Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Recuses Himself in Shocking Case Evidencing Disciplinary Board Director’s Previous Suspension for Substance Abuse and Embezzling Thousands From Clients

Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Recuses Himself in Shocking Case Evidencing Disciplinary Board Director’s Previous Suspension for Substance Abuse and Embezzling Thousands From Clients


Release: No. Tamm ODC 3

Date Mailed: Jan. 16, 2019

For Immediate Release

Contact: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org

Recusal by Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Compounds Evidence of a Judicial Racket Featuring a Previously Censored and Suspended Disciplinary Director, Celebrity Lawyer to be Disbarred, and Criminal Concealment of a National Drug-Trafficking Money-Laundering Foreclosure-Fraud Enterprise

Honolulu, HI – The Chief Justice of Hawaii’s Supreme Court (HSC), Mark Recktenwald, has recused himself in a shocking case exposing his subordinates, including previously suspended and censored Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) Director Bradley B. Tamm who was caught embezzling thousands of dollars from clients while abusing narcotics and alcohol. In addition, ODC Board Chairman, Clifford L. Nakea, appointed Tamm knowing he had practiced law without license in California, failed to repay clients he had stolen money from in violation of orders, willfully violated laws, and more malfeasance. All Tamm’s actions and criminal conduct were known to Recktenwald and Nakea when Tamm was appointed to lead Hawaii’s disciplinary office.

And if that’s not outrageous enough, Tamm and Nakea both concealed evidence requested by subordinate ODC investigators. The honorable lawyers working at the ODC were working to gather more evidence needed to disbar iHeart radio celebrity Gary Victor Dubin. Obstructing process, Tamm dismissed the requested evidence in the complaints filed by victim, witness, and investigative journalist, Sherri Kane.

The ODC’s indictment against Dubin had been denied by Recktenwald. The Chief Justice’s dismissal “without prejudice” caused ODC investigators to gather more evidence against Dubin. They learned of the alleged complicity of Dubin with fellow foreclosure scam artist, Paul J. Sulla, Jr.


The Judicial Racket in Hawaii

Sulla is a Hilo attorney publicly known for trafficking the nation’s most profitable hallucinogenic narcotic (“DMT,” dimethyltryptamine). ODC investigators were informed that Sulla was under investigation for multiple counts of forgery and land theivary–facts intentionally neglected by Dubin, Tamm, and Nakea, and presumably by Recktenwald too, following multiple notices filed in several potentially explosive appellate-level cases.

Charges against Tamm, Dubin and Sulla came from complainants Kane and her partner, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, whose property Sulla stole by filing false securities (deeds and notes) with the state and courts to steal Horowitz’s properties, then launder the money with the aid of Dubin and Tamm.

Horowitz and Kane, the publishers of Medical Veritas journal, further accused Bar members Tamm and Sulla with obstructing justice, evidence tampering, and neglecting Sulla’s and Dubin’s crimes committed by a ‘judicial racket’ damaging countless foreclosed homeowners beyond Sulla’s and Dubin’s victims. Hawaii citizens and drug users across the United States are being placed at risk by the lawyers’ malfeasance, according to the court records filed by the victims.

Hawaii Supreme Court

The recusal by Chief Justice Recktenwald followed Horowitz’s filing of a complaint drafted with the assistance of ProSeLegalAide.com.

Three earlier complaints had been filed by Kane. In the first she requested the ODC investigate Dubin.

ODC Director Tamm dismissed Kane’s second and third complaints against Sulla and his co-counsel, Stephen D. Whittaker of Kona, HI. Tamm’s dismissal directly contradicted Tamm’s subordinates who had requested Kane’s evidence.

Kane, previously an investigator with FOX News, summoned her partner—Harvard-trained consumer health and natural medicine advocate, Dr. Horowitz, who could not believe the gross conflicting interests and actions Tamm committed. Horowitz then filed a complaint against Tamm that Nakea dismissed immediately without any inquiry, concealing the entire corrupt enterprise.

Horowitz demanded, but was denied Nakea’s recusal and prosecution for ethics violations. That Horowitz complaint was instantly rejected by ODC Board Vice-chairman, Jeffrey P. Miller.

Miller’s action, instead of recusal, violated the same ethics rules that Nakea’s did; the same rules that compelled Judge Recktenwald’s recusal. Recktenwald’s recusal, however, effectively hung his three subordinates—Tamm, Nakea and Miller—for ethics violations. Instead of recusing themselves, they acted with bias, prejudice, and conflicting interests to aid-abd-abet Sulla’s Tamm’s and Dubin’s alleged crimes.

“It’s karma time,” said Horowitz, referencing his fifteen-year battle over the spa property he bought in 2004 without knowing the seller was part of the “Hawaii drug mob” directed by Sulla.

“While malpracticing in California, Tamm stole thousands of dollars of his clients’ money by failing to serve the contracts. Tamm was so strung out on drugs and alcohol, he couldn’t function in the real world, according to his California disciplinary disclosures. Dubin did the same to me, took money then failed to serve his contract, when he helped Sulla steal my property,”  Horowitz explained.


Pattern and Practice of Rule 19 Violations by Hawaii Courts

Horowitz now has three cases ongoing in the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s Intermediate Court of Appeals in which the judges have refused four-times in three-years to join Sulla as the only real-party-in-interest stealing the doctor’s properties.  

“It’s no wonder they’re not joining Sulla,” the doctor realized. “Because once they do join Sulla, Recktenwald, his top ODC officials, and several lower court judges, will have to acknowledge their own gross negligence, stack of ethics violations, and complicity in the judicial racket covering-up for Sulla’s, Tamm’s, and Dubin’s crimes committed over a decade.”

Kane puts it another way to explain the rampant fraud in Hawaii’s courts. She has published extensive details of the case in JudicialCorruptionNews.com. “Generally, honest judges and lawyers join all parties who hold interests in contested property. That’s ‘Rule 19.’ Otherwise, victims risk losing everything and gaining nothing from the un-joined indemnified party who remains concealed behind a judgment-proof  ‘sham party.’ From that position, the devil-doers control everything and risk nothing, like the Wizard of Oz pulling all the strings. Harboring Sulla puts Horowitz in the position of fighting against a phantom in a rigged court.”

The Supreme Court of Hawaii’s Intermediate Court of Appeals and lower courts have refused to join Sulla 9 times over the past 8 years. Each time they have defied that most basic Rule 19 that secures a ‘civil’ procedure, and in this case Horowitz’s civil rights to a fair trial.

“This Hawaii system is rigged by corrupt judges and lawyers neglecting their own rules and laws,” Kane explained. “We’ve seen this over and over again. The courts we’ve been in have acted completely uncivilized, totally-criminal. The judges should be ashamed of themselves and prosecuted for contempt of their own courts.”

In Hawaii there have been thousands of citizens’ properties stolen by corrupt lawyers and judges during the past decade, critics contend. And that’s largely because there’s no one actually enforcing the rules of civil procedure, state statutes, ethics rules, and disciplinary proceedings in most cases. Typically, ODC leaders simply rubber stamp form letters rejecting evidence based complaints.

On May 1, 2019, the Hawaii State Bar Association held a conference for lawyers at which Tamm presented as a panelist on behalf of the ODC. Panel members shamefully admitted that the ODC only prosecutes four-or-five disciplinary proceedings a year out of 700 complaints. “Don’t bother filing a complaint against a fellow lawyer,” one panelist advised, in light of those shocking statistics.

In rare cases where ODC investigators are actually permitted to investigate and prosecute corrupt lawyers, like in ODC v. Dubin, Tamm, positioned to defend ‘the mob,’ presents another hurdle. The Supreme Court Justices, through Tamm and others positioned to protect the ‘racket’ like Nakea, have their own conflicting interests. Nonetheless, the don’t recuse themselves, but protect fellow malpractitioners and criminals.

“How is this possible?” Horowitz asked.  “That attorney Tamm is suspended and censored for breaking rules and laws in California, including stealing money from clients, and then he is made the Director of the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s ODC enforcing laws and disciplining lawyers who rip people off?”

“Don’t they have any honest lawyers with clear records to hire?” Kane added.

“Judge Recktenwald’s recusal and subsequent dismissal of my complaint against Tamm has compounded the damages that have been done to me, my family, my standing in the Big Island community, and my career in public health and saving-lives. We want him front and center to explain this obvious judicial racket exposing his subordinates, Tamm, Nakea and Miller, protecting Dubin, Sulla and their many crimes against society,” Horowitz said.


History of Corruption and Drug Trafficking in Hawaii

Sulla’s forgeries, fake mortgage assignments, and three lower court judges’ willful-blindness thereof, resulted in Sulla stealing Horowitz’s 27-acre estate. The land, Inn and spa featured Hawaii’s only lava-heated steam saunas and bathing pools. Sulla’s theft cost Horowitz millions. He lost nearly $500,000 in attorneys’ fees alone. All this caused the doctor’s bankruptcy in 2016.  

During the bankruptcy that Horowitz filed to have the U.S. Government secure his property against this judicial crime gang,  Tamm acted as the federal trustee’s attorney. Trustee Howard Hu, and Tamm, acted willfully-blind to Sulla’s multiple obvious forgeries, foreclosure fraud, and drug-trafficking enterprise that Horowitz evidenced and protested “venomously.”

Bankruptcy laws required Trustee Hu and Tamm to ‘avoid’ Sulla’s property conversion scheme, and ‘recover’ the property in favor of Horowitz’s two creditors, Kane and the doctor’s lawyer, Margaret Wille. But instead of doing that, Tamm opposed Horowitz’s pleadings and sided with Sulla from the get-go. Tamm, Hu, and Judge Robert Faris neglected the evidence Horowitz presented, and granted Sulla Horowitz’s property.

Later, when the ODC asked Kane for more information that concerned Sulla’s involvement with Horowitz’s fourth defense attorney, Gary Dubin, Tamm harbored Sulla again by dismissing Kane’s complaints.

Sulla’s crimes were confirmed by Hawaii County tax officials and state and federal law enforcers.  ODC investigators were closing in on Dubin’s crimes when Tamm dismissed Kane’s evidence tying Dubin to Sulla and the corrupted judges.

At present, Horowitz and Kane remain homeless, dispossessed by this judicial racket, and the ODC’s prosecution of Dubin (missing Kane’s evidence) appears stonewalled.

Judge Recktenwald had opposed the ODC’s disbarment of Dubin. The Supreme Court chief shielded Dubin, like Tamm did for Sulla and Dubin. Dubin had corresponded privately with Sulla to further damage and deprive Horowitz of his property.

“They’re not going to get away with this,” said Kane, “Not in the court of Divine Justice, nor in the Court of Public Opinion. We’ll make sure of that.” 

Kane and Horowitz have published online several articles and videos exposing and evidencing the outrageous facts. ODC, the courts, and Supreme Court officials were made aware with these discoveries, including solid evidence of Sulla’s ‘religious’ drug trafficking operation intertwined with his real estate money laundering businesses.  Sulla’s court records, sworn affidavits from ‘drug church’ members, and a video published online by Kane further indicts Sulla and the corrupt judges who granted him favor. This video provides a full disclosure by Sulla’s chief chemist explaining how Sulla’s agents make and traffic the mind-altering DMT hallucinogen to the mainland.

Hawaii is a Democrat-controlled state infamous for permitting drug trafficking. Hawaii is the gateway for smuggling drugs to America from Asia. President Trump’s border security measures were strongly opposed here by Democrats and law enforcers currently under federal investigation for public corruption. This year alone, Sulla’s enterprise is projected to earn $1 billion from the exploding “hoasca tea” business, based on 2016 federal estimates. And Hawaii’s corrupt judges, lawyers, and law enforcers, like Tamm, have permitted possibly thousands of Americans to be damaged from Sulla’s narcotic supply.




Note: Many of Dr. Horowitz’s health science articles are published on MedicalVeritas.org and on 528Revolution.com. The doctor acknowledges ProSeLegalAide.com for the help he gained in prompting Judge Recktenwald’s recusal.


References & Updates

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[2] Click to download a pdf of: COMPLAINT w- Exhibits 1-21 to Ethics Commission et al RE- Bradley Tamm 12-13-18

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[5] Click for a pdf download of: Supreme Court Ruling in OCD v Dubin Petition for Suspension Denied Aug 13 2018

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[7] Click for a pdf download of: Complaint to Judge Gerald Y. Sekiya, Chair, Commission on Judicial Conduct with Exhibits 1-12, mailed 1-9-19, objecting to the Intermediate Court of Appeals Judges Ginoza, Fujise, Leonard, and Reifurth’s “pattern and practice of HRCP Rule 19 violations, and HRCJC violations of Rules 1.2, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4(b)(c), 2.5(a) and 4.1(a)(12), pursuant to four Orders denying the joinder of proper and jointly liable party Paul J. Sulla, Jr. in CAAP 16-0162; 16-0163; and 18-0584. “

[8] Click for pdf download of ODC Dismissal of the Complaint Horowitz filed against Nakea, issued by ODC Vice Chairman, Jeffrey P. Miller 1-11-19.

[9] Click for pdf download of Supreme Court Chief Justice Recktenwald’s recusal (of 1-8-19) to avoid an impression of bias or conflicting interest, in direct conflict with the ODC’s dismissals of the Complaint against Tamm claiming bias, conflicting interests, obstruction of justice, evidence tampering, and complicity in theft of Dr. Horowitz’s property. At the same time Judge Recktenwald converted the Complaint to a Writ of Mandamus, assigned Case No. SCPW-19-0000035, and directed First Circuit Judge James H. Ashford to adjudicate the case in the Supreme Court of Hawaii.

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Theresa Krenz
5 years ago

You are a courageous and persistent fighter for true justice–not the so called “social justice” the media police peddle—archangel Michael protect and defend your sacred freedoms and may you receive back all that was stolen by these corrupt and vile humans who peddle death and destruction in their crime ridden so called path to hell


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