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Nancy J Budd



Joy Stahley


Since my 75-year-old father Jack L. Stahley was found deceased in his Kauai condo on January 27, 2012, we have had suspicions regarding his death and have spent three years trying to gather as much information as possible. However, it is commonly known that many residents of Hawaii are very reluctant to say anything or help “non-Hawaiians” in any way. I believe there is enough suspicious circumstances surrounding his death that an investigation is warranted.

1) On or about June 13, 2011 my father told me he had contacted KPD and filed a report that his estranged step-son, Bradley G. Parries had threatened his life over a dispute involving his deceased mothers estate.

2) On the night of my fathers death 1/27/12, KPD discovered Mr. Parries inside the condo just hours after my fathers body was removed. Mr. Parries is released. Lolly Silverman, wife of Robert Silverman who was present when KPD entered the condo, recently emailed me saying Rob described my father as being “bruised and bloody” and his estate plan was laid out in the open, on the table. The estate plan “intentionally omits Bradly G. Parries.”

3) At 18:30 on 1/27/12 KPD recovered evidence located inside the residence (report# 2012-02127) and removed items for what they describe as “safekeeping.”

These items listed were 1) wallet containing HDL, credit/bank cards 2) 5 boxes of checks 3)4)5)6)7) Estate planning documents & 1 silver house key on key ring. No cash or items of any monetary value were recovered.
My father always wore a 2 ounce gold neclace, a gold watch and was known to carry large sums of cash at all times.

Lt. Fort at KPD told me all of his medications were also removed by KPD, and would not be returned. No medications were recorded. The 1 key removed by KPD was actually to the storage unit. The condo, car, mailbox key were returned to me by a friend of my father’s when I arrived on Kauai four days later.

4) The estate plan returned to me on 2/2/12 by KPD Lt. Fort listed as “DECLARATION OF TRUST Jack L. STAHLEY Dated: June 28, 2011 which is exactly 7 months before my father was found suspiciously deceased. The estate plan had (NANCY J. BUDD)” across the top of the folder. It had never been seen by anyone prior, and was drafted and notarized by Hawaii Attorney Nancy J. Budd.

Ms. Budd was also the only witness to the trust. Ms. Budd is well known to be a long time council member of The Hawaii Community Foundation. (see Hawaii State Ethics Disclosure of Financial Interests; Nancy J. Budd 5/12/11 & 5/15/12) The “new” trust gifts 50% of the estate to HCF. Although my father’s last will and testament Ms. Budd drafted for my father had NO DONATION to the HCF in it.

5) The “Gift” to HCF is to be administered at the discretion of the V.P. of Operations (Katharine P. Lloyd) and she is to receive a fee for administering it. Both Nancy J. Budd and Kate Lloyd previously worked at First Hawaiian Bank.

6) Katharine P. Lloyd is married to Hugh R. Jones. He has been the Supervising Deputy Attorney General of the Hawaii State Tax and Charities Division for around 28 years.

7) I contacted Portland OR. FBI, The IRS, and the Hawaii and Oregon Attorney General on or about July 1, 2013. Katharine P. Lloyd immediately terminated her employment of 13 years at HCF. (see Pacific Business News July 25, 2013)

8) HFC filed a suit against me (the trustee) in Clackamas County Oregon for challenging the HCF gift as a product of undue influence by attorney Nancy Budd. I am forced to resign as trustee. HCF Receives $227,000 from the estate, estimated to receive another $200,00+. Public records show HCF assets of over $500,000,000.00

9) The new trustee in Kauai, Robert Silverman, liquidates $250,000 in assets from accounts in Oregon and transfers all funds to The American Savings Bank in Kauai. He used a new Federal Tax ID number to open the account and does not file any tax returns for the trust. (no K-1 statements have been provided)

10) Mr. Silverman hires Kauai attorney Joe Moss. Public records show Mr. Joe Moss also serves as Bylaws Chair of The Kauai United Way. On Mr. Moss’s staff at The Kauai United Way is Lynette M. Medrano-Stine. Ms. Stine was a witness on “The Last Will And Testament of Jack L. Stahley” drafted by attorney Nancy Budd on 6/28/11.

Again, there is NO 50% donation to The Hawaii Community Foundation in my father’s last will and testament. Mr. Sliverman received a $25,000 gift from the “new” trust drafted by Ms. Budd.

HCF and Rob Silverman are the only two “non-family” beneficiaries named in the trust. An article published March 17, 2010 in The Garden Island News interviews both Robert Silverman and Roy Yamakawa (husband of Nancy J. Budd) at Rob’s Bar in Lihue, Kauai. Currently Hawaii Attorney Joe Moss is now being paid from trust assets.

I have all the documents I have referred to, as well as email from Lolly Silverman where she states that the trust she received from me (that I received from KPD) did not match the one her husband Robert Silverman viewed laying out in plain view in my fathers condo the night of his death. She also states my father gave her a copy of his estate plan prior to his death and it did not match. Both Rob and Lolly state they never knew of my father ever wanting to donate to charity or reading of a gift to charity in his estate plan.

I believe Jack Lee Stahley’s death, the KPD investigation, The Nonprofit Charity The Hawaii Community Foundation and my father’s estate plan drafted by Hawaii attorney Nancy J. Budd should all be investigated because of these very suspicious circumstances.

-Jeff Stahley

My elderly 75 year old veteran and fellow Oregonian father decided to retire to Kauai, to live his older years in paradise on the Garden Island. My father was living all alone in Kapaa Hawaii on the Island of Kauai where he was referred to a certain estate planning attorney by one of his local bar friends. My father was in poor health and had a difficult time walking and standing for even a short period of time. He was on several different medications at the time. He was very hard of hearing and had impaired vision.

He went by himself to meet estate planning Attorney and Hawaii State Board of Education Member Nancy J. Budd on June 17th, 2011 as my father stated via an email.
He created the Jack L. Stahley Trust on June 28th, 2011.

When we discovered my fathers mysterious sudden death it was January 27th 2012. Just seven months from the date the trust was created.

When my brother was able to fly from Oregon to Kauai it was several days after my father had passed. He went to the Kauai Police Department to collect my father’s personal items and documents including his estate planning documents. The Trust that KPD gave my brother bequests a gift to The Hawaii Community Foundation nonprofit charity. At the bottom of just one page in the trust reads 50% of my father’s entire estate was to go to The Hawaii Community Foundation. Because this is completely different than what our father told any of us about we immediately went to the HCF website and saw my father’s Attorney Ms. Nancy J. Budd listed by her picture as a active board member in 2011-2012. There is no doubt that at the very least Nancy J. Budd influenced her own elderly client (my father) to change his estate plan to her desire. I believe her guilt is far beyond just that though.

My siblings and I were also confused about why there was nothing in the trust about my fathers wish of leaving a Legacy Bar Tab at Rob’s Good Times Bar and Grill in Kauai that he told all his family and friends about, including his financial advisor Ben Benzaken, which my father took out a personal investment with him to fund the specific gift.

My Father told many people about his legacy bar tab that he had in his trust. When my Father was in Oregon for 2 weeks on August 11th, 2011 he was sitting on my couch in my living room and he discussed with all of us his new estate plan. He was very happy at his idea of leaving a generous bar tab of ($10,000) for one drink for which ever patron was in his regular seat at 5pm each day until the 10K was used up. My father told all of us these exact words “my attorney said it was a crazy idea and she didn’t want to put the legacy bar tab in my estate plan, until I insisted that she do so” The $10,000 bar tab was not in the trust my brother received from the Kauai Police Department, but a gift of half of my father’s entire estate to his attorney’s associated nonprofit foundation was.

I believe taking a 75 year old man by himself and meeting in a bar (DONE IN SECRECY) and not recommending any one of the beneficiaries, his tax accountant, his financial advisor, the trustee, his children, his grandchildren, his close friends or even a 2nd impartial attorney be present or even notified of the large gift that was such a big change from his prior estate plan is a sign of very SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES!

My siblings and I believe my father was referred to Attorney Nancy Budd by his friend Robert Silverman owner of Robs Good times Bar and grill in Kauai. A ($25,000 Gift in Trust.)

Also my fathers prior estate plans had no mention of any gift to a nonprofit charity and no tax records of either parent ever giving any type of donation during their lifetime.

My father passed away at his home alone in Kauai. We had not been able to contact him for a few days. I called KPD to do a welfare check on him. My fathers Bar friends and police were the first ones to arrive and enter the home on the day they found my fathers body. I got a call later that night from Kauai Police Dept. stating Brad Parries had entered the home and was claiming to be next of kin and was packing up my fathers personal items. We told police that he was not next of kin and my father had intentionally disinherited him. The police removed Mr. Parries from my fathers home. My fathers doctor said she was never notified or made aware of his death by officials. Once she was contacted about my dads death (by my brother) my father had already been cremated.

This is some of the information we have spent over 3 years researching and contacting appropriate investigating agencies about, Hawaii Attorney Nancy Jo Budd Yamakawa was appointed by Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie. She is a State official on the Hawaii Board of Education. She is on the Panel of Arbitrators, Court-annexed Arbitration Program, Fifth Circuit Court, which includes probate, State of Hawaii for mediation/arbitration. She is also on the 9th circuit court of appeals and a Judge for Teen Court. Attorney Nancy Budd listed herself under Fiduciary Duties as a “Member” and a “Council Member” for The Hawaii Community Foundation Kauai Leadership Council in her own personal Ethics Disclosure form for 2011-2012.

In February 2012 after my fathers passing, The Hawaii Community Foundation website did have Nancy Budd listed as Trustee/Treasurer but it changed not long after to “Esquire” then to “Volunteer”. Hawaii Attorney Nancy Budd brings in/solicits potential “Donors” via her private practice and charges a hefty fee to the donor/client for her services. Approximately $3,400 is what my father paid to her. She writes into a trust a large”Gift” to the (HCF) Hawaii Community Foundation where she is a board “member”. She was also the only witness to my father’s trust as well as the notary.

Benjamin (Ben) Benzaken was my fathers LPL Financial Advisor. His office sits next door to Nancy Budd and The Hawaii Community foundation. Mr. Benzaken claimed to know nothing about the gift to HCF in my fathers trust. Mr. Benzaken was shocked when my brother met with him and showed him the trust that he was given by KPD. Mr. Benzaken said, “What have you done Jack, what have you done?” He told my brother, Nancy Budd is corrupt, this is not right and told my brother to get off the island immediately for his safety.

My father’s very good friend/financial advisor Mr. Benzaken’s office at 4370 Kukui Grove Suite #214 sat right next to Nancy Budd’s office at 4374 Kukui Grove Suite #103 which sits right next to Hawaii Community Foundation Leadership Council 4370 Kukui Grove Suite # 207. Yet Mr. Benzaken was never told about a large donation of over $400,000.00 from his client’s estate was to go to the Hawaii Community foundation?

From 2000-2013 Katharine Lloyd (Kate) was The Vice President of Operations of The Hawaii Community Foundation (Who oversees Nancy Budd.) She is married to Hugh R. Jones who has been the Supervising Deputy Attorney for the State of Hawaii Administrator of Tax and Charities Division for the Attorney Generals Office for over 28 Years. Mr. Jones also served on the Hawaii State Bar with Nancy Budd and he was president of Hawaii State bar Association.

Also serving as Chairman of the Hawaii Community foundation Kauai Leadership Council with Nancy Budd is Charles King. Charles King owner of King Auto Wholesales is my father’s best friend Jose Aguayo’s Boss. Mr. King serves as Vice Chair of the Kauai County Salary Commission. His office recommends the salaries for state officers of Kauai County. Mr. King is an officer of the State of Hawaii Elections Commission. Mr. King is the director of Alexander & Baldwin Inc. Director & Committee Member: Compensation (Chair), Nominating and Corporate Governance. Charles King is also the Treasurer on the Board of Directors of the Island Schools where Nancy Budd’s daughter Lauren Calhoun is employed and teaches Social Studies. Ms. Budds Husband Roy Yamakawa is head of the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, Agricultural Extension Agent On Kauai County administration. We believe there are several conflicts of interests here.
Another person connected is Victor (voodoo) Llanes the nephew of my father’s best friend, Jose Aguayo. Mr. Llanes was my father’s house cleaner and bar friend. His office building sits exactly next door to Nancy Budd. Hawaii Care & Cleaning 4374 Kukui Grove Suite # 101. We have my fathers invoice receipts from Mr. Llanes house cleaning business.

My father had never donated or gifted to a charity ever in his lifetime, nor was it in his prior estate plans. My brother and I have asked my fathers childhood friend of approximately 70 years, Shirley, who had done estate planning with him prior if she knew about the large gift to the foundation. She said, “No way Jack would never have done that”. She corresponded with my dad and spoke with him nearly everyday. Not one of my father’s friends knew about a gift to the Hawaii Community foundation. Not his long time tax accountant Virgil Meads, financial advisor, kids, grandkids, extended family or neighbors. Nobody that we have knowledge of. No evidence has ever been provided that my father ever has even met anyone from the HCF.

As it stands right now my brother has been forced to resign as trustee and the successor Trustee Robert Silverman is now in control of the funds. Mr. Silverman has liquidated all of the accounts and has not paid out the remaining 50% to my fathers children.

The Vice President of Operations of Hawaii Community Foundation Ms. Kate Lloyd has since resigned after 13 years as a top paid executive earning over 200K a year. I believe due to her conflict of interests and her own involvement.

Also there is no longer Nancy Budd’s name on The Hawaii Community Foundations website. Nancy J. Budd has since made this video below of herself giving false statements about my deceased father. Although she admits she solicited a gift to the Hawaii Community Foundation from my father who was her elderly estate planning client.


Notice below in Jack L. Stahley’s Last Will and Testament, there is no 50% donation to The Hawaii Community Foundation in it.

Jack L. Stahley Last Will and Testament also drafted by Hawaii Attorney Nancy J. Budd pg1

Jack L. Stahley Last Will and Testament also drafted by Hawaii Attorney Nancy J. Budd pg2

Jack L. Stahley Last Will and Testament also drafted by Hawaii Attorney Nancy J. Budd pg3

Jack L. Stahley Last Will and Testament also drafted by Hawaii Attorney Nancy J. Budd pg4

Below is a recommendation letter for Nancy Budd from her secretary, Ululani Perreira, who is employed at her legal office, and who was listed as a witness on Jack L Stahley’s Last Will and Testament.  Perreira ha claimed that Nancy J Budd did not sit on the board of The Hawaii Community Foundation Nonprofit Charity, yet suspiciously there were no other witnesses listed on the Jack L Stahley “TRUST” but the drafting attorney Ms. Nancy J. Budd.

Fundraising Evidence

Jack L. Stahley Trust below was drafted, witnessed, and notarized by Hawaii Attorney Nancy Budd.

Jack L. Stahley’s Trust

Evidence Proving Nancy J. Budd as a member of the Hawaii Community Foundation:

2011 Nancy J Budd Ethics Disclosure form listed herself as “Council Member”

2012 Nancy J Budd Ethics Disclosure form listed as “HCF Member”

Here is Nancy J. Budd’s  revised ethics disclosure form where she has now removed herself as a council member that she listed prior in her ethics disclosure submitted in 2011.

Ethics Violations against Jane Doe:

Case Filings:

1.) The Stahley beneficiaries file a petition in support of the petitioner and in response to a preliminary injunction filed by Brent Parries, my father’s stepson. Mr. Parries and his sister were against contesting the gift to the foundation and each hired their own council to fight us every step of the way. Although the Parries beneficiaries never provided any type of evidence to corroborate their story, they claimed they had prior knowledge of a desire that existed to give to charity even though the donation only came about just 7 months prior to my father’s death, during a time in which my father had no contact with Brent and Cathy Parries. The Parries were in support of the nonprofit for one reason and one reason only. If the trust was found illegal on the grounds of fraud or undue influence it would be deemed invalid and most likely the entire trust would be thrown out in court. It then would go intestate, meaning the estate would go to Jack Stahley’s biological children only, which are Jill Stahley, Jeff Stahley and Joy Stahley. The Stahley beneficiaries never requested the entire trust be void. They only seeked to remove two specific portions of the trust, which was the 50% gift to the drafting attorney’s associated nonprofit foundation and The Hawaii Community Foundations power to appoint a successor trustee of their choice, on the grounds it was obtained by undue influence. All other terms of the trust were to remain intact.

STAHLEY Response to Brent Parries Motion for Preliminary Injunction (503350v1)

2.) Stahley beneficiaries file a joinder to the trustees original petition of a (Declaratory Judgement) seeking to remove the 50% gift to the foundation and their power to appoint a successor trustee. A response in objection to the Parries answers.

STAHLEY Joinder to Petition for Declaratory Judgment Concerning Trust (503342v1)

3.) A response the petitioner received from Kate P. Lloyd who was the vice president of operations and general counsel of The Hawaii Community foundation. Basically Ms. Lloyd responds along the lines of, you are wrong Ms. Budd is not a board member of the HCF (although Ms. Budd submitted in her Hawaii ethics disclosure form stating she was a member and a council member as having a fiduciary relationship with the HCF). The hostility and sense of entitlement expressed by Kate Lloyd was perceived in a way as being confrontational and saying you don’t stand a chance just try me kind of attitude. Kate Lloyd’s overall response to our claims about the unethical drafting of my father’s trust by Ms. Budd was, if you have a problem with the illegality of the late Mr. Stahley’s trust then the Hawaii Attorney General would be an interested party in challenging the validity of the gift, meaning the AG and the Deputy AG from the Tax and Charities division in Hawaii would be the ones to rule on it. Yes, Kate Lloyd a top paid executive, employed at The Hawaii Community Foundation for over 13 years and earning over 200K a year actually referred to the Hawaii AG’s office as having the authority to rule on the gift. In other words, if you don’t like it then go report it to (MY HUSBAND) Mr. Hugh R. Jones who has been the Hawaii Deputy Attorney General in the Tax and Charities Division for over 28 years. Mr. Jones oversees that all Hawaii charities are complying with regulations and reviews charity complaints submitted to the AG. Kate Lloyd resigned from The Hawaii Community Foundation very soon after we reported the huge conflict of interest to the F.B.I. and the I.R.S. Her husband Mr. Hugh R. Jones and the Hawaii AG’s Office investigated our complaint and found no wrongdoing. The F.B.I. “we can not comment on any ongoing investigation”

Response to Petitioner DOC043

Kate Lloyd Evidence

Hawaii Community Foundation exempt from income Tax form 990 Katharine P. Lloyd nonprofit Compensation

Kate Lloyd Candidates form


4.) Trustee Jeff Stahley’s Petition seeking declaratory judgement concerning the Jack L. Stahley Trust.



5.) Trustee Jeff Stahley’s declaration of petitioner in response to his reply and answer to cross claims of Brent Parries.



Documentation showing Nancy J. Budd is a Board Member of the HCF:


1.) Nancy J. Budd’s online business website for her own practice where she states that she sits on the board of the HCF.



2.) Annie Sinclair Knudsen Fund Administered by The Hawaii Community Foundation Nancy Budd shown in photo as Board Member.



3.) April 8, 2011 A Letter of recommendation from Tad Miura who has served on Nonprofit Boards with Nancy J. Budd Including the “HCF” Contradicting Kate Lloyds response, saying there are no board members at the HCF just volunteers.



4.) Civil Beat no one checks for Conflict of interest in the disclosure forms. No Transparency.



5.) Hawaii State Board of Education Member Nancy J. Budd states she serves on the board of the HCF.


1.) Kauai Teen Court Judge Budd pictured. Kauai Teen Court awarded grants from The Hawaii Community foundation.



2.) Honolulu advertiser report by Kelvin Taketa President and CEO of The Hawaii Community Foundation shows Hugh R. Jones at the AG’s Office conducts nonprofit investigations.



3.) Attorney for the trustee first letter sent directly to The Hawaii Community Foundation. Kate Lloyd’s letter from the HCF was the response we received.



4.) The Hawaii Community Foundations response to our request for production. They clearly state that the only evidence they have of the Elder Mr. Stahley’s intent to leave a donation to them is just the one page in only the trust that the KPD gave to the trustee, showing a 50% gift to the HCF. They claim no other documentation is in their possession. Nothing even exists showing that Jack Stahley met or even had knowledge of the Hawaii Community Foundation. There is no evidence that Mr. Stahley was ever offered disinterested council. Nothing was ever signed by Mr. Stahley stating that he was aware that his own estate plan drafting attorney Nancy J. Budd was a board member and had a direct interest in the exact foundation that he was leaving half of his estate to. How could Mr. Stahley waive his right to other council if he was never even given the option? How could Mr. Stahley consent to leaving a donation to the exact charity his drafting attorney is involved in if he was never informed of the fact?.

Hawaii’s Response to RFP


5.) All the Documents that exists from The Hawaii Community Foundation that involve Jack Lee Stahley, Nancy Jo Budd and the 50% donation left in trust to the HCF.

Discovery Produced – Hawaii Community Foundation


6.) State checks nonprofits. Hawaii Law requires Foundations to give only 5% of assets annually. Solicitors and fund-raisers receive a percentage of the donation. Some PROFESSIONAL solicitors get as much as 90% of the donation. That sure would be quite the incentive for a drafting attorney/gift solicitor to forge a half a mill donation into an old man’s trust now wouldn’t it?

Katharine P. Lloyd is the wife of Hugh R. Jones, Supervising Deputy Attorney General of the Hawaii State Tax and Charities Division. Ms. Lloyd was employed by The Hawaii Community Foundation 2000-July 2013. Public records show she was paid $200,000+ a year to administer donations received via illegal trust’s established by her accomplice, estate planning attorney Nancy J. Budd. Ms. Lloyd was the first to resign from HCF immediately after the F.B.I. was notified of her scam on June 30, 2013.
kate lloyd


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jd benish
8 years ago

Good afternoon. Read your document. You need a very good attorney and an even better investigator. I appreciate your resolve and frustration. Very soon I plan to ask for a grand jury investigation into the corruption of Kauai government. It’s a pandoras box. I


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