SHUT UP AND TAKE IT AMERICA – You Have No Rights With Judicial Corruption!!!

Does your Judge openly display antisocial personality disorders?
SHUT UP AND TAKE IT AMERICA – You Have No Rights With Judicial Corruption!!!




Have you discovered how outrageously evil some courts are to Americans?


Have they violated your rights as if it was their greatest pleasure in life?


Does your Judge openly display antisocial personality disorders?

(Or laugh/make jokes about how they can destroy your life!

Both of my judges did exactly this…)


I believe the Judges and Attorneys in my case are the most corrupt in the U.S.  Follow my case and let me know how they stack up to your experience!


(( Permission is given to reprint/repost  all or part of this article. ))



To date this Court, two Judges, the Plaintiff BNY Mellon & their Attorneys have violated my 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 14th Amendment Rights to the U.S. Constitution.


In just one case in the past 32 months they have committed at least 11 Felonies!

(Some of them multiple times…and most likely more Federal offenses than noted.)


Here is just a partial list of crimes in the Stark County proceedings…SO FAR! COMPLETELY IGNORED BY VISITING JUDGE PATRICIA COSGROVE:


There may actually be more than these 11 crimes now!

Those underlined also involve at least one Judge who was actively involved in conspiracy.


ORC 2913.42 “Tampering With Records” (Kelley Williams-Bolar got 5 years for this one alone!)

ORC 2913.43 “Securing Writings By Deception” 

ORC 2917.25 “Perjury” (This case is full of perjury and both Judges were informed of it!)

ORC 2921.12 “Tampering With Evidence” (Spoliation & Altering Evidence by Plaintiff)

ORC 2921.13 “Recording False Documents” (The entire case is based on this!!!)

ORC 2921.22 “Failure to report a crime”  (15 Attorneys & 2 Judges did not report crimes!)

ORC 2921.52 “Sham Legal Process”  (Robbing Citizens Under The Color Of Law!)

ORC 5301.252e “Knowingly Making False Statements”  (Attorneys are disbarred for this!)

18 USC sec 63 “Mail Fraud” Federal Crime qualifying Plaintiff’s actions under RICO Statutes

18 USC sec 4 “Misprision Of A Felony” (Not reporting a felony to law enforcement.)

18 USC sec 242 “Depravation Of Rights Under Color Of Law” = Federal Jurisdiction of Crimes


Defendant drafted fifteen pro-se filings on this same Court Docket outlining all of the above criminal acts by the Plaintiff, their many counsel members from two law firms and now two Judges has never once been denied to this day.  They will not even mention it.


Yet Court ignores everything and keeps moving forward to rob me of EVERYTHING!


This Defendant feels like he is screaming in the ear of a Corpse! 

Is that our Justice system?  Is this your Judge too?


Evidence and contracts have been altered, unbelievably bogus documents have been fabricated by Plaintiff’s Attorneys, Securities Fraud all over the place and they have made countless False Statements Based On These Frauds with complete knowledge of both Judge Taryn Heath Cholley and Judge Patricia Ann Cosgrove.  When confronted Heath laughed in my face and said she had IMMUNITY.  To show the hypocracy of the entire system, The Stark County Bar Association just voted Heath to be their President starting July 1st 2014.


If that is not enough to prove the bias of this Court…Judge Cosgrove failed to appear for my Final Trial Hearing to prep for my Jury Trial, CANCELLED MY TRIAL over the phone while she was BABYSITTING at home that day, and arranged for Plaintiff to erase all of my 41 Counterclaims against them and take my home along with every cent I may earn in my entire lifetime by an extremely illegally obtained Summary Judgment in violation of numerous state/federal laws and my Civil Rights.


Cosgrove made jokes about how WHOEVER lost Summary Judgment would not be happy…”WHOEVER that is”.  Knowing only me as the Defendant could lose as was her plan for illegally denying my JURY TRIAL just 12 days before it was scheduled.  Cosgrove claimed I “do not know how things work”, and she said, she and the Plaintiff would not teach me how to practice law. 


When confronted about my outstanding motion for dismissal filed because the Judge she replaced after two years was removed only after I discovered her husband worked for company controlled by the Plaintiff, totally undisclosed to me the Defendant…and this same motion, the Plaintiff responded 17 days late, meaning motion should have been granted.  In fact they did not even send me a copy hoping I would would not see it in time… (a second reason for dismissal) Judge Patricia Cosgrove was belittling and extremely condescending and even made a joke out of what she was doing to cause me extreme financial loss.


My Motion was titled: ”Defendant’s Motions For Dismissal With Prejudice To Obtain Justice Denied In These Proceedings Due To Fraud, Deception And Also Multiple Undisclosed Conflicts Of Interests Between Judge Taryn Heath, The Court, Stark County & The Plaintiff For More Than Two Years, Causing Irreparable Harm To The Defendant Jerry A. Blake.” It argued that the proceedings were illegal, filled with fraud, personal bias conflicts, Plaintiff had no standing to bring the case and that the Court had no Jurisdiction according to ruling by The Ohio Supreme Court…yet it was ignored like it was never filed. by Cosgrove.  A failure to do her duty and violation of civil procedure and multiple laws to not address Lack Of Jurisdiction or Standing when made an issue by this Defendant.


When I brought this up, Cosgrove loudly told me not to interrupt her again!  She was  repeatedly rude, ignorant, condescending and belittling as if she was a spoiled child berating another even smaller kindergartener.  SAD REALLY!!!  JUDGE PATRICIA ANN COSGROVE DISPLAYED SIGNS OF ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR WHEN I WOULD NOT WILLINGLY GO ALONG WITH HER CRIMES AGAINST ME TO TAKE MY HOME AND FUTURE IN THIS “DEPRIVATION OF RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW”.



Judge Cosgrove Sued Sears “After They Fired Her” for Antisocial Behavior.



Perhaps she should babysit and leave the Court to more mature and stable individuals who might actually SHOW UP IN COURT RATHER THAN CALLING THE COURTHOUSE FROM HOME WHILE BABYSITTING as she did on January 15th 2014.  Some might question the conflict or bias nature of Judge Cosgrove in this case…like anyone with a pulse and brain function perhaps. 


Reasonable Minds Would Conclude: This Judge Is Not Only Bias, But Breaking The Law for fun & Profit!!!  


Attached below you will see a list of those involved, including Plaintiff’s Attorney “Bob Terbrack” who was there on January 15th with Jason A. Whitacre of John D. Clunk Co. LPA, and who soon after participating in the charade of injustice, ran from this case, quit using his formal name, deleted his work history and left the law firm at McGlinchey Stafford after I sent my next  court filing a few days after this event to a long list of State Authorities and a Few Federal ones as well.


Maybe you have some ideas or solutions to share with me and other readers…within reason of course!  Please moderate your comments accordingly. 


There must be some agency or organization that acts on behalf of Citizens who have had their Civil Rights Violated in such Extreme Manner.  Is there anyone reading with a little pull with The ACLU perhaps?  Any other ideas?


My private email is attached below if your ideas should be confidential.


This Court is unbelievable in how illegal it is, yet fact is stranger than fiction!

Everyone involved acts like they have rehearsed this with other victims for a long time. 


This is the same Judge presiding over The Steubenville Rape Case, Sheriff Pat Kelly in Athens Ohio, who had also presided over Cindy George in a murder trial and Kelley Williams-Bolar, a single mom just trying to protect her kids.  Everywhere this Bias and Vindictive Judge goes, someone has to come in after to clean up, overturn or reduce sentences, release people from prison in the interest of Justice or whatever.  Where is Governor Kasich this time?


Ohio keeps just keep putting her out there like a wrecking ball.

Maybe Judge Cosgrove’s long time friend from the Summit County Court System, who is now Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, Maureen O’Connor would like to explain all about this to the news networks when Cosgrove is finally removed by Federal authorities.








This Author is in fact the Defendant with first-hand knowledge of these events.


Cosgrove actually told me to file a Criminal Complaint against her and take it to the Prosecutor if I had a problem with her actions.


Though that is a great idea, there are even more options available!

Some of them are LIVE LINKED below.


Feel free to contact them with your concerns.

Don’t hesitate to ask them how this Judge Cosgrove is still on the bench.


Nancy j Budd, Paul J. Sulla, Judge Ronald Ibarra










Feel free to contact them about this or any other issues you have with Ohio Judges!


They are Public Servants and should be glad to take your calls, answer your emails and letters in this or other matters you may want to bring to their attention!


Court docket, Evidence and Affidavit available for investigation.


Sincerely, Jerry A. Blake 330-327-3869




AKA: “Homeowner Of Record”





Atty. Jason A. Whitacre                    Attys. Amanda Holzhauer /Rose Marie L. Fiore            

Atty. John D. Clunk                           25550 Chagrin Blvd

Atty. Andrew A. Paisley                    Suite 406

Atty. Robert R. Hoose                       Cleveland, Ohio 44122

4500 Courthouse Blvd.

Suite 400

Stow, Ohio 44224


John F. Anthony II                             John D. Ferrero                                                                 

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney            Stark County Prosecuting Attorney

110 Central Plaza S.                              110 Central Plaza S.

Suite 510                                               Suite 510

Canton, OH 44702                               Canton, OH 44702





Bureau Of Criminal Investigation      The Supreme Court Of Ohio

Attention to: Tom Stickrath                   Attention: All Supreme Court Justices

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Lee Ann
Lee Ann
1 year ago

My son is involved with a corrupt judge, Corrupt magistrate and the corrupt supervisor in their probation department. My son is in the Cuyahoga County Jail that has been labeled by the U.S. Marshals as having “inhumane” conditions. This local municipal court sentenced my son to 18 months on misdemeanor probation violations for alcohol related offenses. Two months after he had been there was when the U.S. Marshals pulled their detainees out of there. Eight inmates died in a four month time frame the conditions were so horrific. The corrupt court knows about this but is determined to make my… Read more »


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