Six Judges and Six Lawyers Accused of ‘Judicial Racketeering’– Malicously Prosecuting Crime Victims to Steal Money & Property

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Release: No. Federal Removal (1)
Date Mailed: June 3, 2019
For Immediate Release


The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINTHonolulu, HI (6-3-19)–Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a leading vaccine risk science analyst, with journalist Sherri Kane, among America’s leading avengers against child sex-traffickers and child porn perverts, laid the groundwork for disrobing a half-dozen State and federal judges caught up in an epic drug-trafficking and real estate money laundering scandal with five complicit lawyers harboring ‘Judicial Racket’ ‘kingpin,’ Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

Strange Bedfellows: Neo-Nazi Promoter and Drug Trafficker

Their ‘HOROKANE’ brand came from defendant Alma C. Ott (alias, “Dr. ‘True’ Ott”) according to the ‘Civil Rights and Racketeering Complaint’ filed today in the U.S. District Court in Honolulu that removes three ‘consolidated’ cases from State, alleging complicity by government agents.



Ott directs a ‘cell’ of leading anti-government, anti-Semitic, ‘White Hate’ (pro-KKK) propagandists fomenting political assassinations, religious massacres, and recent bloody riots according to the Complaint.

This action parallels a string of grand jury indictments in recent months generating mass media reports of an ‘epic level‘ of corruption in Hawaii’s government and law enforcement.


“Ott & Co.” allied with ‘religious drug’ kingpin Paul J. Sulla, Jr. to targeted the Jewish couple. The devil-doers formed an ‘enterprise’ called a ‘Judicial Racket’ aided-and-abetted by the courts and State law enforcement.

The lawsuit evidences abuse of the courts–a form of ‘lawfare’ against civilians–and ‘public corruption’ harboring criminals, stonewalling honorable law enforcers, and maliciously prosecuting ‘The HOROKANE.’


Ott and Sulla used a group of online ‘trolls’ and aliases to cyber-bully the couple in the media. Sulla and his team of complicit lawyer abused the courts to steal the couples good reputations, businesses, and real estate in Hawaii.

Lawyers Complicit in The Theft Scheme

The ‘theft by fraud’ included one of Hawaii’s most valuable spa properties.

It was called “The Kingdom of Heaven,” under Horowitz direction. The thieves renamed the estate “Pele’s Breath,” after filing forged deeds transferring the property through fake ‘religious’ entities, and ultimately to Sulla’s own ‘alter-ego’ and ‘corporate-fiction,’ Halai Heights, LLC.

The stolen estate features paradise’s only lava-heated steam saunas adjacent geothermal bathing pools. The ‘health retreat’ is valued in excess of $1M.

Justice was served when an honest County of Hawaii Tax Department officer noticed Sulla had forged Halai’s deed to extend Sulla’s ‘land grab.’ A fake land description tipped the officer off–Sulla attempted to steal Horowitz’s neighboring property.

That voided Sulla’s ‘fraudulent transfer’ leaving Horowitz and Kane with the only valid warranty deed. Nonetheless, four State courts and two federal courts under Sulla’s influence aided-and-abetted Sulla and his thievery.

The federal removal and complaint seeks ‘injunctive relief,’ and The HOROKANE’s immediate repossession by court order. The couple is also asking the Court to assign a U.S. Attorney General to the case in light of the compelling evidence of racketeering through public corruption.



Click to read more about Gary Dubin’s imprisonment and Sulla’s assistance.

Defendants in the Complaint include the nation’s leading ‘foreclosure expert’ on iHeart Radio advertising on FOX News, Gary Victor Dubin.

The couple paid Dubin $6,000 to stop Sulla’s illegal foreclosure, but Dubin filed nothing.

Howard M.S. Hu, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s Chapter 13 Trustee is charged with helping Sulla also, along with the current Director of the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC), Bradley Tamm.

Tamm and Hu are evidenced conspiring to overlook Sulla’s illegal actions.


They neglected their duties to prevent Sulla’s fraudulent transfers and conversion of Horowitz’s estate, thereby depriving legitimate creditors in favor of Sulla.


Click to view Horowitz and Kane confronting ODC Director Tamm.

Tamm was previously suspended by the California State Bar Association for drug abuse, alcoholism, and ripping off clients.

He obstructed Dubin’s investigation by ODC investigators who solicited Kane to file complaints against Sulla and his allegedly bribed co-counsel, Stephen D. Whittaker.

Whittaker is also charged with concealing Sulla’s interests, and the conspiring to steal the spa property.

State Sheriff Sniffen’s Alleged Bribery

The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINTAfter Whittaker finagled Third Circuit Court Judges Ronald Ibarra and Melvin Fujino to eject the victims from their property, Sulla is alleged to have bribed Maui Sheriff, Lt. Patrick Sniffen, to fly to the Big Island to ejected the couple and their caretakers by threatened lethal force.

Accenting the charge of public corruption with Sniffen and Tamm, no Big Island sheriff would consent to do Sulla’s dirty-work. Local sheriffs knew enough to avoid complicity in Sulla’s theft scheme. They figured the corrupted court had granted the ‘writ of ejectment’ by Sulla’s fraud.


Judges Not Named As Parties, but Implicated in Public Corruption


The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINTThe seven State judges implicated in this public corruption scandal includes retired Chief Justice of the Third Circuit Court, Ronald Ibarra, and his replacement, Melvin Fujino.

They deprived the couple from having any ‘standing’ to defend.

The same was done by previously ousted Judge Elizabeth Strance who claimed she had ‘lost’ the couple’s counterclaims, even though the papers were filed three times.

The newcomer in the alleged corruption is Henry Nakamoto; and three Intermediate Court of Appeals (ICA) judges.





The ICA Chief Justice Lisa M. Ginoza, and associate judges Katherine Leonard and Alexa Fujise, filed a Memorandum Opinion (MO) on May 2, 2019 that triggered this action.

According to the federal complaint, the MO ‘shocks-the-conscience’ by making eleven ‘errors’ aiding-and-abetting, concealing and safe-harboring, Sulla and his theft by fraud.




The ICA’s MO covered-up for the lower court judges too, and especially Henry Nakamoto who helped Sulla consummate the theft and malicious prosecution scheme.

Nakamoto dinged Horowitz $35,000 in penalties, and ordered ‘expunged’ Horowitz’s public notices (i.e., lis pendens) warning consumers about Sulla’s fraud.

Horowitz filed the notices in good faith to discourage more victims from paying Sulla $975,000 for the stolen property.

The ICA avoided the specifics, and remanded the case to Nakamoto nonetheless, for the doctor’s continued malicious prosecution.



 “Only a legal incompetent or complicit agent would not realize, and act to prevent or remedy, that inequity and presumption of guilt those facts presume.”


Millions of Dollars in Damages

After Sulla and his ‘ayahuasca mob’ stole possession of the spa in 2016, they neglected to care for the land, gardens, orchards, aqua-cultural features, and spa–a $2,500 required monthly care-taking bill.

So the park-like estate that Horowitz created, and that Judge Fujino valued at $500 a-day, was largely left to rot under Sulla’s ‘ownership.’










“Highlighting what was obviously improper,” the Complaint states that Sulla’s strawman “‘Hester’ presumably paid $175,000 in a ‘credit bid’ as an ‘insider’ to convert Horowitz’s $1 million spa property by Sulla’s direction.

Only a legal incompetent or complicit agent would not realize, and act to prevent or remedy, that inequity and presumption of guilt those facts presume.”


The One-of-a-Kind Spa Property

The HOROKANE’s 27-acre estate that Sulla and his ‘judicial enterprise’ converted is located at the heart of America’s drug-trafficking mecca–‘The Big Island.’

The ‘inn’ and ‘health spa’ neighbors the 2018 fracking that prompted the massive 2018 lava flow that destroyed 300 homes. (Horowitz and Kane produced a movie on this titled SpaceGate: The Militarization of Sacred Mauna Kea.)

That devastation further insulated in the state’s marijuana, methamphetamine, and dimethyltryptamine capital.

Massive flows of opium, cocaine, and the new designer LSD called “DMT,” are trafficked through this region, especially Hilo that joins Honolulu in the international drug and sex slave trades supplying the U.S., Canada and Mexico, supplementing the Columbian cartel’s ‘narco-empire.’

Sulla’s Family Enterprise in Sex and Drugs

South American narco-empire  connections are demonstrated by Sulla’s illegal ‘hoasca’ trade, and by the recent indictment of Sulla’s son, ‘Jasun Sulla,’ on charges of promoting child abuse and child pornography. The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINT

Jasun, and another Sulla son, Paul J. Sulla, III (a.k.a., Joseph and ‘Jose’ Sulla) advertise themselves as ‘family therapists.’

They use their practices to attract clients to the ‘church’ for ‘therapeutic’ drug rituals.

Sulla III was not licensed by the State of Hawaii before The HOROKANE brought to court and public awareness that Sulla and his crime family were illegally manufacturing, trafficking, and prescribing the Class I narcotic hallucinogen DMT for ‘family therapy’ and ‘community medicine.’

The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINT On June 1, 2019, more than a week after the media heralded Jasun Sulla’s grand jury indictment, the State’s DCCA still maintained the outlaw’s ‘Status’ was “CURRENT, VALID & IN GOOD STANDING.”








Statewide Non-Profit ‘Religious’ Money Laundering Front

“That demonstrates what we’ve been saying for years,” Dr. Horowitz said. “The DCCA is controlled by the State’s racketeering enterprise.

They regularly neglect and conceals criminals, especially those operating under the guise of ‘religious’ organizations and ‘non-profits.'”

Horowitz’s claims are justified by the chief State law enforcer in charge, who permitted Sulla’s ‘religious drug’ enterprise to continue–Hugh R. Jones.

“Jones is the Supervising Deputy Attorney General of the Tax Division, Department of the Attorney General, and is a director of the National Association of State Charity Officials and a director of the HSBA,” according to Jones’s online article.

Besides being arrested for drunk driving, but keeping his job nonetheless, Horowitz personally corresponded with Jones on two occasions to no avail. Jones, with is lawyer wife, Katherine Lloyd, administer public corruption and thievery, according to substantial evidence giving good cause for this assessment.

The couple is highly influential in the ‘non-profit’ Hawaii Community Foundation–the State’s largest non-profit, and also the State largest alleged crime ‘front.’

Obstructing Grand Jury Justice

The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINTThese alleged criminal associations were best revealed by Ret. Police Detective Jim Benish in his 2016 grand jury request. Benish fingered Sulla and these complicit lawyers for a grand jury investigation.

Benish’s petition, however, was stonewalled by federal Judge Seabright, who was subsequently backed by the Ninth Circuit. Benish and hundreds of citizens were outraged by this obstruction of justice.

These facts strike at the heart of the public corruption controlling all commerce in ‘paradise.’

Outcomes of Injustice Demanding Remedies

“There are two most deadly outcomes our prosecution confronts,” the doctor explained.

The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINT“The first is that these corrupted courts defied justice by permitting and even empowering Sulla and Ott to continue operating.

That is the ‘proximate cause’ of massacres committed by Ott’s anti-government, neo-Nazi radicals against Jewish people and Africans in the U.S. and overseas.

The HOROKANE SLAPS HAWAII JUDICIAL RACKET WITH FEDERAL COMPLAINT“The second is that following Judge Seabright’s 2015 stonewalling of our case against Sulla’s illegal DMT operation, this ‘Ayahuasca Cult’ has exploded across North America killing people, and injuring masses of people mentally and socially.


Many will never recover normalcy. Nor will their families.”

This is the fruit of obstructing justice, and depriving good people, victims, witnesses and whistleblowers, of their ‘day in court.’





Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane are grateful for–an online service pioneered by the doctor that has helped them organize, research, and administer their federal court removal and complaint that can be read HERE.













About the Authors:

Sherri Kane and Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M. (hon.), D.M.M. (hon.), is the author of twenty two books, including the prophetically titled Death In The Air: Globalism,Terrorism and Toxic Warfare that came out three months before 9-11-01. That book deals with biological and energy weapons being used militarily and for population control.

His three American best-sellers include: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? that was largely responsible for prompting explosive interest in vaccination risks and biological warfare; Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, that revealed the ancient Solfeggio musical scale secreted for millennia; and Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science in which Dr. Horowitz presents his protocol for administering prevention and speedy recoveries.

His most recent text, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, has prompted a revolution in the music industry improving recording artistry and music therapy with the use of C=528Hz(A=444Hz) tuning that produces “medicinal music.”

Dr. Horowitz’s documentary, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.

If you do a Google search on Sherri Kane, you will probably notice she has been widely defamed by the Troll Triad and their “socks”–a seemingly large group of racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist men who obviously feel their lives spent on the Internet libeling her is a profitable pastime.


Here are some political reasons why:

Sherri Kane is America’s gutsiest investigative journalist, news commentator, psycho-social analyst, and political activist, specializing in uncovering what predators do to women, children, and even animals.

She exposes human and animal rights violators, child sex traffickers, and human slavery networks, several involving high ranking government officials.

Sherri does not hesitate to investigate, analyze, and vet the dark world of government and intelligence agencies’ corruption, and agents’ complicity in organized crimes.

She refutes the propaganda published to manipulate and damage people, and exposes what is being concealed by the FBI/CIA’s COINTELPRO (that was supposed to have stopped abusing people and depriving human rights in 1976 by Acts of Congress).

Sherri delves into conspiracy realities so dark that very few people dare to study them.

Related to this article, for instance, you may have heard of the political fracas involving certain members of Congress, a high ranking official in the Republican Party, and the mysterious disappearances and abuses of children at “Boys Town” in Nebraska, called “The Franklin Cover-up.”

Thanks to Ms. Kane’s heroic investigative reporting, the matter has now been exposed as “The Franklin Double-coverup.”

You may recall the Gulf Oil Crisis, maybe even the extensive coverage Jesse Ventura and TruTV gave to the “Conspiracy Theory” implicating Halliburton, BP, and TransOcean in the intentional explosion and environmental devastation in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ms Kane sourced the story and appears on the segment.

Sherri wrote the foreword to Dr. Horowitz’s music-industry-transforming book, The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, and co-produced and is co-starring in Dr. Horowitz’s controversial docu-comedy PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller, winner of the 2010 Accolade Award for “Uniqueness in Documentary Film-making.”

That film heavily influenced online video production for thousands of subsequent Internet producer.

Sherri also was a co-host in Dr. Horowitz’s latest documentary, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro that won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva competitions.

Ms. Kane also co-wrote Space Pearl Harbor, reviewed in the 39-minute news program seen HERE.

Ms. Kane is the Vice President of Medical Veritas online journal, has published works in newspapers, magazines and many websites, and has been interviewed worldwide including on Al Jazeera’s A9 Turkey, The Veritas Show, the BBC’s Talk Radio Europe, Late Night In The Midlands, WAC Connecticut, LA Talk Radio, and many others.

She co-hosts the Hollywood Spin series of film reviews with Dr. Horowitz viewed on and Vimeo’s Revolution Television Channel.

Sherri is currently collaborating with Dr. Horowitz on various projects including Healthy World Organization (HWO), the alternative to the corrupt World Health Organization (WHO),, and advancing the power of “528 Hz” frequency for global healing, as experienced at,, and

For their work together exposing devil-doing operatives in the media, Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane were christened “The HOROKANE” by Alma C. Ott, exposed in this article.

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