and the corrupt Hawaii courts. Leonard could have been focusing on sharing his wealth of health knowledge with folks like us, as he has done so freely over many years. It is sick and sad that we both were caught up in this deadly web of judicial corruption to protect our investments. Now we simply work to expose the corruption, recover what we can, and help others prevent similar tragedies.

We hold hopes that possibly some of our subscribers and supporters may be able to build upon our cases, then direct us to the necessary folks who have access to exposing and prosecuting high-level crooks.

Thank you for reading and helping,

Kirk Giordano Plastering

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